Apple job listing hints it will bring new Music, Podcasts, TV apps to Windows

Like on macOS Catalina, it appears Apple plans to replace iTunes on Windows with new apps


According to a recent job posting, Apple could be looking to develop new apps for Windows devices.

Spotted by Neowin, the job listing is for a software engineer to build “the next generation of media apps for Windows.” Considering Apple deprecated the old iTunes app with macOS Catalina in favour of new Music, Podcasts and TV apps, it likely means the Cupertino, California-based company plans to do the same for Windows.

Currently, iTunes is still available on Windows but doesn’t have access to new services like Apple TV+ or Apple Music. Both are available through the web, but that isn’t always an ideal solution. Further, iTunes for Windows, as well as other Apple apps like iCloud, are quite old. The job listing hints that Apple may be looking to revamp its Windows offerings. It has the following description:

“The Media Apps team is looking for a creative Senior Software Engineer to work on the next generation of media apps for Windows. You will help build innovative features that will delight millions of customers around the world.

You possess strong skills in the areas of application design, solid API design principles and have a strong understanding of customer and workflow issues. You have a history of shipping large volume consumer product successfully. You are a well-rounded developer who is not afraid to question assumptions. You have an excellent written and oral skills [sic]. You love collaborating under tight deadlines.

If you love music and you are passionate about writing code, and want to work with world-class engineering teams that ship to millions of users, the Media Apps team is the place for you.”

Apple could aim to bring its apps to Xbox and other Windows platforms

Interestingly, the job listing suggests experience with Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is a big plus. UWP was an effort from the Redmond, Washington-based company to create a new app platform that would run across a variety of devices, from standard Windows 10 desktops to Xbox and more.

Unfortunately, UWP received lacklustre reception, especially from game developers and players, for its restrictions compared to the typical Win32 app platform. Eventually, Xbox head Phil Spencer announced Microsoft would support the distribution of Win32 games on the Microsoft Store since developers preferred the architecture.

Still, the main benefit of UWP is that it allows Windows app to work across several platforms. In other words, Apple media apps based on UWP could work on Xbox One and other Windows platforms. That could help bring services like Apple TV+ to more platforms beyond smart TVs, Apple devices and set-top boxes.

Source: Apple Via: Neowin, MacRumors