Samsung reportedly drops custom CPUs for ARM cores in Exynos chips

Future Samsung devices may include very different Exynos chips, if they include Exynos at all

Samsung is reportedly giving up on developing its own custom cores.

The South Korean company has reportedly cut its Austin, Texas-based CPU team, SARC, and will adopt ARM CPU architecture in the future. The news comes via Twitter leaker Ice Universe (@UniverseIce), who followed up the tweet noting that he’s looking into the authenticity of the report.

While most Canadians are familiar with Samsung devices that use Qualcomm systems on a chip (SoC), in many other countries, the phones use the company’s in-house Exynos SoCs. Exynos chips rely on Mongoose cores, and the latest generation, the 9825, actually bests the Qualcomm 855 in single-core tests. However, it doesn’t match up in multi-core scenarios. Additionally, Exynos chips don’t deliver the same battery life as Qualcomm counterparts.

With this in mind, it makes sense that Samsung would move away from its in-house chips. Plus, according to Android Central, it would be easier for the company to use ARM cores to create new chipsets, like its 5G Exynos 980 chip based on ARM’s Cortex A77 cores.

Coupled with the company’s earlier announcement that it plans to use AMD’s Radeon graphics in its upcoming chips, it suggests Samsung is looking to invest in areas where it can make a difference.

With Samsung set to invest $115 billion USD (about $153 billion CAD) in its foundry business over the next decade, the company isn’t calling it quits altogether. Instead, it’s likely focussing on key areas where it can make significant performance improvements.

Source: Ice Universe (Twitter) Via: Android Central