Apple hires Tesla’s VP of engineering for possible Apple car project

Looks like Apple is still working on its car project

Apple car header from twitter user @idiggapple

Apple has hired Michael Schwekutsch, who is considered to be one of the key people that helped bring electric powertrains to the masses through his work at Tesla and other automotive companies, reports Electrek.

Before Tesla, Schwekutsch worked at Porshe and BMW and helped build the BMW i8’s powertrain and the Porshe 918 Spyder’s hybrid powertrain, reads Electrek’s report.

This is a pretty substantial hire for Apple, but it leads to even more questions regarding what the secretive company is doing in the automotive space.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Apple’s car division. Here’s what we know thus far: the company is rumoured to be working with Volkswagen to make self-driving shuttles for its campus, it’s using FaceID to unlock cars and it also laid off hundreds of people from its car division this year. 

Source: Electrek