Apple reportedly working on using iPhone Face ID to unlock cars

This patent might make keys and unlocking apps a thing of the past

An image showing the Apple logo

Apple may be working on a new form of vehicle entry that involves technology that’s similar to the technology that powers its iPhone unlocking Face ID feature.

The patent showcases a method called ‘System and Method for Vehicle Authorization’ that uses biometric authentication tech to unlock the user’s car. It’s hard to determine the ultimate goal of the patent, but it seems to aim to utilize the driver’s phone as a form of two-factor authentication.

The feature allows the car to sense the user’s phone (like most standard keyless entry system), but instead of unlocking the vehicle with just the phone as confirmation, it asks the user to verify their identity using Face or Touch ID.

The computing giant published the patent on February 7th, years after it filed it back in 2017. As a result, it’s unclear if this is functionality Apple is still actually working on.

Still, if Apple is working on this tech, it could make unlocking your car a safer experience. It could even allow the car to be aware of what user is driving it and adjust settings like radio stations and seat height accordingly.

Source: Free Patent Online  Via: Engadget