Google hints at upcoming dark mode for Phone app

'Hey Google, turn out the lights'

Google Phone app

Whether you like Google’s new all-white design or not, the company is pushing forward with it. But it may add a dark mode as well.

Google’s Phone app, Contacts and Android Messages all received an updated design. Gone are the fun colours and familiar blues, replaced with white.

Google Phone and Contacts

It isn’t a bad design by any stretch. These apps sport a very modern, clean look. Personally, I love it.

What I don’t love is the searing bright white of my phone when I check it in a dark room.

Thankfully, Google added a dark mode to Messages to help with that problem. Furthermore, a recent update to the Play Store listing for the Phone app says dark mode is coming for it as well.

What's new section lists dark mode

It appears Google’s testing dark mode in some other parts of Android as well. A recent Reddit post revealed a dark mode version of the Google Feed. It appears to be a server-side A/B test, as Reddit user ‘thelimkid’ wrote that their Google app was on version

However, my Google app, which is part of the beta group, is running It doesn’t feature the new Feed design and dark mode.

Google Feed new look (left) vs. old (right)

YouTube for Android also recently received a dark mode.

Hopefully, this spreads to Google’s other apps. Imagine Google News or Google Podcasts with dark modes.

Soon, we could be living in a dark Google world. My eyeballs will be grateful for it.

Image: Dark Google Feed image from Reddit user ‘Justananomaly.’

Source: Google Play, Reddit Via: Android Police