Intel confirms proprietary discrete graphics card coming in 2020

The company confirmed the news in a tweet

Intel HQ

U.S.-based semiconductor chip manufacturer Intel has confirmed in a tweet that its first discrete graphics processing unit (GPU) will be coming in 2020.

Intel currently creates a number of integrated graphics solutions for its central processing units (CPUs). These integrated solutions generally aren’t as powerful as discrete solutions — where the GPU is separated from the CPU.

Additionally, Intel manufactures the Xeon Phi series of compute cards which are based off of a GPU design. Deep learning applications make use of Xeon Phi cards.

Supercomputers also use the compute card as a coprocessor — a processor that supplements the main processor’s capabilities. China’s Tianhe-2 makes use of the Xeon Phi and was the fastest supercomputer in the world from 2013 to 2015.

Rumours about the release date for Intel’s potential GPU efforts have swirled for some time.

Last year Intel poached AMD’s Raja Koduri to be chief architect and senior vice president of its new Core and Visual Computing Group. Koduri oversees Intel’s integrated and discrete graphics solutions.

Nvidia and AMD currently govern the consumer graphics market. However, Nvidia is solidly ahead of AMD right now. The addition of Intel in the market should help balance the metrics of power and promote healthier competition.

Source: Twitter Via: Techspot

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