Google discounts Pixel and Pixel XL by $200 in Canada, gives free Daydream View

Could this mean the next generation Pixel is coming?


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  • Todd

    ..still waaaaay out of my price range

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Still too much I miss the Nexus Line of Phone cheep and worked well
    Google trying to be apple and they I hate apple

  • jay

    Yeah exchange rate is bad if they would sell for 400$ I am in

    • Jonah Emery

      Umm, it doesn’t even sell for that in US

  • Jonah Emery

    I’m sorry but Pixel phones are ugly.

  • thereasoner

    Will they actually have enough of them made this time?

  • Stephen_81

    I’m really considering the XL 32GB device, but the Samsung S8 Active was also just announced and that 4000Mah battery with a durable body also has me wanting to give Samsung a try again. I was planning on getting the iPad pro 12″ for myself as a toy, but the price point of the XL makes me want to get it.

    Maybe I should get a divorce so I can get all the toys! well get all the toys and I’ll be given the divorce.

    • vn33

      The problem of getting a divorce is I will lose half of my toys! 🙂

    • Stephen_81

      I know! half my current toys gone, so that I can acquire more future toys. but I really like current toys.

  • Word

    Raise your hand if you’d have liked to see more of a discount and they can keep the Daydream…

    • Smanny

      Considering that this was the first Daydream VR compatible device. Plus it works really well with VR and it can sustain 60 fps. Not to mention the Daydream controller really adds to the VR experience, especially with its 3 degrees of freedom controller. Don’t knock it till you try it.

    • Stephen_81

      the extra $20ish they might have shaved off instead of the Daydream, I’ll take the Daydream as a toy and see if it has any value

  • Arman

    Ridiculous pricing. even after the discount, bought an S8 unlocked for $670 after tax and everything.

    • XY

      how to you manage to snag that one?

  • Mythily Mudunuru

    I see $899 for google pixel on canadian google store.