Galaxy S8 and S8+ roundup: Everything you need to know about Samsung’s new flagship


  • Uzair Abbas

    size is too big. Just because you can fit more screen doesn’t mean you make the size even bigger. S8 is nearly same size as s7 edge.

    Give me screen of s7 edge in the size of s7.

    • Smanny

      Granted the S8 is physically larger than S7 by a 1/4″. But the S8 display is 5.8″ or 3/4″ larger than the S7 5.1″ display.

      Another way to look at the S8 is compare it to the iPhone 7, physically. The iPhone 7 is 0.4″ smaller than the S8. But the S8 has a physical display that is 1.1″ larger than the iPhone 7 4.7″ display. Nevermind that the S8 has more than 4 times the number of pixels compared the the iPhone 7 display.

  • Sawyer Moore

    Will Canada receive the Snapdragon or Exynos variant? Thanks.

    • Roger

      Snapdragon due to Exynos not being compatible with CDMA – still used in the States.

  • Bob Loblaw

    $1035 CAD… LMAO! Thanks for the laugh fellas.

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