Samsung Connect app for Galaxy S8 acts as digital hub for company’s IoT ecosystem

Samsung Connect

Along with Samsung’s much-anticipated Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices comes the launch of the South Korean giant’s new IoT app, Samsung Connect.

With Samsung Connect, users can activate IoT devices through a three-step configuration process. Furthermore, users will be able to measure all IoT connected devices through one app.

Samsung has a continually growing smart ecosystem, including smart TVs, smart cameras, washers and dryers and more. With the launch of Samsung Connect however, Samsung users will be able to configure all their devices on one unified platform controlled via the new app.

This service is similar to existing apps that rope all smart devices into one, comprehensive smart home ecosystem. It’s worth noting, however, that Android’s Google Assistant also has the ability to control smart devices through a feature called Home Control and Apple’s iPhone also has the ability to do this through the HomeKit and iOS’ Home app.

When using the app, users will see a dashboard with every smart device in their home. Furthermore, Galaxy S8 users will be able to control their devices from miles away through the Samsung Connect app. To help with basic connectivity issues, Samsung introduced the Samsung Connect Home router to help with connectivity and allow users to quickly and efficiently interact with their smart devices.

Samsung claims that its eventual vision is to have Bixby power Samsung Connect using no more than the voice commands of the user.