Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Canadian pre-order pricing and information


  • Zbiba

    Still waiting for Rogers/Fido prices. Not sure what I should get between this and the G6. On one hand the S8 seems like a better all rounder, although that battery size has me worried, hopefully the more efficient processor makes up for it. LG has also had a better record with updating its devices in Canada than Samsung. Hopefully reviews start pouring before april 6th which is the maximum date for pre-ordering the G6 to get the free headphones. I’m leaning more towards the S8 for now as I find the design more attractive.

    • Dimitri

      They will have the same pricing as Telus. Remember Bell, Telus and Rogers always have the same pricing maybe $1 off . That is all. I want to know when we can pre order with Rogers. They are always last to announce it and open the pre orders up.

    • Zbiba

      Yeah, I’m just not sure for Fido because it could either be 450$ on a 2year +20 contract or 499$

    • Jim Doyle

      Just got the G6 today on Rogers – i have to say it’s an incredible device. First Android phone I’ve really liked (after 3 hours)…

    • Zbiba

      Wait.. they’re already delivering? I thought it was supposed to come out April 7th

    • Tim3Tripp3r

      I think that LG opened the floodgates on walking in and buying one. I believe that all the Canadian carriers have permission from LG to start selling right away.

    • Dimitri

      That is correct. Pre orders wait for some odd reason which is making many upset.

    • Jim Doyle

      Store have in-stock today. Apparently you can’t purchase on a HUP or New Activation until tomorrow (March 20) out outright purchases are a-ok.

    • Zbiba

      Went with the G6 finally. There was promotion that was way too good to pass on at fido. 400$ minimum with a trade in of any old phone. traded my old malfunctioning nexus 5, got the phone for free with my contract.

      The phone is great. i miss the true blacks from my S6 and I wish the back was a tad more rounded akin the the Note 7 and S8. The software improved a lot since the G3, with nova launcher it’s very usable. The camera is pretty great, I LOVE the manual mode with focus peaking. The pictures a re bit oversharpened on auto but nothing too bad. battery life has been pretty solid, 4h+ screen on time with moderate usage. MUCH better than my S6.

      In the end I don’t regret it. The S8 may end up being a slightly better device, but certainly not 500$ worth difference.

  • Dayum that’s expensive.

  • Collin dubya

    Where’s the rogers pricing?

  • Blair Davis

    Interested in freedom mobile listing. Wonder if they will offer any type of pre-order

  • Roger

    “Telus has the Galaxy S8 and S8+ available to pre-order in Orchid Grey and Midnight Black with only the 64GB variant. The S8’s pricing starts at $250 down on an $80 per month two-year contract and $490 down on a $70 per month two-year contract.”
    I think the plans are $90 and $80/month, not $80 and $70/month.

    • Trevor Ghanie

      That is indeed correct as I did mine a few hrs ago

  • Phone_Addiction

    you can order the unlocked versions from samsung’s website

  • Dimitri

    Bell and Rogers are the only carriers missing from actually saying pricing and when the pre orders will be open. I wonder why?

  • Dimitri
    • Zach Gilbert

      In good news, they are doing pre-orders now 🙂

    • Dimitri

      Indeed! 🙂 Thank you!

      Quick question for you. Bell and Telus show this ” Get it as early as April 17 with a free Gear VR with Controller”

      Does this go for Rogers as well? Doesn’t seem to say anything on the site. Thanks!!

    • Zach Gilbert

      Rogers will as well allow pre-order customers to start getting their phones as of the 17th.

  • sky417

    Is previewing at Best Buy available immediately?

    • Dimitri

      Best Buy locations will be getting Demos next week. Maybe the ones with the Samsung Experience store in them might.

  • mike m

    no rogers

    • Dimitri

      Still no Fido and Rogers. Bell turned on their pre orders about 5 minutes ago. So most likely Rogers will follow as well? idk

    • Zach Gilbert

      We are getting information on Rogers pricing and availability now. This post will be updated momentarily.

    • Dimitri

      Thank you!. I do wonder what time Rogers will open up the reservations for the devices. Can u try and get that as well? Thanks!

  • Mohamed Abdourahman

    I was expecting Koodo’s pricing to be more expensive to be honest

    Tab S:754
    Tab M:634
    Tab L:490

    Tab S: 824
    Tab M:704
    Tab L:560

  • Dimitri

    Still no Fido or Rogers? Whats going on with them..

    • Collin dubya

      yeah i was wondering that myself.. basically every other carrier has their info available.

    • Dimitri

      This seems to be a Rogers thing. They do this every year. Always late to announce it and watch, they will do pre orders starting in a week or two, knowing them lol

    • Jim Doyle

      Breaking News: They will copy Bell and Telus

    • Dimitri

      Im not talking about pricing… pricing will be the same. Im talking about opening the pre orders system which Rogers and Fido have yet done or announced anything.

  • Nilson34

    Why Canada is getting only an ordinary black and boring grey colours.Are we colour blind?!!!

  • 1messager

    Hum rogers got some good stuff i’m already with them so.

  • Marko Golubovic

    I was wondering… if I pre-order from Samsung will that be am unlocked phone? I don’t think i want to get it from Rogers anymore.

    • Dimitri

      Its locked to the carrier you put the sim card in but Samsung gives u a unlocking code for free.

    • Marko Golubovic

      That’s not bad. Saves you $50 for unlocking.

    • Dimitri

      That is true BUT this is only if u buy it from a Samsung Experience store or Samsung Canada. So i would do i.

  • Dimitri

    Samsung Galaxy S8+ Black
    Galaxy S8+ Black
    Position : 1
    Status: OPEN

    With Rogers

  • Fiorinol

    Videotron’s price is 280 dollars with a 95 a month plan (They say at least 90 but the only plan available above that is 95). I currently pay 55 per month for my plan, so total I’d be paying 1240 dollars over two years for the S8. That’s some rough price gouging considering the suggested retail price seems to be around 1035. That Gear VR really doesn’t come free.

    • Sam Lambert

      It’s free if you buy it unlocked.

    • Dustin Clark

      Yup. Pre-ordered through Samsung Canada (TechData). Contracts are for stiffs.

  • h2oflyer

    Is this a typo… The S8 from Rogers comes with MSM8998.. That’s Exynos, not SD.

    Looks like best price on plan.

  • empathyvirus

    I bought my gold S7 edge from the Samsung experience store at Sherway Gardens. It came with a free gear VR, a 128 gb micro SD card and two unlock codes. So I will wait till the coral blue S8 is available to get one from there again. Hopefully, it will come at some point. Could very well be 6 months from now though.

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