Facebook Home rolled out to Canadians along with Chat Heads update for iOS


  • skullan

    Meh, FB Home.

  • GordonGartrell

    It doesn’t work with my HTC One X with Cyanogen 10.1. Oh well.

  • Ontari_do_not

    i cannot have fb home therefore i shall not update the app.

  • Super_Deluxe


  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Well, not sure what to make of it. the data consumption could be a concern and no folder support for a launcher is very dissapointing

  • Jamie

    ERMERGERD. I tried it, not bad, but Facebook isn’t the only thing in the world.

    HOWEVER I loved the lock screen and especially the new messenger (which is an additional app). I like how it combines SMS with your Facebook messages and gives you chat heads. ALSO it gives you access to the whole emoji world of iphone

  • Darth Paton

    And once again iOS severely limits third party functionality with their closed system. Not that it doesn’t have its benefits, but for a platform mainly built in its third party apps, wouldn’t it make sense to allow developers a little more freedom?

  • Me Ted

    That’s nice. They can keep it.

  • grantdude

    I tried it on my OneX. It looks very primitive. Uninstalled after about 5 minutes.