Rogers LG Optimus G now available in White


  • placator

    Yup…just $75.00 more at Rogers than the same phone in black…buy a white case instead of being gouged by Rogers if you must have white.

  • kurts2x

    wonder is it exclusive to Rogers…

  • Eluder

    It’s $25 at Rogers right now, where do you get that it’s $75 more? Bell is $25, and Telus is $50, so I believe you’re math is a tad off…

    • placator

      Go online at Rogers and click on the white colour icon…not the black one.

    • placator

      Apparently they have now changed the price

    • Eluder

      @placator, it’s $25 for the white too for me, so again, not sure what you’re seeing.

  • skazzberry 2.0

    OH LOOK. IT COPIED THE DESIGN OF THE NEXUS 4. What a shi* copy cat phone!!

    • Wolfgar2k

      Ok, really? Are you actually viewing a site like this, and you’re that uninformed. Hardware wise the LG Nexus 4 is basically an LG Optimus G without LTE. Of course they’re going to look similar. Just like the Samsung Nexus phones grabbed a lot of their design cues from the Galaxy S line.

      Saying the LG Optimus G is a copy-cat phone from another LG phone is just showing your ignorance.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), and jack

    LG cannot have my money.

  • hfx_nick

    I haz Optimus G n I like.

  • EvanK

    Meh, 2012 hardware. If you’re about to sign a 3 year do yourself a favour and wait a month for the HTC One or the GS4.

    • Wolfgar2k

      Of course once the HTC One and SGS4 are out, you might as well wait until the next thing comes out. And then when that comes out, you should wait for the next big thing after that.

      Seriously, if your advise is wait, you’ll be waiting forever.

      If you don’t want to keep waiting for new specs or a new looking phone, get an iPhone. 😛

  • Jonah

    I actually just had a an Optimus G and really liked it. But LG’s own Facebook page is FILLED with customers complaining about broken smartphones and their inability to upgrade Canadian hardware to the most recent versions of Android. Returned it because of that.

  • Brad

    I have had this phone since last December and it is an amazing phone. Even stuck on ICS, it never slows down. The downside is the camera, I feel like my GSII took better photos. Apparently fooling around with HDR mode can address this.

    My only gripe, and I suppose it isn’t a huge one, is the lack of Jelly Bean as I really would like to have Google Now – it’s great on my Nexus 7 but I never bring that along. I am not sure I would notice Project Butter or the other improvements as much.

    Fix that one issue and it would be perfect.

  • Peter

    LG promised JB update for Canadian Optimus G in early of this year. So, I hope that it will be available soon.

  • tomatoes11

    Yup. Brilliant phone. If it had a Qualcomm 600 and a 4.7 inch 1080p version of this screen I would choose this over the GS4 and HTC One. The screen is amazing on this thing.

  • Brandroid

    @Brad – You can easily flash JB stock ROM, JB AOSP(Nexus Stock ROM), JB AOKP and JB CM 10.1

    I currently run stock JB, and it runs flawlessly. Qslide is upgraded and allows multiple qslide apps running simultaneously resizable and able to fade in and out. All while never slowing and offering quadrant scores over 7800.

    This device is amazing.

  • Brad F

    @Brad F (With pic and dickless)