White LG Optimus G coming to Rogers this February, plus a new “Winter White Event” drops other white LTE devices by $100


  • GOD

    Black devices are in the deal too… I think Rogers wants to get rid of their overstock of white devices !

  • vn33

    – Samsung Galaxy S III 16 GB in White drops to $99.99 on a 3-year “Talk, Text, and Internet” plan
    – Samsung Galaxy S III 32 GB in White drops to $99.99 on a 3-year “Talk, Text, and Internet” plan

    Would anyone want a 16Gb model then ??

    • Andy

      Less cancellation fee IF someone cancels their term before 36 months, or wants to HUP early.

  • Superfly

    Real racist

  • Miknitro

    Winter white event makes me think what them crooks do in their spare time gouging.

  • yuck

    funny cause all the women on the add are white

  • Human Rights Commission


  • over


  • Bernie

    Garbage. The white Optimus G is only white on the back. I don’t know why LG didn’t make it white on the front as well like they did for KDDI in Japan.

    • imrightyourewrong

      Silly, it’s because it’s LG, and because it’s a Korean companies. Koreans love to do stupid things.

  • screamer

    The galaxy are always cheap or there every two weeks on special. Think the s4 comes soon

  • Just Pointing it Out

    Clearly racist

    • Just Pointing it Out

      I’m not sure against who though… :S