SwiftKey for Android gets upgraded to version 4.0, brings Flow to existing users


  • Andy

    I’ve been using Flow beta & I love it. Do I need to buy this if I want to keep using it?

    • Nate

      I haven’t been prompted to change yet, so I’m going to assume the beta will continue to be supported for at least a while.

    • Eduardo

      The latest Beta version says it has an expiry date of Feb 21st.

      It’s 50% off right now so I just went ahead and bought it this morning.

    • OgtheDim

      Its 2 bucks……….spend your money.

    • Kid.Canada

      First time using SwiftKey and I must say it’s light years ahead of Samsung’s stock keyboard. Incredibly smooth, not a single lag if I even speed type and got used to flow in just a few hours. Best keyboard I’ve ever used and it’s 110% worth the $2. Well done SwiftKey, you’ve gained a new fan today!

  • ASH

    It is really smooth… I love it. I waited for the app to clear all the bugs in the beta version. And it is well worth it. Well done dev team…

  • monsterduc1000

    Very well done, but I keep migrating back to Swype. Maybe it’s because I’ve used it longer, but it just seems easier to use.

  • Nelson

    Just bought it this morning. Used to have SwiftKey, I was always a big fan of SwiftKey but when I purchased a new phone, it had Swype installed so I just went ahead and used Swype instead. But now with flow, SwiftKey is my keyboard again. So far, it’s everything I hoped it would be.

    • John

      Yeah, I’m in the same boat. I was using swiftkey before I had swype pre-installed on my phone. I’ve tried Flow beta a couple times but to me Swype is much more accurate and requires less effort to type something

  • jase

    I love swiftkey – but using flow with carpal tunnel is so not enjoyable. 🙁

  • crimsona

    I absolutely hate how Swiftkey assumes you flowed the correct word, and gives you contextual predictions for your next word. Since I do not have 100% accuracy, having predictions for the current word matters much more. Android 4.2, Kii and Swype all offer predictions for the current word, and as such, far more usable on a day to day basis.

  • Adam

    Has anyone tried Kii Keyboard? It has the same cross of Type + Swype that Swift has, but with much more customization. It also feels faster and smoother to me, personally.

    • Eduardo

      I tried it but I found it a little buggy and it doesn’t have seamless automatic transition between languages (the best feature IMO)

  • Harman

    For me swiftkey is a better predictive keyboard but I believe swype and even the stock android do flow much better. Still love swiftkey but don’t see myself using flow very often.

  • m00rb

    Just bought it, was using flow beta and waiting to see if they were going to include flow in the main app, the sale was great bonus!

  • some guy

    I have swift key, but was using the AOSP swipe keyboard. This is soooooo much better. I’ve found it to be quicker and more accurate.
    The ability to theme the keyboard doesn’t hurt either ^_^

  • Awesome


  • John_hates_blackberry

    I have been a Swiftkey user for a while. I loved the flow beta so this upgrade is welcome news. Well worth the money if you don’t have it. Mine didn’t notify me that an upgrade was available and it didn’t automatically update. It’s worth checking the play store for existing users.

  • whahappened

    I had swiftkey 3 on my gs3. Now that I have have my nexus 4, I found the stock keyboard to be better. Now I tried swiftkey 4 and I must say that it is a great update. Including the ability to add items to the dictionary. I love a company that listens!

  • Thanks

    Thanks to those who also use Swype, I will keep Swype then instead of paying 2$ for something not as good. Thank God there’s Swype or I wouldn’t be using gmail on my phone…for long emails , that is.

  • Carol Bream

    I just bought SwiftKey and it will probably take away my lingering desire to go to the BB Z10 just to get predictive text in FR as well as ENG. I like Swype but I haven’t found the capacity to use either the regular Galaxy S3 keyboard or Swype when I write in FR. Excellent app, at least at first try! Thanks, SwiftKey!

  • YSM-Agentjucey

    is this better than swipe?

    • Yes


  • migo

    Just installed it, Seems to be working for the most part, but I’m still getting some weird but bugs. Like it wouldn’t let me swipe the word bugs and would always throw but in instead.

    • migo

      And the ugs became too numerous. Back to MultiLang Keyboard. It doesn’t have good correction but it behaves consistently.

  • Tom

    I’d been using the beta on my phone for months (and I purchased it quite wahile ago as well) with no issues, now the release is out, and Play Store says my phone is incompatible! Swiftkey support says it is because I am rooted using CM10.1 and Google is the one not allowing it to be purchased. I’m a bit shocked at that. I’ll try and get it on my Nexus 7 then sideload to my phone, if that doesn’t work, I’ll go back to AOSP and forget about Swiftkey.