EnStream, SecureKey sign distribution deal to bring added security to Bell, Rogers and TELUS smartphones

Last year Toronto-based SecureKey raked in a $30 million investment from Rogers, TELUS, Visa and others to expand their authentication software technology to make online and mobile payments more secure.

Today, SecureKey announced a new distribution agreement with EnStream – the Rogers, Bell and TELUS joint venture – to bring their tech to mobile phones in Canada. SecureKey and EnStream will work together to bring secure NFC-based contactless payment options to Canadians. No word on when this will happen or what devices will graced with the added security, but this is one step closer to scrapping your physical wallet and ushering in the era of the “mobile wallet” where all our credentials will be stored on our device.

Almis Ledas, COO of EnStream, stated “SecureKey is the first credential issuer to announce that it will make use of our ability to deploy secure credentials on SIM-based secure elements for mobile carriers in Canada.”

Source: SecureKey