EnStream, SecureKey sign distribution deal to bring added security to Bell, Rogers and TELUS smartphones


  • Denis M

    I’d rather have Google Wallet.
    I don’t really want carriers touching my credit/debit cards.

    • Lexcyn

      I agree with you there. And how many devices will even be compatible with this secure element embedded in the SIM? Only blackberry’s??

    • Keith

      I have the exact opposite view. No way Google is getting my real info.

    • Canadian Situation

      Just another answer to a Question nobody asked!

      What happened to the tim hortons CIBC super -duper platform that only works with the BB9900 ( that still sells for $630 at Telus, by the way) ??

      Since we have “Tap” technology, why not put your debit card inside the case of your phone and “Tap” your phone using the card inside?

      THERE IS NOTHING WORNG WITH DEBIT, CREDIT now ( for consumers; for merchants the debit/credit charge too much and this will change NOTHING) its just a gimmick that will create id theft, problems, requires data plans and extra fees.

  • Johnny

    We want Google Wallet!! Bring it up north Google!!!!!!!!

  • Senor Chang

    wow, this means goodnight to the blackberry

    • josh

      @Senor Chang : Not Exactly, BlackBerry is part of the Enstream Initiative, so in reality BlackBerry is getting a larger foot hold on the industry.

  • Shadyguy

    I think the z10 has the nfc chip where the lower here would be apples iphone 5 with no nfc chip correct me if I am wrong

  • Henaway

    The question is, would this work with ANY NFC capable phone, or is this a carrier/contract locked item? If so, I’ll pass. I’m never giving up my lock-free phone.

  • serge

    Odd the mobilesyrup is not talking about the drop in bb10 to about 300000 this month….

    • Eric

      You do realize this is just an analyst speculating on unverified reports. The guy has has no idea what the numbers will be and must be insane do drop his forecast by 86%. To top it off, his forecast was for the entire 2014 fiscal year…not just a single quarter. The dude is a moron.

    • Canadian Situation

      Serge: The Syrup doesn’t get paid by BB to give BAD news; they are part of the PR and have to show a positive spin to everything, they are just part of BB’s PR team. Nothing wrong with that. The Syrup has to eat too.
      The same goes to the new Advertorial sections of APPs and the “Microsoft-Surface” products.
      If they show a “Neutral” opinion they will sell advertising and will get paid by many vendors. Then its up to the readers to show the pro and con opinions, and the more trolls are on site the more traffic, the more revenue!

    • Canadian Situation

      Re the Canaccord Genuity report about BB selling only 300,000 phones in Q1: It only makes sense In January they must have sold Zero units with everyboday waiting for the Z10; then the phone was launched with lukewarm reseption/reviews and not that much stock. then after a few days of being in the news the N4 is back in stock; the HTC One released its countdows; the LG Optimus G pro, and now the S4 is coming: All these phones will be available in April..and the Z10 will launch in the US just two weeks later? then the iphone in June??
      Expect BBRY back to single digits as soon as the first solid sales numbers for the Z10 come out.

  • 15ive

    I can tell you right now,if these three criminals have access to credit/debt card,you are going to have nothing but problems.

    • vn33

      ^Agree! … Have you ever try to talk to any of their CSR, trying to resolve a billing issue ?

  • tiesto

    You guys realize that billing dispute would still happen with your bank/credit card company right? EnStream would simply allow easier access to your money, not actually manage it.

  • John Lay

    Yawn… Zzzz.. NFC form of payments has been in Asia/Europe for over 10+ years already.. and here just trying to start.
    Those countries even use one NFC card for Public Transit as well as payments (purchasing). Wonder when we can get to that point

  • Me

    It’s astonishing how people seem to trust google despite all their privacy or other data breaches. Open your eyes people (as hard as it can be).

    • Jeremy

      Exactly. But it also applies to Apple, Microsoft, BlackBerry, and the rest. Anytime you trust a company to do the right thing you’re putting yourself at risk.

    • schultzter

      Yeah, but as it is today my CC info is in at least three places on my phone: Google, Cineplex (for movies), and P$ Mobile pour parking meters. Personally, I would rather everyone use Google to process my payments since I have more trust (not absolute confidence, but more trust) in Google than the other two.

      It would be awesome if Google opened up the payment API on Android so you could choose the provider of your choice and run all your payments through your choice of provider – be it Google, Paypal, etc.

      But considering the monthly hassles I have have with my mobile phone bill that’s the last place I would choose to put any other payments.

  • Sweet

    This seems to erase the advantage that BB has (with their deal with CIBC and Rogers), by levelling the field.

    What EnStream does is standardize the interaction between the carriers and companies whose cards you will pay with (banks, credit card companies, and every other company that would issue an electronic payment/loyalty card for your phone.)

    Where the deal between BB, Rogers and CIBC was specific to only those companies, the EnStream solution will apply to any combo of carrier and payment/loyalty company. At least, that’s my understanding of it.

  • Sweet

    Having said that, I suspect the EnStream solution could be adapted to work with non-NFC solutions like Apple’s Passbook, which is a much more secure solution than NFC since the phone doesn’t receive any info during the transaction — all it does is display a barcode.

  • Brad F

    @Brad F (With pic and dickless)