HTC One Photo and Video Samples


  • Blas


  • Best Camera, Worse updates, no removable battery but the PRICE???

    They do clearer on the One, not by much but the environment was not optimal.
    The Price of the ONE will dictate the success of it:
    Close enough to the N4 and people might consider the camera and lose the re-selling value, longer life,and easy to upgrade.

    Too expensive and the one won’t sell. The saddest part is that an SD card on the One could have changed everything. Oh well..let’s wait for the Optimus, the S4 and the Motos this spring and see if anybody offers SD in 2013!

    I LOVE the 4.7″ size, but even if the 5″ alternatives are too big for me, I will get one if it has SD card.

    • Comment Master

      This is HTC defender here..roger that..if you say one more word about HTC…you will be punished with an iphone presented to you for your whole life.

    • MC_Android

      There’s nothing wrong with your comment. It’ll probably be priced competitively with all the other flagships (about 700 or 800 unlocked). I don’t know why you got downvoted so much but I can’t agree more with you on the sd card support – no expandable storage, no customer (for me at least). I’ve owned all the Nexus devices (except the Nexus S) and I hated the storage limitations on them; using a Nexus for me felt like a constant compromise (subpar camera and s**t storage)

    • Hardened

      @best price,
      not sure what you mean by “longer life” between HTC One vs N4. HTC has been getting a BAD rap affecting sales for no damn reason. They STILL innovate beyond others, STILL build quality devices with premium materials! The innovation here is the camera quality with lower pixels – this is HUGE when you think Sony mobile (formerly SonyEricsson) was king in mobile phone camera picture quality since the K750 feature phone. From the Cybershot brands to the Exmor lineups – picture quality was always void of too much compression Algorithms, noise or purple fringing!! HTC is innovating here and I’m looking forward to seeing more in this field.

      BTW, Best Price,
      Sony released 2 5″ smartphones with MicroSD card expansion already and will be shipping shortly.

  • Patrick

    I’ll take a phone that gets consistent and timely software updates and support, over a phone that takes marginally better photos that will just end up being used for instagram….

    • Val

      I am not a laziness expert but… seems a little lazy. : )

  • Gab

    I’m not an HTML expert, but is it really that hard to order the photos properly?

    No offence.

  • Gab

    For the photo comparison, I don’t really see much of a difference. The only thing that catches me is the one with the phone, where on the Nexus 4, the box blends in to the black, and on the HTC One the box can be seen, with a lot of noise.

    • EvanK

      One thing that I definitely noticed is that the One’s shots have noticeable bokeh, something that’s hard to come by with most modern cameras and their tiny sensors.

      Does anybody know what this lens’ actual length is?

  • Theo

    Looks awesome, I am excited for this new phone from HTC!

  • zzZZzz

    Can’t say I’m blown away just yet… in any case, it’s not the Camera that sells the phone IMO

    • Geoff

      This time around it IS the camera that’s going to sell the phone for me. Well, that and if the new Sense is actually something I find useful.

  • Thompson

    I’ll need a full review and some play time with this to make a decision.

  • Schadenfreude

    I like it… Sense rocks a lot better than TouchWiz anyways

  • coop3422

    I agree 100%, everything about sense is better than touchqiz. That said, vanilla is better than both :p

  • Sandriod

    I think HTC are missing the point big time.. they are one of the worst culprits when it comes to releasing timely updates. I’ve owned a Legend, Desire and now the One X (although that’s free from work) but after the desire I decided no longer to buy HTC. Sticking to Nexus phones from now on. Previously HTC used to release a phone every month and now even with leser models I just about got the JB update and with it Google now. Can’t live with that…

  • Gman

    not sure what I am looking at, like is this good or bad image quality. I still see tons of noise in these shots. Is it a lot better than the others?

  • Rod

    Wow I can’t wait for this phone.

  • screamer

    Well i only buy every two year a phone so i have to skip this one or wait for the one*

  • bstring

    I had been planning on upgrading to the next Galaxy phone. That all changed today!

  • RICO

    And when you zoom in with these pics expand it will look terrible. The S4 is going to blow this phone out of the water. Haha @ people saying “sold” etc and.dissing touchwiz for a windows rip off that won’t have many ROMs. S4 battery, screen, CPU and SOFTWARE will destroy this phone. HTC is dead just like BB.

  • Victor C

    The improvements are clear if you open this page in another window and compare the shots side by side. The video is also much better (picture and audio) than what I’ve been able to get on the One X. I like the idea of front stereo speakers and Zoe looks pretty cool, but its definitely not worth an upgrade. I’ll just wait a few weeks/months for the awesome devs to port Sense 5 over.

  • stylinred

    shite camera nice phone although Sense UI looks like WP8 now

  • Dawn

    HTC has good stuff but their support for software updates take FOREVER and is hardly supported by themselves

  • Duff

    I’m no fan boy, as I do research in all my stuff before purchasing items, but I honestly don’t think this will stand a chance against Nokia’s next phone codenamed “EOS”. If you’re looking for a phone for solely its camera,do research in this Nokia phone.

  • Anonymous One

    Why is everyone complaining about updates to the HTC devices?? HTC has always updated everyone of their phones by atleast one version. Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Sony have NEVER done this. I know that alot of the delay with O/S updates is because of the carriers and how they want to role them out to customers. HTC was the FIRST company to launch ICS on the One X, One S, and One V, and Desire C. They have ALL recieved updates now to JB. Can anyone tell me how many samsung, LG, Motorola devices that were launched last year have JB on them??? You cant because they all have devices running older version of Android and they WILL not be updating them.

    The Nexus devices will always get the updates first because they are GOOGLE devices and are not locked down by the carriers.


    Extremely noisy, over-exposed on the whites and with low detail.. not interested, this must be some joke.

  • Johan

    You are forgetting that the Nexus 4 has the worst camera of the flagships out there.

    I have seen alot better pics and videos from the Lumia 920.

  • TCK

    They actually want to market this camera as a Lumia 920 competitor? They overlooked something.

  • Gene

    I wish blackberry would have done something like this. Great photos and small file size would be perfect for their user base

  • Joe

    Nokia’s 920 is still better.

  • Rockin920

    Does it have HAAC microphones inside? Then recording video with this would be useless. Sorry but the 920 still does a better job

  • Aaron

    No micro sd kills it for me. I really want a nice camera, but need expandable storage!!

  • michael

    Pair it will great battery life and you have a sale HTC. If not.. this is another SuperPhone I will have to pass on. :$

  • Brad F

    @Brad F (With pic and dickless)