Sony Xperia ZL coming to Bell, Mobilicity, MTS, Rogers, Videotron and WIND “beginning in April 2013”


  • Bad Apple

    Wind!!!! Where is BB10? How long “coming soon is soon . I don’t give a damn about Sony. Sony is like LG. It sucks…

  • Dr.Hugo

    Why are they making these phones so big , I will never buy such a phone as this

    • vivftp

      Then this phone is not meant for you, but rather the millions of other people who prefer larger phones. It is worth noting this is the smallest phone with a screen this large.

      If you are interested in smaller devices, Sony will be showing them off in2 weeks at MWC.

    • Size Matters

      I aggree with both comments:
      5″ is still to big for me: you can’t simply operate a 5″ phone with one screen. Your thumb is not that large.

      At the same time this phone is Great! at 5″ its almost exactly the same size of the Galaxy S2x with a 4.5″ screen!!

      Having said that: I will wait for a 4.5″ phone in the size of a 4.3″ from last yr; or even better!: a 4.”5 phone, same size os last yr WITH BIGGER BATTERY!

      In any case th N4 will bring the price to reality this yr. Now if only the CRTC could ban 3 yr contracts…

    • Bill Murray

      This thing is actually narrower than an s3 believe it or not… I guess it’s not so much screen size, but how wide the phone actually is.. I think 65mm would be the perfect width.

    • EvanK

      I tried the DNA at a Verizon store last week in North Dakota, and came away impressed. I personally like the 5″ size, IMO it’s the maximum size a smartphone can get before it’s considered a “phablet”. It’s good for web browsing, but still relatively pocketable.

  • BB10BOOM

    not only are android users goofs now you can see them all from a mile away with a baking tray looking phone in there hand lol. the only good sony phone was the ericsson T610. now its blackberry over everything !

    • Size Matters

      Two weeks after releasing the Z10 and BBRY stock is at $13.8 (lost $1.5B in Market Cap)

      And watch the new iphone coming up in June with a 4.8″ screen!

      Hopefully they don’t go after the ZERO-BEZEL phone and put decent batteries in them.

    • some guy

      BB Z10 dimensions: 130.0 x 65.6 x 9.0 mm 4.2″ screen
      Sony ZL dimensions: 131.6 x 69.3 x 9.8 mm 5″ screen

      Yep. Definitely a baking tray sized phone.
      Wait… you mean they’re almost the same size, but the ZL has a much larger screen???


  • screamer

    IPhone or android maybe blackberry all good phones however for me It goes to fast for me. Every week a new gadget.

  • simbob

    Good to see it will be released on all carriers. It really is a nice phone. Hopefully Sony can gain more traction into consumer market after wining the heart of the developers and open source community. For some reason no carriers really wanted to sell the Xperia T when it was released, it was not a priority for them.

  • Gman

    sony store better sell it unlock.

  • some guy

    No love for Telus?

    Well, looks like I’ll wait for something else.

  • Dilkatron

    Telus once again left out. Makes me wanna switch carriers.

  • Cyrano

    hmm can wind/mobi version be use in big 3 network?

    • Gman

      I think there is a pentaband version that works on all Canadian carrier, like nexus 4. But may have to get that version from Sony store unlocked.

    • Adam

      Yes, Wind (and also at least Bell) are releasing the C6506 which will support the big 3 including LTE.

    • Geoff

      Thanks for the info Adam!
      This is great news, since I want to do the opposite. I need to move a phone from Bell to WIND.

  • Jeffery Norden

    I was speaking with a representative at the Rogers Plus store at Yorkdale Shopping Center today and he told me that a Sony Representative was in their store with the Xperia Z. He is under the impression that Rogers will be carrying the Z.

    • iCrap

      Are you sure he’s not confusing it with ZL? I want the Z and will not touch this shitty rubber back regardless of the size and bezel and all tha s**t. Just want the true flagship, which is Z! get it Sony?

    • Jeff Norden

      I double checked with him. He said that Xpeperia with the glass back. He saw it in the store.

    • iCrap

      Thanks, that is kinda interesting. The 6603 might work in Canada, but it’s not the best experience. Wondering if he was carrying the new C6606, which is presumably has the same LTE/3G chip as the 6506 ZL (the one that is coming for sure) and thus 100% compatible.

  • xenrobia

    That’s a really nice looking phone. It’s too bad they ruined it by using the Android OS. Why would anyone put such a second rate OS on such a nice piece of hardware? I guess they can keep the price down by using the cheapest OS available. Pity, it really is a nice phone.

    • Geoff

      I think you’re just trolling everyone, but I’m curious what OS you think they should have used instead? WP8?

  • T1MB1T

    I told you all this was coming to wind!!! And for new subscribers only! We need subs! Got to make rogers pay when they buy us! I will be tireless to keep them using the aws goodness!!

  • screamer

    What about pricing? 599$ not for me like the nexus 4 from the price point.

  • WhichPhonet

    Damn why April why not now 🙁 This mean I have to wait 2 more months waiting since December to get a new phone can’t find one good enough. I like sony ZL I hope it will come sooner 🙁 at least on preorder.

  • Anthony

    waiting for a WP8 phone from Sony

  • Ken Dewey

    when I bought my LG p999 from WIND… they also promised an upgraded OS when it became available… two years later… I’m not complaining about the phone or the provider…it’s just they already had my money… what is the value to a vendor in actually coming through with a halfway promise?

  • Megacharge

    what the hell is this bs from Sony? I want this phone already, Sony said Q1, April is NOT Q1… it’s Q2, it’s releasing pretty much everywhere else end of Feb. Why the hell do we have to wait another 2 months, the next gen Snapdragon will be out by then, and Sony will be shipping us a phone with yesterday’s SoC.

    Late to the game as usual for Sony.

  • Hey iCrap

    Why do you keep posting such stupid comments? The ZL phone is equally as good as the Z. More efficient use of size with the same 5″ screen, the backing is not cheap at ALL and more grippable, and there’s no annoying port cover flaps. The Z’s glass back only has an “anti-shatter film”. There’s a ton of phones that look and feel premium that do NOT have glass or metal backs. You are so ignorant.