Bell Samsung Galaxy S II “will get a taste of Jelly Bean over the next few days”


  • MyBestFriendLarry

    Have they just forgot about the Note?

    • Steaming Pile Of SamDung

      Yess, its about time!

    • Boopinder Fenderbender

      My cousin in india says says samsung

    • comment master

      Where is my HTC one S UPDATE ?????


    • Mexico Ron

      Only 3 months after release! YAY!


  • Jules

    You sir just made my day !

  • Nevs

    Does that include virgin mobile members as well?

    • Louis Quintal

      It was the case with the ICS update, so I’m guessing it will be considering they run the same network and are essentially the same phone.

  • Sean

    Also before everyone wants the update for the Telus and Rogers versions. This is the international model which already received the update so it would be their first model they would work on and is the one most widely available.

  • GSII

    Will it be OTA or I have to reinstall Kies ?

    • David

      OTA, as stated on the comment of the Facebook post.

  • f

    SII HD LTE? (sgh-i757m)

  • Tim W

    I have been on jelly bean on my Epic 4G touch for over two weeks now… it is called GA10

  • wewewi

    That makes the Galaxy S2 the ONLY device to officially go from Gingerbread all the way up to Jellybean. (Out of the Nexus S)
    Nicely done, Samsung.

    Where is HTC’s 2011 lineup, now? Long forgotten!

    And dont even get me started on the brands!

    • corks

      Moto Razr (xt910) will be joining it before the end of Q1…which is pathetic/expected of Motorola

    • Sean

      Also the Sony phones, S Ion etc

  • Graham

    A week after I got my Nexus 4. ha. I have interesting luck.

  • Dylan.D

    Maybe the SII X will finally see JB as well. Seeing that it has been on the list on Telus for a while now.

  • CD

    I’ve had Jellybean on my S2X for months now with CyanogenMod. Runs a thousand times better than when it was on ICS with Touchwiz.

    • Lucky

      Can you send me the link to the CM your using? Have you found any bugs with it? S2X has some great devs and great ROMS just not sure which CM is the most stable 😛

  • deltatux

    Ummm, Samsung Canada failed to differentiate SGS II (i9100) and the SGS II HD LTE (SGH-I757M) that Bell sold. They’re not the same phone… One uses an Exynos SoC, the other uses a Snapdragon SoC…

  • Seriously

    I cannot believe how long it takes for android updates to be released. If there’s one thing keeping android from being an absolute great product, it’s this. I’m all for open source, but it is seriously at a point where Google should just take over and do the updates themselves.

    • Piff

      I you want timely update for your phone go buy a Nexus device. Google just makes the software. They don’t have a say in what others do with it or how long they take to update non Nexus devices.

  • StEC

    I’m on Virgin I sure hope I get this update when Bell users get it!?

  • Dave

    Does anybody know if upgrading the S2 to JB remove Flash from the phone ? Thanks

  • Cam C

    Definitely paid off to do my upgrade to the S2 LTE when it came out Nov 2011. Still going strong – love it.

  • Geoff Kennedy

    Im confused… I thought that the 4.1.2 update was to JB?

  • Ken

    I just received Jelly Bean on my GSII. Currently installing.yeah!!

  • borghead

    Well Telus promised it in December. Didn’t happen. Not surprised knowing Telus. Now they are saying February. That gives them 2 more weeks. Yeah right. I’m not holding my breath. Telus doesn’t care, they already sold me the phone so why waste the resources to provide the update? No money in it for them.

  • hello

    Update was pushed to my bell SGSII about an hour ago. Size was 400+MB. Will install after work.

    • Chris

      Same here. Woke up this morning at 7am and noticed the push notification on my phone. Might hold off a day or so to see if there are any issues.

  • Phil

    I recently installed the I9100XXLSJ Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean that has leaked few weeks ago.

    I wonder what I can gain with this official upgrade that I don’t have in the leaked version ? (except bloatware obviously !)

  • Rhett

    I saw the push notification, had to restart my phone then it has since disappeared and isn’t recognized when I go to my settings. Any advice?

  • peter

    Got there notice this morning and installed it on my wife’s SII. so far no issues

  • heehaw

    Do we have to install physically with Kies? I got my notification on my Galaxy S2 and tapped “install” but after eating breakfast noticed it said “installation failed” :-\

    I’m guessing it’s because my phone goes to saver mode every 30 seconds via PIN entry due to our corporate policy for security so maybe it interrupted it?

  • coop3422

    Eff me, I ordered a Nexus 4 Tuesday night because I was sick of waiting (had the beta ROM downloaded but haven’t had a chance to install it, not going to bother now). I get an email this morning saying my N4 has shipped and was happy, then see this post, FML lol. Anyone want to buy a great condition white s2 with OEM extended battery? lol

  • Max

    Got the notification this morning too. The OTA update failed, though, and I had to install it through Kies. Everything worked out fine in the end.

  • Dave

    A question for all those receiving the update.. does the JB update replace the stock Android browser with Chrome? I’m using stock right now with Flash and I’m scared to lose the Flash on my phone… I still use it for several websites regularly a well as for limited flash games on Facebook… I would be really grateful for a reply. Thanks

    • Max

      The stock browser is still there. I have no idea if everything still works well with Flash, though.

    • Jeff

      With the galaxy s III flash still works after the 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 update. I think you need to have adobe flash installed before though.

  • BDO

    I have the SII HD-LTE, no update.
    Co-worker has the SII and has the update.


  • StEC

    Got my update for my S2 from virgin installed without a problem and runs beautifully… LOVE MY PHONE AGAIN!!!

  • note person

    fyi. Bell has drop the original Note from its website as I checked the other day! I’ve only had mine for a couple of weeks love it hope they update it to jelly bean

  • tilallr1

    I take it no SII HD-LTE update?

    Damn shame.