Android 4.2.2 update reportedly breaks LTE compatibility on the Nexus 4


  • Gsizzle84

    People who are comfortable with rooting there devices, just flash the old radio of 4.2.1 and that should enable LTE back again.

    This procedure only works for rooted devices. Good day!

    • EvanK

      Honestly I don’t even know if it’s worth it. While it’s nice to have the option, LTE on the Nexus 4 isslower, a pain to activate and use, and drains the battery life like nobody’s business.

  • cybik

    LTE shouldn’t have been in there in the first place; it was a fluke that we could access it, and law-wise illegal since it hadn’t passed certifications.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Wow, that’s a lot of people who disagree with the law.

      “But I CAN do it, so I should be allowed to!” Uh, no, it doesn’t work that way.

    • cybik

      So I’m oblivion-voted because I invoked law and common sense?


    • S2556

      No because people would rather have LTE access than none and who cares about the FCC CRTC etc… Fu*k them! It is not illegal and they can suck my di*k if they think they can do anything about it which they can’t.

  • Size Matters

    Typo: it should read:
    “Canadians benefit” no double plural required.

    The article is confusing: but what tries to say is:
    If you want to apgrade to 4.2.2 and keep LTE in Canada; all you need to do is upgrade and flash the old Radio.

    No problem at all:
    NEXUS 4: LTE in Canada, AND 4.2.2; Unlocked, no bloatware; that’s why this is the phone of 2013 (or for the next 6 months) all for $420 Taxes and delivery included!

  • WP74Life

    Android cannot stop breaking right ?

  • screamer

    Well why update the phone? We don’t have any LTE here and that not before 2014 so by then I have a new phone

  • Professor Frink

    there will be a cryogen mod that includes the old lte and the current updatea hense why andriod open source is the top Os

  • Box

    Typical android, pure garbage and who comes up with these crazy names like jelly bean and all the rest of that nonsense!!

    • skullan

      Put the goat down and get back under the bridge.

      If the biggest thing you can troll about is the name of Android releases, then you really need to invest time in a different hobby.

    • wotzit2ya

      Well I heard next iOS version will be named 7.0 Desperate

    • gohome

      ahem “Box” now there’s an original name,why are you even reading this post or the replies?

  • Kevin

    Android is a mess. The OS updates are crap 1/2 the time, released before they are ready.

  • Comment Master

    IS the page full Crappel fans???? CRAPPERS

  • hoo dat

    I was just reading about all the issues that plague the Nexus 4 and yet people don’t seem to want to acknowledge them.

    Here’s a list of the most common as reported by reported by Digital Trends, an otherwise pro Android site:

    Glass back cracking for various reasons;
    Buzzing Earpiece;
    Camera Failure;
    Yellow Screen Tint;
    Over heating;
    Random Rebooting;
    Proximity Sensor Issues, and;
    Awful Battery Life.

    I personally would add no removable battery or expandable memory to that list as well as no LTE. There’s a reason the Nexus 4’s cheap and not the saviour of the mobile industry that many would have you believe.

    Prepares to get flamed.

    • Brad F(anboy)


      Holding it wrong,
      Listening to it wrong,
      Taking photos wrong,
      Looking at it wrong,
      Using it wrong,
      Using it wrong again,
      Holding it wrong again,
      Using it wrong, seriously this time.

    • Sean

      I have not experience one of those issues.

    • Eluder

      Never experienced any of these problems.
      Battery life on the phone is quite stellar from my experience so far.

    • hoo dat

      I’m not saying you have, Sean. Not every Nexus 4 built will experience all or any of those issues. Having said that there are 3 issues on that list that I keep reading about over and over again and should be cause for concern; the glass back breaking after subtle temperature changes, awful battery life, and the buzzing ear piece.

      Each of those issues are chronic enough that pro-Android blogs, ezines, and other publications are reporting them with regularity. All I’m saying is that this phone is far from as perfect as various Fandroids would have us believe. I’m fed up of reading about other devices and the comments being filled with “You should buy a Nexus 4”, etc, etc. The phone is cheap and flawed and as such is not an option for many people, including myself.

    • COBwiggy

      I had one up until yesterday – and had no problems. Only reason i got rid of it is I won a Z10

  • Shaggyskunk

    Professor Frink – cryogen – really – Google that & see what kind of “mods” you can get there…..

  • A.J. Salvo

    If you’re not interested in voiding your warranty, I guess that means waiting until software updates aren’t supported to root your device and get the speed every other super phone is going to have stock over the next few years. Sad face.

  • ohh reall?

    yes Google…. Make me waste $10 on plastic.

  • Droid

    AT&T have the same specs for LTE as the Big 3.

    Even when they don’t try, they find a way to be evil. GO IN HELL AT&T…wait you are already in hell…


  • Ovi

    I found that the battery is much better now after about one to two months of use. maybe I don’t use it non-stop anymore. A couple of times it lasted me pretty much 2 days under light to normal use.

    The only issue I have with it is that the camera could be a bit better but no cellphone camera takes crystal clear shots. It looks a bit blotchy especially in darker shots.

    My biggest gripe is the glass on the back scratching, especially around the camera! I obviously didn’t put on plastic protectors. I also have a small scratch in a corner of the screen but no big deal. Also dropped it I concrete from about a meter and got no scratches or cracks, it fortunately just bounced 🙂
    Hey LTE back. It’s the same chip as the Optimus G with no amplifier, I doubt it poses any danger even though it’s not FCC approved for this phone. My 2 cents.

  • DK

    anyone get the update yet in toronto?

  • habskilla

    There is nothing criminal about enabling LTE on a Nexus 4

  • glonq

    Wow, the trolls and haters are out in full force today.

    Like most people, I bought the Nexus 4 without knowing or caring that it could do LTE.

    It’s still the best phone that money can buy, even if it “only” gets 21 Mbps HSDPA.

  • Eamonn Flynn

    What do FCC regulations have to do with cell phones in Canada?

  • B

    I have yet to receive this update in Canada. Hbu guys?

  • parameter416

    Just got the notification for the OTA update in Toronto. Downloading now…

  • ohh reall?

    FCC is just jelly that we Canadians can use late on the nexus 4 but they can’t.

  • ky

    forget the upgrade!

  • Silas

    I knew I should have gotten a S3. Such an “Apple like” move. Good job Google.

  • Frank

    I tried out the LTE, it was nice but I get fast enough speeds with HSPA+ and when my phone rebooted I forgot about it. Now that I know its been blocked and I “can’t” have it, I want it even more lol…

  • park kyokeun

    If you flash the older radio (.33) LTE will work again.