BlueStacks App Player beta arrives, brings Android apps to desktops


  • Chuck

    What’s the point when Windows 8 is coming this fall and it will have apps. This is pretty much DOA.

    • Dalex

      Have you used the consumer preview for Win8? It runs great, but the apps are sorely lacking and nowhere near the level of Google Play. This is far from DOA, as we don’t even know if windows 8 will be a success and how long it will take people to upgrade from Win7.

  • Bulletwithbatwings

    I just installed this and tested fieldruners on it. it works pretty well.

  • Moka

    Just downloaded it, and its a Great way to have apps like Whatsapp on my windows 8. So far so good.

    • Moka

      EDIT: Nevermind.. i need a number on the device to have whatsapp, its still downloads everything and makes it easily accessible.. Still worth the download…

  • Joe

    So we go from desktops, to smartphones, to tablets, only to go back to desktops again…. neat concept

  • HO

    …so Windows is dead…..Windows is crap…..Windows is shtupid….but everything works on Windows….can’t stop laughing, and I love Windows, and who cares about mApple fanboys, let them buy Macs for writting letters and miPads for apps, I’m happy using my laptop for running and doing both!!!

  • StEC

    This makes me very happy!!!

  • Khanjug

    how can i import whatsapp contacts in blackberry to whatsapp on bluestack ?