Samsung ATIV S dummy devices waltz their way into Bell locations, launch still pegged for mid-December


  • John Lee

    So far this is the only WP8 device available from Telus. If only Nokia 920 and HTC 8x are available from them too…

  • Questionnaire

    Since hardware is not linked to software in phones:

    -Can you take a Windows phone, root it, format and then load Android?
    (Provided there is a recovery and a ROM for the specific hardware??)

    Just curious!: the N4 will kill this phone. This time the N4 might be in stock BEFORE this phone come out!

    Looks like Windows doesn’t want to leave RIM alone, as the only player in the industry that will miss the Holidays.

    If they say on Dec 01 that the phone will “Launch” on mid December, add one week for caution and you can expect the phone to be in stores by Dec 20th..simply W8 (Wait) arriving 2 L8.

    • jellmoo

      No. All Windows Phones have boot loaders that are heavily locked down. And while there are several different unlock types available (at least on WP7, I don’t believe there are any on WP8 as of yet) there hasn’t been an unlock of that level.

      The N4 isn’t really competition for this phone though. Coming from a single supplier, with incredibly limited supplies and now subsidized option in Canada, they don’t overlap a ton. This competes more directly with things like the 8x (which is already $0 on a contract and has seen more press), the S3 (which is still widely seen as the Android flagship, and possibly devices like the Xperia T, Atrix and Razr V (low cost Android options). Samsung has really dropped the ball on the Ativ and done little to nothing to create buzz on the device.

  • DaRazorback

    I, for one, am actually very excited. I love how the phone feels in hand and can’t wait to put in my 64 GB micro SD card in it.

  • Graeme

    I want one to match my ativ smart PC pro which btw is an amazing device, highly recommended for the 1300 Canadian with keyboard.

    Well and I mean well worth its premium over iPad and surface

  • ian

    Samsung really did drop the ball on this one. They put all their focus on their android devices and kinda just put this together for the sake of having a next gen windows device. It’s sad because the samsung focus was one of the better first gen windows devices.

  • Len

    I agree with you Ian, I had a focus and used it all the way up till I got a 920… I was really looking forward to this phone, but I found that samsung lack of caring for WP7 was too much for me… At least Nokia cares and HTC seems to be trying… Samsung… they only care about being the next apple… which is good and bad at the same time…

  • swizzlerz

    as im on telus I have no options 🙁 I may have to get this phone eventually.. Atm. I plan not to upgrade and just use my wp7 which does everything and more then I need it to do. Don’t really see a point in upgrading anymore as im not able to have a 8x or 920 on telus. 🙁

  • ToxicTaZ

    I’m with Telus Mobility and upgrading my LG IQ (WM6.5) to Samsung ATIV S (WP8)

    Don’t forget about the big upgrade in March for us WP8 user’s 🙂
    Windows Phone 8.1 (Apollo Plus)

    Does any one know yet if the 32GB model ATIV S is coming to Canada?