BlackBerry Bold 9790 released by Mobilicity


  • lol_WUT

    This is a great phone. THe price is good. I will wait until the price is $4.99, then when I go to subway to get a sandwhich of the day (cold cut typically), I can instead get the blackberry 9790 for $4.99 and save a cent. Then i can use the iconic blackberry 9790 to browse for which colour iphone 5 I can ask for santa. thank you rim. you are the best.

    • lol_WUT

      Oh, and maybe I am not funny, but the ladies flock to this stud like flies to honey!

      Holla atcho boi!

    • Stay Away from Mobilicity!

      Mobilicity should just pack up their company and declare BANKRUPTCY.

      It truly does deserve to be thrown out to the curb!

  • GreatPhoneA+

    This is a great phone. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now. One thing I recommend is to use KY Lube, that way the BBM button doesn’t rub against your anal sphinctre, the rubber tends to grab hemmeroids and cause them to bleed. Besides that, no other complaints. A+

    • Bizzaro

      This individual enjoys inserting things into his posterior, while also talking about it explicitly.

      I will let you put two and two together, gentlemen.

    • Jake

      He must be a Hemorrhoid… er, I mean Android user.

  • justko

    Wonder if Mobilicity had to pay these COD, I doubt RIM would extend any credit to a firm going out of business

    • puke

      The question is, can RIM survive if Mobilicity doesn’t pay them ??? If I was RIM I would pick my partners or ask Mobilicity to pay in advance before they get he phones

  • LazerAndroid

    Yes, yes, we all love Mobilicity, but my qurstion is: Does anyone love them as much as I do!? Let me help you answer that – “N”… “O”.

    Please, the powers that be, reach out to me, and let’s discuss this FREE PANACHE that I have been endlessly begging for since 2010. I want it, I NEED it. Please, Mobilicity, I am your biggest supporter! Through thick and thin, I will always be there.

    LazerAndroid is the name, Mobilicity is the game!!


  • ALopez

    This is a great phone, I was considering the Nexus 4, but it doesn’t have LTE, and it’s an unproven phone. I had the iPhone 5 but the MAPS is too broken, I kept getting lost. Siri also was useless, and I felt like an iLoser. The blackberry is a serious business tool for the blackberry professional, and the hip holster is an excellent productivity tool in that I can retrieve my BB and BBM quickly when time is of the essence– lost phone calls = lost business. The blackberry 9790 is a proven phone and has been proven to be both iconic and reliable. the blackberry 9790 has 8GB of ram compared to the nexus 4 of 2GB, light years ahead. Also the BBM button is key, Nexus 4 doesn’t have a BBM button, so it takes forever to open BBM on the Nexus 4. The screen is also too big on the nexus 4, it allows for prying eyes to see your valuable business communications, can you afford to take that risk? I can’t. Furthermore, the screen isn’t very bright, the nexus 4 is too bright, making spying harder for economic spies who are rampant nowadays– they look for the BB users as they are valuable targets. The 9790 has LTE and the nexus 4 doesn’t, that is a massive failure on Google’s part and demonstrates their failure to properly plan to produce and make a quality smartphone. The number of applications is more on the nexus 4, however that exposes the business CEO to security risks as many of these apps aren’t subjected to the same testing and security testing as the RIM BB platform is, hence less apps, but higher security and quality apps. This is a no brainer, the 9790 is easily worth more than the iPhone 5 and nexus 4 combined, easily a $1000 phone, but rimpire is striking back and offering this great phone for $299. The nexus 4 is way worse and has way less ram, no LTE, no security and a slow OS to boot. also you can’t use the battery pull application on the nexus 4, the BB allows you to use this app to refresh your phone and to wipe all the RAM data so that no spyware stays in the ram. Great play on mobilicity to bring this legendary business tool to their arsenal, mobilicity is a big player in the business world who demand reliability, professionalism and quality.

    • EvanKr

      Holy giant paragraph!

  • pats

    $300 is what i paid for my bb curve 9360 T.T , the price is tempting but ill be patient and weigh out my options

  • aregularonhofo

    Amazing, blue note73 (the fake LazerAndroid) is still pissed that LA got his ideal former CEO Dave Dobbin fired, man is this guy ever obsessed and angry…obviously because almost every Mobilicity supporter on HoFo has left already and the company is sinking faster now. Also good to see Boycott Mobilicity become more active and gaining support.

  • rulerxy

    Here’s a question nobody has asked..

    Who gives a s**t?

  • EvanKr

    *Insert comment about Nexus 4 being better deal at same price*

  • Sai

    Trolls.. Trolls everywhere

  • dv

    Lool at this being the same price as the 8 th nexus 4.

  • ry29

    Seems abit high and alittle late with BB10 around the corner. Koodo dropped their price of 9790 to 250.

  • hoo dat

    I can think of 3 reasons I’d get a 9790 before an N4:

    1). The 9790 can handle an micro SD up to 32GB, the N4 has no SD slots meaning no expandable memory making the 8 and 16GB internals useless for me;

    2) The 9790 has a removable battery, the N4 doesn’t. This again makes the N4 useless to me, I need a phone that’s usable 24/7 and can swap out batteries while travelling

    3) No glass back on a 9790! Have you ever seen one of those shatter after getting slightly scratched? I must admit, it’s pretty spectacular. I can’t see the N4 standing up to half the abuse I put my phones through, that glass back would be gone in a week.

    So yeah, on paper the N4 looks like a pretty decent deal, but once you take into account its shortcomings it’s quite obvious where Google and LG worked to save money. Problem is, what they removed from the phone is precisely what a large number of users need to make a phone worthwhile. Proving once again that if you slap the words Google and/or Nexus onto a phone that there’s a large number of people who will buy it without a second’s thought.

  • hoo dat

    Let’s hope that Mobilicity updates this phone better than WIND. WIND has been sitting on the 7.1 update since RIM released it to the carriers in in JANUARY. WIND are being tools and are refusing to release it. Wonder how they’ll act when BB10 lands?

  • 2c

    is RIM dead yet?

    i will buy 9360 over this 9790.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Wow.. Mobilicity- welcome to 2011

  • Mobilicity Bankruptcy Imminent

    Always the Bridesmaid…
    Never the Bride.

    Public Mobile is a better alternative, AFTER WIND, definitely BEFORE Mobilicity.

  • Stay Away from Mobilicity!

    Why Bother Getting up to Compete when you come up with this?

    Does ANYBODY take Mobilicity seriously anymore?


    Wind Released this phone a year ago and its still available for free on wind tab. way to go WIND

  • KingJames

    I’m waiting for Nokia 3230…

  • Ehau

    I can’t play Angry Birds on this… Boo!