Windows Phone 8 apps: BaconIt, Nokia Maps and PhotoBeamer

‘Tis the season, folks. App updates for Windows Phone 8 are being released at blazing speeds (OK, that’s not true at all), replete with high-definition assets, fast resume and big live tile support.

First, arguably the best Reddit client for Windows Phone, BaconIt, has been updated to version 2.5. Not only does the app support fast resume, which allows you to tap on the live tile and resume your place in the app, as opposed to it opening a new instance, but there are high-definition assets, better sharing support (including tap to send NFC sharing) and huge performance improvements. It’s a great app, and one of the best examples of how versatile the Metro interface truly is.

Next up, Nokia Maps has been updated for Windows Phone 8. Well, that’s not entirely true — it comes preloaded on all Lumia 920 devices — but it has seen some performance improvements and bug fixes since launch. We tested it on our Lumia 920 and confirmed that the app starts faster, locks on to our location more accurately, and performs with a general sense of expeditiousness.

Lastly, the first fruits of Nokia’s acquisition of imaging masters Scalado, the company has launched a revamped version of PhotoBeamer. Titled, coincidentally, PhotoBeamer, it allows users to transfer photos to their desktop computers using the magic of QR codes. Just open the app, choose a photo, or multiple photos, head to photobeamer.com, point your phone’s camera at the QR code, and those photos are automagically transferred to your computer. Easy as pie.

Oh, Nokia’s Smart Shoot app has been updated, too. Nothing major, but a few nips and tucks make for a better Lens experience. For more information on Smart Shoot, read our Nokia Lumia 920 review.

So, tell us: if you’re rocking a brand new Windows Phone 8 device, what apps are indispensable to you?

Via: WPCentral (2), Nokia