Facebook rolls out automatic photo uploads on iOS and Android


  • collin

    native android app or GTFO

  • haxor99

    Agreed. this idea turns my stomach

    • 45

      Why? It’s not automatic, you’d need to activate it…

  • menodumb

    Bow to your FB overlord

    • 7-Down

      I rather bow to my toilet, at least it’s useful.

  • User

    No thanks, I don’t want my precious photos to be destroyed by FB’s ridiculously low re-sampling rates.


    F**K Y*OU facebook for invading our privacy.. DELETED FROM ANDROID ALREADY !!! geting to delete from all androids and iphones of family members

    • 45

      You’re going to be popular at the next family reunion.

    • 7-Down

      @45 – Yeah… ’cause having Facebook makes you “cool”, right? Psh… Facebook stopped being cool since 2010. I don’t think anyone will care now a days if you have a Facebook account or not. Maybe your comment would’ve made sense 2-3yrs ago.

    • 45

      @7-Down Facebook may or may not be “cool” but people still use it all the time.

    • Richard

      Yeah, shame on them for offering a feature that you’re free to use or not. They should burn at the stake for offering you this choice.

  • Bravo

    Facebook isn’t a personal information vampire from iOS 6 onwards, once you upgrade or update then everything follows the iTunes end user agreement

  • Christmas Daniels

    WP 7.5 app has done this forever or is this news from 2010?

  • Michael

    I’ve had Auto Photo Uploading to Google Plus sence it luanched. I’ve been Auto uploading my photo’s with Dropbox sence that feature was in beta (Mostly for the free space) but the thought of putting private photo’s on facebook just scareys me. I don’t trust that they will stay private, so I wont be tunring this feature on.

    • Allyouranusarebelongtous

      Couldn’t say it any better myself.

      Facebook integration – self spamming because of sneaky sites that post everything you look at…and now this…I can imagine a lot of people using this by:

      a) Mistake

      b) Because you are too stupid to see the folly in this.

      I really dislike facebook more and more.

  • Nelly

    Considering Facebook owns the rights to any photos you upload, why would anybody want to do this? Dropbox is totally different, its basically wireless automatically uploading so you can access the photos right away on your computer.

  • EAK47

    Next thing you know is the people who got 100MB recieve huuuuuuge bills because they didn’t switch it to “Wi-Fi” only.

  • Anthony

    What’s Facebook? is it something like Myspace? Who uses Myspace anymore. All the accounts are fake anyway.

  • Allyouranusarebelongtous

    I can’t for the life of me figure out who on earth would actually enable this feature.

    “..uhh honey, it was an honest mistake…how could I know it would post it that fast?”