Rogers releases City Video app for Android smartphones and tablets, requires Ice Cream Sandwich


  • Curtis MacAulay

    your welcome! I love that android is getting more and more dev support these days!

  • Feduu Udakta

    Nice, Rogers purchases TV channels, arenas, sport teams, etc. I wonder where the money are coming from… Oh, that’s right…

    I have been Big3 free for 2 years.
    Wind Mobile + Teksavvy.
    Feels good man.
    Join the revolution!

    • Kev L

      Revoution? Lulz

    • techie01

      You d*****s you’re still paying Rogers for Wireless roaming on Wind and Teksavvy prob the same cable in into your house that used to be Rogers, moron.

  • EvanK

    I love 30 Rock. Sad to see it ending because Alec Baldwin is leaving 🙁

  • isdfoa

    who would have expected a carrier to come out with such a modern looking app that is both smooth/fluid and visually pleasing?

  • delumen

    Crashes right when you hit play on a video, I’m using Galaxy Nexus running 4.2.1.

  • John z

    Garbage app. Why would anyone actually install this? Sorry but all Rogers apps are Garbage. They barely work & most of them need a Rogers Subcription.

    Move along people. Nothing to see here.

  • Gregory

    works on my nexus s. nexus 7 however, crashes upon trying to load a video.

  • DeeZee

    Works fine on my Galaxy Note running Liquid Smooth Jelly Bean, as well as on my girlfriend’s stock Note II.

  • Mrb

    i still dont get the appeal of watching tv on a phone. most advertising suggests a 40″ or bigger tv these days and then you get ads for tv on a phone. plus it uses a ton of data i bet.
    i sound grumpy

    • Pat

      Right on. Watching stupid shows on a phone, even if in the bus, shows one’s intellect level.
      Where is society going?

  • Mischa Price

    I can buy an android tablet now

  • Brett Coleman

    Oh yeah, Feduu Udakta, wind is terrible and tek savvy is Bell, fyi.

  • Mike Hawk

    I love stuff like this. Been using the iOS app on my iPhone and stream it to my TV. Looks great!

  • kspraydad

    @fesduu.. lol…im with teksavvy too…but ultimately im srill paying Rogers As they are the wholsaler…