Image: RIM’s BlackBerry 10 L-Series sitting next to an iPhone 5, Galaxy Note and Lumia 920


  • iphoneee

    C.r.a.p sitting with other C.r.ap.

  • Arid

    The huge “Blackberry” branding takes away from the decent design

    • phreezerburn

      Heads off the Apple lawyer’s argument that their “mutton head” consumer base will be mistaking the BB10-L handset for an iPhone 5.

    • Luc

      it’s no bigger then the samsung branding on the note.

    • Jack

      Feel free to post a link to your own legendary design portfolio so we can all be schooled in the epitome of ‘good taste’

  • mylivespot

    I really hope they change the look of the phone. Not feeling that vibe at all, though the OS seems interesting.

  • G

    Blackberry always ahead the competitors, date in calendar shows 5 days ahead.

    • Plan Shopper

      The BlackBerry shows 31. There are only 30 days in November. Maybe the date icon doesn’t change. Just like the PlayBook’s doesn’t change.

  • skazzers


    IT’s BB10!!!!

  • Marvin

    Looks very similar to an LG Optimus 3D. LOL

  • Breezy

    Too big of bezel

    • Porilaisten

      You need the bezel for the gestures…

    • bblol

      “You need the bezel for the gestures…”

      He’s right, the bezel does look hideous. If that bezel is necessary for the functionality of the phone, that’s some seriously bad planning and engineering. This means every BB phone down the line is going to have a big ugly bezel to support the functionality of the phone… No thanks.

    • Nothin But RIM

      What I don’t understand from people commenting on the bezel is it’s no different then having space for buttons. I mean look at the space for the iPhone above/below the screen… is it really that much different? Look at the space on the Samsung…even the windows phone has more black space on the sides then the BB does… so what’s the difference? Space for buttons or space for bezel not requiring buttons? It’s like arguing for arguments sake.. frankly i’m over the home button on my iPhone.. i’m looking forward to this because using this iPhone is archaic…

    • Nothin But RIM

      Oh and by archaic.. one example, admin shifted accounts in my company under my name so I got about 300 emails in about 10 minutes.. on my blackberry I can mark all as read to take them away, on the iPhone I have to mark them all individually to get rid of em… If I didn’t have the BB or have access to my outlook to mark them all it would have been extremely annoying getting rid of all of them on my iPhone.

    • bblol

      Nothin But RIM, the difference is just as you said… The other devices have buttons there where the Blackberry has nothing… Just a big ugly bezel.

    • Nothin But RIM

      bblol… i usually don’t resort to name calling because they don’t strengthen points or add value but i’ll make an exception… ur an i***t straight up…

    • bblol

      Ohhhhh, BURN! I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight. Enjoy your BB with that big ugly bezel.

    • Luc

      it’s smaller then the bezel on the lumia..

  • Ben

    For a 4.2″ screen it certainly looks close to the same size as the 4.5″ Lumia.

  • Buffy

    I am waiting to see the QWERTY keyboard versions but overall I’m STOKED to see BB 10 🙂

  • A. Moss

    You didn’t mention the LG Optimus G. Which is the first quad core phone, has a 13 meg camera, NFC, Gorilla Glass 2, Qslide(transparency multitasking) ect…

  • Sean

    Interesting device. I can’t wait to see all the government trolls walking around with them.

  • Dave

    @arid as opposed to the Samsung branding on top of their phone? They’re the same ‘size’ font wise it looks like, obviously Blackberry is just longer

    • bads

      Don’t forget the Note is well over a year old and the Blackberry phone isn’t out for months. The real comparison should have been the S3 or Note 2. Both of which are a lot sleeker and have smaller bezels.

      Can anyone speculate why newer Samsung phones were left out of the comparison? Or Optimus G? Or new Nexus? My guess is because those phones would make the BB10 phone look ancient.

    • Titoeuf

      Maybe because the new Nexus is from LG, not Samsung.

    • WP74Life

      Titoeuf sti, t’é encore sur ce site là !

  • Huh?

    I Definitely notice the odd shape of the iphone in this comparison photo.

  • Jordandrews

    Those are the new icons, not the old ones. The Shadow behing the writing fades as it goes up. And you can see the browser and bbm arent big square blocks anymore.

  • Brian

    I feal like all the phones have very similar operating systems except windows phone….. Lumia FTW

  • John

    Man that Note looks so stupid…

    • WP74Life

      Haha, just like all the owners.

  • Betty


  • HikerCA

    Thanks for the comparison pic. Wow, does that Samsung looks like bloated POS, iPhone is the only phone that would fit comfortably inside a pocket.

    • A Art

      You like wearing very tight pants, eh? Are you trying to tell us something, bud?

  • Qoma

    That Lumia has rounded corners, wouldn’t that make it an 820?

  • Kamen

    Yep, that’s 820 🙂

  • jjt

    That’s the Lumia 820. The 920 is bigger. Probably bigger than BB10-L


    I want to know how many fart apps it will have at launch.

  • brandon roberts

    Apparently that’s a nokia 820 not 920.

  • Dan

    I’m looking forward to BlackBerry 10! We have 4 contract up for renewals in our family. I might make the switch to Rogers from Fido if Fido doesn’t carry BB10 on the release date.

  • monsterduc1000

    That is the Note 2 isn’t it? I thought the original Note only had capacitive buttons on the bottom.

  • bblol


    • phreezerburn

      Yup! They’re using the 3D Safari Apple forgot to include in the iPhone 5. RIMM also made the chassis out of a great pile of unobtainium they fished from the Apple dumpsters and the matte finish comes from luckily finding a carbonite encasement device left at the curb of Industrial Light and Magic after Disney hauled everything else away. Who knew Canadian Pickers was a series of RIMM training videos?

  • BB King

    That looks more like the Nokia Lumia 820 based on the rounded edges!

  • Tiago

    Which one does not belong?!

    Is it just me or does the Nokia stand out? I know all platforms are different on the phones but at first glance they ALL look the same. App icons displayed on BB10, iOS and Android, while Live Tiles tell you the information right away on WP7 & 8. I know you can have widgets on Android, but come one, it still looks the same as the others…

    • Dylan K

      Tis a shame they filled the Note 2 with icons instead of having some space with widgets. Very few people using Android use only icons. In this regard, it looks like the Note, iPhone and BB10 look almost identical to each other in terms of layout.

    • Johentie

      but too bad u don’t have a notification center!! u don’t have whatsapp on your live tiles.. good luck figuring out that u have a whatsapp message!

      that’s what i call fail!

      yah the live tiles are nice and different… but it looks too clustered and too much going on at one time..

  • David

    I’ll take the Lumia 920, please.

  • Dylan K

    I think HTC and LG were omitted from the comparison pic because they have one of each device. Samsung just so happens to be top dog in the Android world (until more people get their hands on Nexus 4s). Looking forward to seeing what BB10 can offer, put RIM back on the map perhaps?

  • Mr. Miyagi

    Is this the final OS look? Really? A bunch of static icons?

    • Luc

      No. This is just the view from the icon screen, the default view on bb10 is actually 4 “active frames” which are more like the live tiles then anything else.

  • GTP20

    I’d be happy with any of those phones except the Iphone.

    Funny how the Iphone looks like an entry level kids toy in this picture yet its the most expensive.

    The new BB is far better looking than their old style devices. They lost me as a customer years ago, but I wish them the best.

  • Yannick Wolfe

    the screen on the BBX device looks like crap compared to the others.

    who wants to bet the first BBX devices will have sub-par screen and specs?

    • A Art

      Read the article, genius. There is a link there. Click it. Educate yourself. Off you go, keyboard warrior!

    • Johentie

      haha go to your research you naive POS… he resolution is better then all those phones there..

      355dpi too.. so shut your mouth and go stick that iphone up your pie hole

  • FrankieSab

    It’s not a Lumia 920 which is a lot bigger. It looks like a Lumia 820.

  • Gene

    It looks ok, but if Thornsten is all about mobile computing I would expect to see a device larger than 4.2″… 4.8-5″ with minimal bezel seems like the sweet spot. Then again in the Verge interview he kind of brushed off the consumers who use phones for media consumption. Hope they get this right but my optimism is fading

    • bblol

      Be careful about calling the bezel too big around here… These BB fans really fly off the handle about it. If you’re not careful, you may be called an “i***t”… Not everyone can handle such a brutal berating.

  • alex

    is rim dead yet?

  • alex

    Agreed with Brian.

    Everyone is copying iOS look.

    Android was so drastically different when it first came out. Now looks like iOS wannabe.

    So is bb10.

    I guess if you can’t beat them, join them.

  • Tejas

    They all look the same and will do the same , so just buy the cheaper one , which is most probably the BB10 . Shop for plans and not phones. Go with Windmobile if you can and not the Big 3.

  • Lukeiphone

    That iPhone looks sexy…

  • Wtv



  • SC

    The N-series looks better

  • CD

    LMAO! I’m suprised no one has mentioned this. At a glance, you notice 2 different phones; you see 3 phones with the same old grid of icons, and you see a brightly coloured Windows Phone. LMAO at comments that say “oh the new BB looks amazing”, when it looks almost identical to the iphone and android…

  • Darren

    How “different” can a smartphone look these days? Do you want one shaped like a flying-V guitar?

  • f2f


  • Maejones

    I like the idea of the top/bottom bezels. I mean, if you drop this phone and it lands on any corner, the screen shouldn’t break as easily because it’s protected by built in bumpers. This will probably blow away the competition in drop tests.

  • jess

    I want one please

  • JBK

    Looks fantastic to me! Slightly larger than the iPhone 5 and not as huge and bulky as the SGIII.

  • superfly

    Lol…..that iPhone looks like s**t.

  • bembol

    RIM is like the New York Jets scoring a TD late in the 4th Quarter with about 2:30 minutes left in the game DOWN 37 points to New England Patriots. Too little, too late. Meaningless TD.

  • nely

    guys, its a galaxy note not a Note 2

  • WirelessLife

    Wow… talk about getting lost in the crowd. The Nokia 920 Windows Phone is the only smartphone in the line up that sticks out. I wonder how that plays at retail?

  • fishstick

    I have been an Iphone owner since the 3G came out in 2008, now an Iphone 4S. The truth is, I have been disappointed in the 4S and I am not convinced that the Iphone 5 is a significant improvement. I am actually very interested in seeing what Blackberry 10 has to offer. I’m not too concerned about losing the apps if I switch to another platform, I never use most of the apps I have purchased anyway and only have a few on my phone at the moment. Most of the apps on the Iphone have been a disappointment. I have never been interested in Android, but like the design of the GS3. I love the hardware design on the Lumia 920 but do not like the software, I have Windows 8 on my laptop and find it useless. I am looking forward to see what RIM comes up with, hopefully I can ditch my stale Iphone.

    • MrHomz

      I had an iPhone 4S for two months. I had to get rid of it and get a Bold 9900 because I couldn’t deal with some shortcomings compared to the BB. Now to look at the 5, it is very same old. So many people say that they lead in innovation…but iOS is literally the oldest OS out there, save for a very few changes, and the UI looks EXACTLY the same since 2007, save for one extra row of icons.

      Everyone boasts about how many apps there are for iPhones. It’s great to have 600,000 apps…but they have shown that 400,000 of them, that’s SIXTY percent…have not had one single download. Who needs all of this useless garbage? If BB10 comes out with 100,000 apps at launch, which is impressive, and even one tenth of them are useful…that’s more than App Store can say.

      The average amount of apps that get used on a daily (or even semi-regular) basis from either App Store or Google Play is around 2,000. The average person uses 20. Big numbers don’t mean anything if they are irrelevant.

      People will still buy iPhones and GIII and Nexus 4 in packs, but this device from RIM looks like they mean business and can very well compete. As long as they don’t lose their way; they simply MUST market this thing well and get plans in place right now for the next-generation OS they plan to use. An eighteen month wait is much too long for anything electronic these days.