More images of RIM’s all-touch BlackBerry 10 device leak online, shows off new icon design


  • I Like Good Food


    • Obama

      Is that Obama holding BB10???

    • uwe


  • trev

    If they can sell this as cheap as the n4 it would get in a lot peoples hands

    • Ben

      this is the question! How much will it be off-contract?

  • Jeremie Tremblay

    Looks like the BlackBerry version of the HTC One V 😛

    • Drew

      and also “High Tech CRap” 🙂

  • Sid

    Not sure what makes this phone a game changer!!

    Seems more like it is 2 years too late… there was similar buzz around the 9900 but it tanked … in less than a year my BB 9900 is worth half the original price (if lucky).

    I will have hope and fingers crossed for a RIM comeback

    • Jetro

      They just over hyped those products. Remember their “iPhone killers” the Storm 9500 and te 9800 torch?

      I’ hoping for a come back too though.

    • Porilaisten

      The different this time being, the OS. The OS was the same with the Storms, Torches, 9900, and pretty much every Blackberry in history. They weren’t and could never be the “iphone killer” by virtue of the OS itself. I’m so elated to the fact I’ll never have to see that hour glass again I don’t know what I’ll do with myself.

  • Bob

    Quad core 1.5ghz, 2Gb ram ? Sold.

  • holler back girl

    @Trev – ur right…price point will make or break this product…they need to price it well below market average and flood the developers with incentives to get their customers back…if they don’t follow this simple plan…good night RIM!

  • menodumb

    Row of icons .Lawsuit in 1….2…….

    • Brandon

      Dear god, they also have somewhat rounded corners! ROUNDED CORNERS!!!!

  • Dalex

    It looks…. I mean its ok, but cutout the bottom bezel please, its way too much. Not an efficient way to design a 4.2 inch device. It does look like the One V which is a low end Android device. Make it look like the One X instead and I might consider buying one.

    • BD

      @dalex – Again, this is NOT the finished product, it is still their Dev device.

    • Dalex

      That’s good news then, thank you! Hopefully the final device look nice. Its just the article made it sound like its the leaked L-Series

  • redBB

    Bah! . i don’t like RIM employee’s leaking new phone pics. this dude is prob gonna get fired. Suppose to surprise the consumers!

    • Jack

      Leaks usually come from carriers during the testing phase.

  • Kevin

    Can’t wait!!!

    BB10 will rock.

  • Mike

    Apple’s lawyers are on it!

    • Johentie

      apple knows they can’t touch rim cause apple probably infringes on A LOT of RIM’s patents.. so its kinda of “leave me alone and i’ll leave you alone” deal.

  • Anonymous

    That’s pretty much exactly what the final version will look like. It’s very light and looks like it’s made of cheap plastic. It is a dual core 1.2Ghz with 1GB of RAM. The internals are about 3 years out of date already.

    • COB

      All rumors have actually said it is a quad core with 2 gb of ram, nice try though

    • phreezerburn

      Actually it sports a 3D screen polished with unicorn tears, comes with a free surgery for wet wiring and is encased in unobtainium… no wait that’s the iPhone 5.

    • Sterling

      Right… Cause LTE is 3yrs old and NO ONE is using them anymore because it is so outdated…

  • Anonymous

    @COB, rumours are one thing, when you actually have a device and know what you’re talking about is another.

    • COB

      Most rumors tend to have, for the most part, truth to them. And a dual core processor and 1 gb of ram is only a year behind, and only more is necessary if the OS requires it, hence why Apple doesn’t have a quad core processor or 2 gb of ram, it runs incredibly on a lot less.

    • BB

      and you know what you are talking about??? its all speculation…wait until the product is out. You can’t deny that the new os looks great….can you???

    • Dimitri.k

      Funny thing Is That Is It a quad-core and 2GB RAM. I really doubt You know what You are talking about like the rest on here.

      I used and played around with That device at the confrenncess. The rumors are True believe me. I dont really get how people Can Judge a phone without using the final Product.

      use the phone then talk.

  • BB

    pretty devices that don’t work that great is an apple thing…plus i’m listening to iphone users tell me that there friend just got the new blackberry and it sucks…too bad its the curve from last year. catch up to the times and stop being ignorant.

  • Porilaisten

    You’ll know this is a game changer if Apple launches its litigation team on RIM. It’s the only indication that they feel threatened by a product/company.

    • Jack

      I’m not sure Apple wants RIM to reach into their own porfolio patent box and start asking Apple questions.

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    You astro turfers are hilarious. Dev device. Not final product. Hardware is not 3 years out of date(that would mean a 1ghz proc with 512 megs of ram if you’re lucky). Take your ritalin you babies and stop chasing shiny objects like a mindless birds.

    • wtv

      That’s not the Dev Alpha nor the Dev Alpha B.

  • wtv

    R.I.P. RIM.

    • Trevor

      He used to work for RIM. They found him sleeping at his desk one day, and canned his sorry a*s. Actually, he wasn’t a very good employee to begin with. Now he mad.

    • wtv

      Lol Trevor, you’re giving me a bit too much of credit.

  • wtv

    RIM is dead. That’s not a game changer. It’s just a mishmash of other OSes.

  • Jm

    is that an iPhone 5?

  • wtv


  • Darren

    Looks like an awesome product, for 2010! Sadly now it looks like a cheap knockoff imho.
    My Jellybean device has a way nicer UI and this isn’t even out yet. Copying ios was the right decision before but not now.
    But they will sell a lot of them to their loyal non techie customer base who think this will be easier for them to learn how to use.

    • phreezerburn

      That’s why the renown uber fanboys at TheRegister have nothing but praise for the Alpha in their possession. Crack a book.

    • Jack

      This isn’t anything like iOS.

      Man, some fanboy comments are stooooopid …

  • tremsr

    Looks like icons from 1.6 Android (Donut) as well as Sense ui.

  • Tyronne

    Let’s start narrowing down the “leaker”. How many black people are employed by RIM in a white-washed Waterloo?

    • phreezerburn

      A race card… you an American?

    • Jack

      Having lived in K-W before, that may very well be one of the stupidest comments I have ever read on mobilesyrup. And that’s saying something …

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    early adopters always get tromboned, no thanks

  • skazzers


  • fanberry10


  • jack

    last picture looks like an iphone with the top and bottom like that. 1st picture reminds me of a sony xperia type phone.

  • John

    Honestly the OS looks really plain, which is one of the largest problems with IOS right now and why they are falling behind the android world.

    • Porilaisten

      The problem with iOS is not only it being plain, but not being able to change it. I’m interested in what customization options BB10 will have for it’s UI, Icons, etc. On the flip side, there are those that think Android is too “busy” as a UI (like my parents). So maybe BB10 will be a nice balance.

  • Hank

    notice how the battery is already at half..j/k go RIM! Hopefully they have that figured out this time

  • wtv

    LOL @ people downgrading my comments because they’re the truth. RIM WILL FAIL.

    • QC_Al

      Keep on trolling wtv, you entertain me. Your despise of this product just shows everyone how closed minded you are (and righteous apparently with your last comment). If you did a little research, you’d see this will be the most powerful and intuitive OS on the planet. I’m a RIM fan, but won’t necessarily be getting one…see, I am objective and I’m not up for a renewal until April(ish) next year. That will give me plenty of time to see/learn/play with ALL the OS’s available by then. Keep posting though, I need the comedy relief in the afternoons.

    • wtv

      Who cares if it’s good, it’s gonna fail.

    • QC_Al

      …because you said so…got it. lol

    • Dalex

      I was going to agree, but then you slipped in a “the most powerful and intuitive OS on the planet” and then I got curious as to which planet. The most “Powerful” OS is Android, and the most intuitive is not quantifiable as it depends on the person.

      wtv is just trolling, but I would have just mentioned to him that its pretty foolish to wish that any platform fails. We as consumers would win as well if BB succeeds due to competition. I don’t want to only have a world with only Android/IOS.

    • Sterling

      You are dumb wtv… we are downgrading your comments because you are ignorant and have no clue what you are talking about. RIM will do everything to not be dead. Let’s talk again in 1 year!! Let’s see who’s right then….

  • mike

    I can hardly wait to get my hands on this.

  • Paul Q


    The only way they compete is if they sell it for $250 outright.

  • QC_Al

    @wtv…because you said so…got it…lol

  • nathan

    Hopefully the device itself takes better quality pics.

    Is googling iPhone accelerometer supposed to indicate something in one of those pics or just make a patent case easier for apple? “Clearly we can see he googled how 2 rip off iphone accelerometer ez”

  • to_arch

    They should give 50% off to all the existing BB customers to update the new phone! or free upgrade if extend the current carrier contract.

  • to_arch

    To make some noise! RIM should consider offer existing BB coustomer 50% off to update the new phone! or free with extend their current carrier contract.

  • Patrick Quirke

    This is the Dev device they handed out at the Blackberry Developer conference. It is the OS that is being shown off here. To me it looks very smilar to what other devices are doing but without playing with the OS i can’t pass judgment. Why can’t we have Android, iOS, Windows 8 and Blackberry? Why does every new product have to be a killer of one ecosystem or another? There is no reason why they all can’t thrive and have there own appeal. I’ve always loved Blackberry’s hardware its the OS that was becoming an issue but i hope this changes with BB10. I’m excited to see what they have done. Will it tear me away from my iPhone? We will have to see… i hope so!

  • choo

    what makes this better than any of the competition though?

  • Blinker

    RIM will eventually license or break up the OS by this time next year. I would Open Source the OS..In all, it’s too late unless there is something magical about the hardware and OS, but so far both are outdated…