Adblock Plus released for Android, works best for root users


  • john

    I use adblock plus on Firefox all the time but AdAway for android works great and blocks ads system wide including in apps. It’s also open source and uses host file filtering so it doesn’t take up any resources

  • skazzers

    But it’s not available for BB10 = therefore fail.

    • bulletwithbatwings

      BB10 isn’t even yet available for BB10 yet = therefore fail.

  • Dan

    If you’re rooted, then using an app which blocks ads through the hosts file is far better.

    Lots of complaints about memory usage with this app on the play store.

    • ElNad

      It’s using 78 megs (seems a lot) on my Gnex and I just install it 1 minute ago. Will check for AdFree and AdAway from the suggestions of others.

  • Guillaume Beaulieu

    The permanent notification icon is a no go for me.

    I’ll wait until it’s removed. Meanwhile AdFree does the job very well.

  • John

    AdFree already does this in a MUCH MUCH better way by going through the host file.

  • Omar

    Just disable notifications in system settings if you have JB to get rid of the icon. That worked on my Transformer Prime.

  • Pat-t

    I haven’t seen “that woman with the peeling skin” for ever. How is she doing? Is her skin still peeling off? She should see a doctor about that.

  • I will try this app I have already a rooted phone.