Nexus 4 gets its first official CyanogenMOD 10.1 nightly


  • trev

    The majority of your followers don’t have one. So who cares.

    • chill

      @trev You mad bro?

    • tech

      as much as im jealous i dont have nexus 4, its still an exciting news that we will soon get CM10.1 on all devices and my very own S3! 😀

  • LeSong

    Wow ..

  • Steve

    Now if I could just get my hands on a Nexus 4… 😀

  • Max Power

    I have one and I care, Trev. You bitter boy you.

  • skazzers

    When can I put BB10 on my Nexus 4?!?!?

  • Lee

    FoxConn has the order to produce the Microsoft Surface Phone. Suppliers are moving and it should launch in Mid-2013 ! 🙂

  • trev

    Bitter I am indeed.

  • RichieRickardo

    LOL what? Clearly this MOD is going to be in high demand cause well you know… everyone that wanted the Nexus 4 got one!! Am I right?….. right? …..riiiight? …….. sigh…. I want to order my nexus 4! =(

  • Amos

    Can someone point me to the official CyanogenMod spot for release notes? The only thing they seem to update is their build link site. But unless I’m missing something, there is no link to a readme of any kind. How do people know what bits are known working or not working, etc?

    • monsterduc1000

      Look up XDA developers. That site should have all you need.

  • Nexus 4kid

    Love it

  • Nexus 4kid

    Its like Xmas everyday since I got my phone

  • Lee

    Woop woop, Microsoft is making its own hardware for WP8. Digitimes and the Register are reporting it from the same source as the iPhone 5 — Foxconn will make it, and it will be on the market in mid-2013.

    I’m so glad I held off buying a Lumia 920, there’s no way Microsoft would make their own phone if they weren’t going to do something better or cheaper than what’s already out there

  • monsterduc1000

    It seems like the majority of the people who got one of these are the douchebags trying to make a profit from it. I went to Kijiji and looked up the Nexus 4 and there are TONS for sale at ridiculously over-inflated prices, some people even have two to sell… PISS OFF YOU PRICE JACKING A-HOLES!!! LET THE PEOPLE WHO WILL APPRECIATE THIS DEVICE GET ONE FOR THE REAL PRICE!!!

  • gil

    love my nexus 4 and i will be rooting it soon! im patiently waiting for franco kernel to be stable before i go “all in”

    • skazzers

      The only stable kernel I know of is the one from KFC. It is the best kernel belly wise!!

  • Noah

    I would say be patient guys. It’s just a matter of time to put your hands on one of it. The whole point of getting this device is its unbeatable value.

    Let scalper bleed!