Nokia Lumia 510 coming soon with $150 price tag, Windows Phone 7.8


  • astudent

    Wait… the Lumia 610 is at $150 on a prepaid plan, that means this HAS to be cheaper than $150. Imagine this phone at $100 prepaid, easily the best low end phone anyone can own.

    • BBMer

      HARDLY the best phone in the $100 segment!

      wether its W8 or Android; phones require at least 512 of RAM to eliminate the studders and the lagging, no Kernel can avoid that!

      Unless you are talking about a Blackberry any phone with less than 512RAM is hardly useable. The Curve 9300 goes for $99 at different place now, while the better 9320 goes for $180 on prepaid; if I wanted a “dumb” phone for phone and texting you can’t beat a new 9300 for $100 (they go used for 40-60 LOL!) but if you want to check Justin Bieber puking at his own concert on Youtube from time to time on wifi, the HTC One V for $170-$200 can’t be beaten!

    • InfinitiGuy

      Another example of Windows Phone old recycled hardware.

    • Big Ang

      @ infinitiguy

      Another example of a troll’s old recycled jokes.

    • astudent

      My friend has a lumia 610 and it works fine for what he needs it for. Text, email and facebook. Talk to me when you actually used the phone and remove your mindset out of a poweruser. Lets not forget, these are luxuries because in reality we can all be fine with a Nokia 3310.

  • Ahmed Eltawil

    So why would anyone buy this knowing that the OS has already reached end-of-life? Everyone knows that Windows Phone 7.8 won’t be updated to version 8. Sounds like I would be throwing my money in the dumpster if I bought this or any Windows Phone 7.8 smartphone. Skip it and go straight to Windows Phone 8.

    • Roger

      Because everyone doesn’t know the OS has reached end of life. The average consumer doesn’t read mobilesyrup and has no idea what windows phone 7 or 8 is. If they are looking for a cheap smartphone off contract this could fit their needs.

    • TP

      The same reason people still buy blackberry (current models not compatible with BB10), entry/mid-range Android phones (will probably never see any update..maaaaaaybe once), and feature phones.
      The price tag for this phone makes it compete with feature phones, and if it offers more than a feature phone for the price, why not?

    • BBMer

      The Blackberry 9900 is priced at $630 ($30 more than the S3 with Virgin, Bell)

      While the BB 9790 sells for $480 and the Nokia 800 is priced at $530!

      Note that I wrote “is priced” and not “It sells for”

      The BB 9900 doesn’t sell above $250 on kijiji! and the same goes for the Nokias in the used market! that’s a reflection of the REAL MARKET DEMAND!

    • Blas

      Most people aren’t interested in the mobile OS/Spec wars that we readers of Mobile Syrup are. Especially not the prepaid market.

    • Emmanuel

      look i understand the get as much for your money as posible paradigm but you need to realise that this phone still works! and likely very smooth as well seeing as this is running mango. before you go fretting over wether its the latest think about it and figure out if it does what YOU need it to.

  • Bongo

    Because majority of customers don’t care what version the software is at as long as the phone can do everything they would like it to do for their own personal use.

    I would probably get one (especially at that price) and replace my dads Sony Arc

  • Crocography

    Want the 920 at Wind not this!!!

  • Andre10

    Why would anyone buy any phone with Windows OS? Nokia make some of the beautiful phones in the world but I will never buy one with Windows OS in it. Sorry!!

  • Harris

    Umm… Nokia Lumia 710: $149.99 @ Mobilicity!

    Now that is a deal.

    • Big Ang

      I agree, that’s an awesome deal…… or it was at least. Just checked Mobi’s website and both the Nokia 500 and Lumia 710 have disappeared. The Nokia 500 is understandable (cute little phone, but overpriced compared to what else is available now), but the Lumia 710?

      Either Mobi sold out of all of them during the last promotion, or (and here’s my guess) is that Mobi has packaged all the leftover 500s and Lumia 710s into a fresh batch of “To Go” packs that will be shipped to stores for the upcoming Xmas buying season.

      I really hope that Mobi picks up some new WP8 phones at launch – it sucks that they are WP-less at the moment.

      Maybe if WP becomes popular they can pick up this Lumia 510 sometime down the road if Nokia decides to have a blowout sale or something. $150 is too much, $100 would be pushing it now, let alone sometime in the future, but at $50-$80 this phone might be tempting for some people.

  • Petephone

    Ok, fine for the low end tier, what of the Lumia 710’s replacment? I liked this phone prior to it going thru the rinse cycle thank to my lovely wife, but no mid-range model announced as of yet. Come on Nokia!

  • iphoneuser

    Probably good for parents who want to give their teenage child a first phone.

    You know it’s smart that companies release budget phones right? It’s a way to reel in the young crowd. Parents buy budget phone for kids (or that the kids can only afford budget phone), kids grow up knowing the ecosystem and the brand, and when they grow up, they more than likely will upgrade to the same brand or OS.

    • Harris

      Your parents must have been rich.

  • Big Ang

    The Lumia 710 is better than this phone in every single way except it has a slightly smaller screen.

    Sell this for $100 MAX and then there might be a reason to sell it here. Otherwise keep it for the emerging market.

  • Pewz

    I love Nokia, but now 510, 610, 710, 800, 900
    and soon 820, 920
    Looks like they are going the android approach and releasing as much hardware as they can..

    They should stick to 3 IMO, low, mid and flagship device

    • Big Ang

      I agree with what you’re saying but your counting is off.

      The 920 replaces the 900 and 800, the 820 replaces the 710, the 510 replaces the 610.

      Yes, most or all models will probably have overlapping schedules, but not for that long. And there will probably be room for a couple of more.

      The 920 and 820 are for the rich countries, with room for a possible “720” phone to cover the low end for those countries. The 510/610 are for the emerging markets, a step above the Asha phones, but not as expensive as the 820/920 phones. Maybe the 720 can cover the high end of this market as well.

      Don’t forget, Nokia designs phones for the smallest villages in Africa to the C-suite in the top European cities. I think they can have more than a couple of models.

      However, for the North American market, I’d say 3 phones would be the max (not including any Asha phones for the disposable prepaid market). Maybe the 820 and 920 would be enough, depending how aggressively they price the 820.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    This will be in walmart discount bins for 39.99 on da bundled prepay four months after launch

  • BBguy

    Kind of looks like the 3Gs to me. Looks to outdated to be a success to me

  • Nexxzen

    Some people are too close minded to see the value in this product. You want a dual core windows 8 phone at $150? Sign a contract and get the 920 or 820. In a realistic world, this phone can practically do everything an iphone 5 can do at $150. To the avg consumer, internet? Check, Facebook? Check, Twitter? Check, Xbox live? Check, Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, one note? Check, Voice assist? Check, GPS with Nokia maps offline and online? Check, Everyday useful apps and some cool ones like Nokia lens, etc. Check, No contract n keep price below $200: Check. Can other phones do the same thing faster, do the other phones have more apps? Is siri better than Microsoft voice assist? Ya they are. But you’re comparing a $699 phone to a $150.. And no a bb can’t do 75% of the things a WP can do.

    • BBguy

      LOL I would say a bb could actually do about 95% of that. (just no x-box)

    • Nexxzen

      95% of the time you’ll see the loading clock.

  • Big Ang

    Why does everyone, including the author of this post, think that this phone is destined for N.America?

    Nokia has been pushing MS for a smooth OS that can run on cheap hardware ever since they partnered up, since Nokia does big business in the emerging markets where cost is a big issue, and people are more welcoming to lower-speced phones.

    I can’t see Wind or Mobilicity getting this phone. Why would they want a cheap entry-level smartphone running 7.8 – as good as that OS is (I’m very happy with mine) it will be a hard sell when they are trying to sell these phones. Has ANY Symbian-based Nokia done well at Wind or Mobi? Nope? Surprise surprise. Wind and Mobi will try to get the Lumia 820 and/or the HTC 8S for their clients.

    If this phone reaches N.America, I CAN see carriers like Speakout, PetroCanada Mobility, and Chatr getting it, or some other MVNO (Lycamobile?). But $150 is too much for this phone.

  • stylinred

    Why? when you can buy a Lumia 800 for $230 unlocked
    Or buy the Lumia 710 for $150 unlocked (if you order from Europe) that’s how far the prices have dropped