Update: Winner announced in our 32GB Wi-Fi Nexus 7 contest!


  • aliwhatsit


    • SAM

      OH SAMMIE!!!!!!

  • Al

    dips! even though it’s unlikely i’ll be selected.. but DIPS!

    • Marc

      Dips? Or are you calling “Dibs”?

    • Plan Shopper

      Nowhere does it say above that posting a comment here increases your chance of winning. 200+ comments of “pick me pick me”. LOL

  • MG

    Ohh yeah!

  • Hub

    The warning sticker on the side of the box with typos looks priceless 🙂

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Considering this is *Mobile*Syrup I’m surprised it’s not the HSPA version.

  • Dawn


  • Jason

    This is the one I want to win the most! This and the new 10 are my must have!

  • TheJmoney

    Assuming you RT, does that mean you get 3 entries assuming you’ve already liked and joined FB & G+ respectively?

  • GDub

    YaY Stuff !!!

  • Brian


  • kris

    can i has

  • Jm

    Me me me me me!!

  • MatDak

    I need a tablet with the new Magazines!

  • Kevin

    Oh please.

  • Rio

    Always worth a try!

    More for my dad, he would love showing this off xD

  • Scrudy

    Awesome contest, thanks!

  • shen

    i want !!! lool

  • Michael

    Yeah, I’d like to take this one home…

  • delumen


  • gramz

    i would love to win this item

  • Neil

    I never win these things.

  • Dion

    Thanks for the contest! Good luck everyone

  • Dkai

    Hope I win..But good luck to all!

  • Michael Johnson

    Sweet… me want.

  • @plumerea

    Another fantastic prize! Thanks for the chance to win a Nexus 7 tablet.

  • Matthew

    As usual, I’ve posted here, FB and twitter…
    Good luck you’ll

  • _ThaNerd_

    Me want!

  • trdxit

    win win win :D:D:D

  • JimJones

    So if my math is right, considering there is about 32000 likes on facebook, 16000 followers on Google+, and assuming about 6000 people will retweet this… my chance of winning is, as well as everyone else’s, is at BEST 0.025%….that being said…

    Imma win this nobody act up

  • Eric V.

    Would love this.

  • shahzad khurshid

    Would love to win

  • Mathieu

    Want!! And Thanks for those fantastic contest !

  • ryan radtke

    good luck to everyone

  • Jordan Seider

    These contests should be more interactive. At least require a comment to reduce the number of entrants. This will actually show who is constantly looking through the articles an your site. The Facebook and Twitter and Google plus people could just have liked it and never come back. Just saying. On another note… WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS!

  • mattprime86

    Oh goodness I need this sexy beast

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    Yeah another great contest for another great product !

  • arcsvibe

    Nice contest! Good luck to all!

  • Paula Evans

    Would make my year to win this !!

  • Stu

    Is this contest open worldwide? Would love to enter and have a go for one of these.

  • droilfade

    Please Santa a.k.a mobile syrup, grant me this!

  • Natalie

    *waves hand* *jumps up and down* Oooh! oooh! Me! Over here! 😉

  • Wm. Mike

    Damn! I need this as a laptop replacement, soon!!! Something I can lug to my classes without needing a suitcase.

  • Joseph

    i would love one! replace my ipad

  • Johnny

    That would be perfect with my upcoming Nexus 4!!!

    • Kizer

      Oh yes , it is only for you.

  • llecours

    This time, it’s my turn!

  • Jesus Rendon

    I want this!!

  • Elsa

    like Michael implied I’m alarmed that people can profit $9804 in a few weeks on the computer. have you read this web page Buck6.com

  • Daria Nowell

    Thanks for the contest!

  • icykle

    yup another free shot – good luck all

  • DLemelin

    I want !

  • toyacoco

    Please? 😀
    This would be amazing for my readings (school and court documents)!
    *continues to dream*

  • EvanK

    I could go for one of these, thanks, MS!

  • Patrick

    Yes please!

  • Alex

    I Want! O_O

  • Brandon Atkinson

    Cool I finally have a use for twitter and google +,

  • Michel Gagnon

    I want one, please and thank you very much 🙂

  • Rodney Glasbergen

    You have no idea how much I want this.

  • DrBadass


  • Craig P

    Thanks for another awesome contest Mobile Syrup, now lets hope I bag this one.

  • Alex

    “My precious……”

  • John McDonald

    I’m so glad for this contest, just to have the chance to win an awesome gadget like The Nexus 7. Full of goodies with Android Jelly Bean. I’m a freak for Google, I cannot be more hooked up than the way I am otherwise I would look like a sting puppet.

  • Trevor Jones

    I really want to win this time!

  • matt

    Yes please

  • amol salve


  • sina s.


  • andrea

    oh wow, i want this soooooooooooooooooo bad!!! pick me!!! happy halloween!!!


    Finally something from Mobile Syrup that I’d absolutely love to win. I’m pissed I missed the AndroidTO event I won a ticket for. I thought it was on the Saturday errrrr. – KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)

  • anita

    I sure could use a new phone and something like this would be a blessing . My phone is ready for retirement

  • Thas

    Oh man it would be real nice to win this. Would give it to my sister. That would get her into Android.

  • Rafael

    Great….. Liked, commented & shared…..

  • D. Daniels

    please pick me!!!!!

  • Yukio

    Thanks MobileSyrup.com for great info & offering contests throughout the year! I’d love to win something sweet like this… or a Samsung Note 2! Just in case you needed ideas for your next contest giveaway… Thanks guys!

    Good luck to y’all!

  • Dylan

    I want dat

  • Shinn Chyang Chen

    One Lucky winner for sure!

  • Wilson

    Good luck!>

  • Earl

    I would love one please.

    Thanks. 🙂

  • Eugene

    This si my next phone.
    ( i mean i want it for my next phnone, i mean i’ll buy it.)

  • Chris Taylor

    done, done, and done.. Here’s to hoping. can’t afford one but want to get my wife on android… 🙂

  • kayn

    I was going to purchase one of these, but if I win it I can put the money towards a Nexus 4. So, come on, MobileSyrup, hook me up.

  • jan

    i want one

  • Soyuz S

    Is the contest open for countries other than Canada? I’d like to enter. Please reply..

  • KMAN

    It is my density!

  • Kyouya

    Great…people who are registered in forums are excluded…terrific…just terrific…

  • Lyn Scott

    Nice.. I love that tablet!

  • Peter Gardiner

    It Looks smart; I would like to have one for free!

  • Sukrut Daga

    As a student, I want this. Hope I win.

  • Vincent

    Oh me me me!

  • jake

    definetly want.

  • Richard Autterson

    Android 4 life!!!

  • Richard Autterson

    Android 4 life!!!!!!!!!

  • Hel

    MobileSyrup, you guys have the most amazing contest ever!!!
    Please let it be me that wins this tablet!!!

  • Beso

    sweet 😀

  • Sumit Sadhwani

    its amazing

  • syoraj

    I Will win.

  • Scott

    One can hope, one can hope

  • Reolin

    MobileSyrup always has awesome contests.

    Totally want this.

  • daveloft

    free Nexus 7, yes please

  • Darrin

    so sexy. I want!

  • Sumit Sadhwani

    i want this

  • Abhishek Gupta


  • zhou shengsheng


  • Brandon S

    You guys totally rock, I love that you keep me in the tech loop! Thanks!

  • Austin Arceo

    Sweet mother of zombie Jesus I would really want to have this.

  • Youcif

    How do I “join you” in google+? Repost? +1 your post? Or add to circle? Can you be more specific, please?

  • phil

    i want one!!!

  • Louisa

    Wow! Awesome Nexus! I would like this inn my hands 24/7!!!

  • jay

    ill wait to buy one just in case i win!

  • stacey dempsey

    I follow you every which way lol and tweeted @roswello I would soo love to give this to my oldest son for xmas, what fun that would be

  • Adam

    Giving it a shot

  • Rocky

    This update is better than previous version, adding e-books and more contents. Want to use 4.2 at once.

  • Kushracer

    This would be sweet!

  • Rocky

    Want one.

  • Glen

    Thnx u

  • amirratna maharjan

    now my turn.

  • Vijay Naik

    Love 2 Have 1

  • gurtej08


  • Sumeet


  • Krisna Dewantara

    Very excited for this! I want it!


    I like feature of this phone. it’s nice phone.

  • dan Pitrello

    Please give me a reason to quit using my outdated laptop!

  • Nicholas Giafes

    Looks convienent for the Hospital.

  • Wayne

    I want this and the Nexus
    4 🙂

  • harjot singh

    please give it to me….

  • Nicholas Giafes

    Great for the Hospital.

  • VL

    me me me

  • Arslan Yousaf

    I Check my luck

  • Arslan Yousaf

    I want to check my Luck

  • Fred Blue

    Looking forward to the Nexus 7 32GB

  • Abhinav

    I hope i win this 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  • dotcompals

    I am in.

  • Hevnolly

    I jst hrd abt ‘the offer and am so excited wish i grab it

  • gopinath kancharla

    Thanks for the contest !!

  • AbdulQ


  • gopinath kancharla

    thanks for the contest !!!

  • Hevnolly

    I lik any rich wheel wish to grag this offer

  • daredeshouka

    Thanks for the contest. Happy Halloween!

  • karun

    Another fake contest. They present themselves and say mr.x thanks for participating. We all become the loosers. why would anyone just give away like that that too a 32gb wifi nexus 7..?

  • David Harding

    Would love to be selected the winner.

  • Goutham

    When do you declare winners?

    • Goutham

      Mine is 143rd comment… that means “I Love You” Nexus 🙂

  • Kishor Tanna

    Nexus The Bestus

  • Vedant Kamlaskar

    i would luv to get an google nexus 7.. bugged of my galaxy 5.. already runnin on android 4.2… wish i had a TAB!

  • David

    Would love this. My 7yo laptop died last month. Need something to fill the gap between my desktop and phone!

  • Viju

    hi,,hello guys
    seriously the desing and the configaration in Google nexus is really awesome,,,the touch and the graphic supports all kinds of games and application,,,good invention with lesser price ,,,Even i will refer all my friends to buy the Awesome cool Google nexus7 tab
    Goole Nexus 7 rocks !!!!!!!!!!!

  • shatrunjay phuge

    i love this tab, samsung rocksss…

  • Mithos

    Great contest!

  • Huy

    love this~!

  • Mina

    waiting for it

  • Ricky Figueroa

    ooooooh I want it


    thank you MobileSyrup for choosing me!

  • shaker


  • Nitish

    whats dis contest about??
    I want to grab it,, let me know,, how to..

  • Nitish

    Whats dis contest about???
    I want to grab dis phone,, let me knw ,, hw to…

  • fenwick

    great stuff!!



  • fenwick

    i cant wait to recieve the winners result.great promotion,great stuff! good luck to all.

  • fenwick

    its great.luck rules

  • muhammad sami

    hy ,,,, i have challanged to all of you for the winning of this nuxses

  • Mark Shaw

    Thanks for the chance.

  • aldo yahya


  • manish diwakar

    awwsome..offer.i wish it sud hav in my hands.pLzz God keep ur blessings on me nd my frndz.

  • manish diwakar

    awwsome..offer.i wish it sud hav in my hands.plzz God keep ur blessings on me n my frndz.

  • Ted Hegwood


  • Ted Hegwood


  • dara lalitha

    i love the gadget n its features.this is itself only,amazing features

  • premal


  • Kannan TP

    Its not a tab. Its a taaaaaab

  • Rahul Makhija

    I want it please….

  • marella

    goodluck to all my friends


    Thanks for the contest!
    wish u

  • noah grady

    beautiful machine eh!


    i real want 1.



  • Sai Murali

    I want one 🙂

  • Lijin Abraham

    I want this ……. Im loving itttt…… 🙂

    Eagery waiting for the results to be out…. 🙂

  • Denny Goodman

    Would love to get my hands on one of these, thanks in advance mobile syrup!

  • WilhelmR

    Awesome contest! I’m already a follower (circle-er?) at Google+ 🙂

    Good luck everyone!

  • mushtaq ahmed

    Google is one of the top mobile and tablet pc Android operating system

    google Nexus 7 but there is not option USB port 2.0 not miniport usb directly connection any USB Flash Drive

  • Chris Tresintsis

    Sounds fantastic and awesome device can not wait to own one 🙂

  • Hemal Gor

    I really wanna win I’ll use it for a good cause.

    also are all the people from Facebook Google + and Twitter

  • monish nandha.c.k.

    I have no idea because I have never won like this if I am luckey I would win

  • Michael

    Awesome would match my phone well…

  • Rakshit walia

    i love to have it

    • yogesh

      i want it

  • shaheryar

    i want it

  • Rehan

    Wow thatz Gr8………… Would love to win this Model……Thanks……

  • Vikas

    Done. Hope to win the contest..

  • Darryl Housego

    Can we enter from the UK and do we get 3 entries if we like on Google, FB and Twitter?

  • Jamie


  • Gsizzle


  • Renz Bag-o

    Awesome, very cool and i want this..

  • sai krishna

    super it’s really cool gadget

  • Yatime JIM


  • Yatime JIM


  • Yatime JIM

    GIV ME………

  • Jason

    This device can be delivered to my address, which is…..

  • gracy

    I want to win this

  • Dave McDaniel

    Is this open internationally?

  • Christopher Ashley

    I hope I win

  • Ricky Gammill

    I, very happy about this, contest.

  • Ricky Gammill

    . I,m excited about this contest.;D

  • 10kbride

    , facebooked and G+!!

  • InitialDuke

    Hope to win.

  • Josh L

    This is a sweet price! Best of luck to everyone!

  • jeff


  • Qorp

    ill take three please!

  • micko

    Oppa Nexu7even style..

    Thanks for the contest..;)

  • Scott Morton

    Would love this, though it would probably end up under the tree for the wife, but if it can run Android 4.2 that might not be a drama!

  • gurmeet singh


  • Sivan Rehan

    I need this!!!! Please… 🙂

  • michael braddock

    i would love to win this nexus 7, it would be the first one ive ever had, very cool, good luck to all

  • Andre

    would love that… been trying to find the funds to get one!

  • ryan

    better be me!

  • Miknitro

    Thank you Mobile Syrup!


  • Stuart Norman

    Never won anything in my life but does not stop me trying 🙂
    Nexus looks amazing! Much better than kindle Fire HD and that iPad mini is overpriced.

  • Jacey

    pretty pretty please?

  • Dave

    Cool got ya on plus.

  • Danyal

    I really want to win this phone. Currently I am using an INQ phone which is probably the worse phone ever. There are several issues with the INQ phone but I can’t afford to buy a smartphone for myself. The last time I wanted to get a phone for myself, my wife needed it more than me so I got her the phone and was left with this crappy phone. Hope I win it !!!

  • brian jensen

    Yes please 🙂

  • StEC

    Cool, good luck all!

  • Jan


  • Mike Hua

    Good luck everyone! My wife was looking at getting this!

  • AdelDima

    i want one 3:)

  • Vin

    Thanks Mobilesyrup!!! I hope X-Mas will come little early for me.

  • ZhuoChengDu

    do want!

  • Cynthia Knisley

    I have done everything asked to enter contest. Really want to win. Wish me luck

  • terna james

    Nexus 7 ! great

  • maiwand


  • Super S

    I would love to win 🙂 Thanks.

  • Richard Ramos

    Thank you for your generosity.

  • Nenad

    Please pick me… I never win and it would be a perfect Birthday gift for me 🙂

  • Richard Ramos

    Thanks for your generosity.

  • terna james

    Nexus 7 ! awesome, thanks in advance.

  • Phil R

    Do want! I was looking for one soon… but could be worth to wait and hope! It might be a good pre chistmas gift, pwetty please!

  • ADR

    nice! Finally arrived.

  • Dorin

    Good luck to me!!! 🙂



  • aliyee

    nexus is one of a kind

  • Luis

    Hope I win;)

  • Nitesh Agarwal

    too good

  • Nitesh Agarwal


  • hejunpeng

    I like google,and I like nexsus.I believe the chromeOS will have a bright future!

  • Farhan

    This time its me

  • Nishant


  • James

    I would love to win this !

  • Kevin

    I was waiting for the Nexus 10 to come out but i have to admit it doesn’t wow me as much as i thought it would, that may change when I can actually see it hands on so for now I am back to looking hard at the Nexus7 and to win the new 32Gb would be SWEET!

  • hc

    Can’t wait to win this!!! :O

  • Mat


  • nandkishore

    wow! what could do for win this gadget……..

  • Marc Fisher

    Thanks for an awesome contest

  • Yukon voice

    Nexus 7 looks sexier than ever. Count me in. I believe portability is key factor in tablet, and 7inch is a perfect size for me; one Hander.

  • Mike

    I want it!!!

  • Nirujan


  • MapleHamwich

    Would love to win a Nexus 7. : )

  • Harold


  • pavan kumar

    Nice have thise tab

  • ASH

    yes please!

  • DoubleJMan

    This would be perfect to use for school!


    How can i win this WI-FI NExUS 7. Its one of my fav thing on my list 🙂

  • OMG BASEDGOD TYBG #taskforce

    Darn, was the iPhone 5 winner already picked? Woulda bought me 2 Nexus 7s and then some…

    One Nexus 7’s good too I guess.

  • raj

    This is something that I would like to win. Some of the other contests I just post or re-tweet for the sake of it, but this time I really want to win.


    Wow!I love nexus!

  • masaba gerald

    guys tahnk you for making me the winnnnnneeeer!!! thanks alot.I have a package for all those who helped me to be the winner just comment wity your email address and i will sent to u in your inbox.

  • Rahu Bhati

    Nexus, lets see how you make me honour…

  • Sumeet Mahendra

    MobileSyrup I’ve done all the three i.g. Added on G+, Liked ur Fb page and following @ Twitter . So plz select someone from South Asia like me 🙂

  • Matthew the frog

    I’d like to break my ‘I never win anything’ streak.

  • Jesa White

    Make my year! I could use a win. As this yr. has not been good to me!

  • fripa hariya

    Want it its awesum twosum

  • fripa hariya

    Want it its awesum…………..


  • mudit gupta

    This time it’s my turn

  • mahd

    please please pleas….i need it!

  • Ali

    I’m wondering how will I know if I’m in or not after I followed the twitter account, Liked the page, and circle Google+

    I really love to have one of the first Android device ever!

  • Prabodh


  • gedster314

    I want one.

  • inc

    awesome giveaway. Good luck everyone

  • ale2999

    Winning would be epic!

  • abdullah ghiaissi

    pretty awesome to have a nexus in hand with only leaving a comment

  • abdullah ghiaissi

    pretty awesome to have a nexus in hand with only leaving a comment on a website.

  • Ivan92116

    is this only open to residents of Canada…or can USA or other countries enter?

  • gurmeet singh

    best of luch to all friends for win–


    simply lets have fun with the music on & rest forget anything for a while ..,then you realise “jannat yahaan “.

  • shamsher choudhary

    i want….. ?

  • shamsher choudhary

    i want this….

  • Skantha

    good luck

  • MattyMattMatt

    I could use that Nexus… saves me buying it :/

  • Andrew

    选我 (pick me), 选我 (pick me)!

  • ShadaCanvas

    Very Nice & Lovely Design.
    Slim Is Smart.
    Use Nexus,Be Smart…

  • Yaolin Xu

    I am in.

  • PhoneScience

    D’aww, no 3G? Matters not though, really, tethering should do fine!

    Google should figure out some way so that we can answer texts and calls on our tablet when tethered, that’d be grand.

  • Humal Ramesh.M

    google is very powerful serch web site

  • Patrick

    Yes Please

  • Zeeb



    I want this….. 🙂

  • Derhoss

    Very nice tablet, would look good in my home.

  • Matthew

    Good luck everyone!

  • Ian Van Den Heuvel

    Give it here!

  • Kizer

    It’s good to have reviews that are more interesting and funny as well.? is ! who is benefitted???????????

  • Kizer

    It’s good to have reviews on anything that are interesting and funny as well.

  • Hossein omranimehr

    The best tablet ! &
    very good!

  • safwan

    i really want to win it.

  • Jesa White

    Yes Please!

  • Johnny

    Thanks for the contest guys.

  • Dan

    Choose me FTW lol.

  • Tibor Szekszardi

    It is mine.

  • kurt

    oh s**t! nexus 7

  • panda

    i need it!

  • deadlock06

    DO WANT!!

  • Johnny

    What a promotion…

  • Gagan Cheema

    Sorry I forgot to leave the comment before but I want this soo bad I don’t have anything which is iPhone iPad or iPod please

  • Justin

    Sweet deal! Count me in. good luck to everyone!

  • Rahul Mhatre

    sheer piece of AWESOMEness…:P

  • Sharkr94

    I’m attracted by this one! So I hope to win!

  • tinh

    Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jimbo

    my son would love this for xmas

  • David

    I think I have an android addiction. It all started with my research for the Note 2, then the Nexus 7 has not left my hand, no I want the Nexus 10. Help me. I have a problem

  • Steve S DeGregorio

    Nice, very generous!

  • Tom Zolnierczyk

    really like Mobile Syrup = the best online magazine 🙂

  • charles

    I hope I added myself correctly. Would be great to have this great 32gb model.

  • YH Lai


  • Johnny

    It would be nice to have something in between the iPhone and iPad. Thanks for the contest.

  • rhys

    fuuuuu i want this, damn bills keep getting in the way

  • Kaypee

    Thanks for this contest! GL everyone.

  • vimal lukhel


  • Robin

    Still loving these contests!!

  • Nagaraj

    i would love to win this tablet! thanks so much for holding this giveaway!

  • Farhan

    Let see if its me

  • StEC

    Would love to have this piece of tech!!!

  • Qorp

    me me me!

  • PewZ

    Good luck to all

  • JC

    would love to have one 🙂

  • Roger

    I want one!

  • Peter

    My turn!

  • Mohamad Iskandar

    When Google + Asus = Nexsus 7, it’s will be my perfect 1st tablet gadjet….hopefully it will come true

  • Omer

    Yes please be me! I’m gonna draw a dinosaur saying ”rawr“ otherwise.

  • Matt

    This looks nice I really like…. Mobile Syrup, your the best mobile review website…. I hope I can win this Tablet =)
    2 thumbs up for Mobile Syrup

  • MichaelRuck

    This looks like just what we need for recording our off road caravan adventures.

  • bobygk


  • KeithGutsell

    Again MobileSyrup offers an amazing contest. Good luck to all.

  • Devran Gelale

    Fun in a box

  • Laura Guerrero

    Yo lo quiero! Suerte a todos.

  • Lyn Scott

    I’m in.. 🙂

  • LiamHP

    Maybe a little bit closer, now? for me? can I have it?

  • Ben choe

    I want! ! !

  • Cynthia Knisley

    I would love to win this

  • Benjamin

    Now my turn u want it

  • garyngkt

    I’ve been wanting the Nexus 7 since it was launched hehe…

  • Mel J

    I don’t have twitter…. But I’m so tempted to get an account and follow mobile syrup to increase my chances of winning a tablet or phone! Haha

  • Linda Kollybaba


  • deadlock06

    I would thoroughly enjoy receiving this through your promotion. Please consider my entry. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Dave

    I would like three please!

  • Wilson


  • tkmckay

    Would love one of these!

  • VL

    would love a nexus 7!!

  • Rich

    I could use one of these to replace my ailing Asus Transformer. 😛

  • Jason G

    Nexus 7, yes please!

  • Shervin

    I can has?

  • QORY

    yeeeeahhh….. I”m Ready for it

  • Jay

    Heck yes! Nexus goodness? Count me in!

  • Anthony C

    I’ll take one.

  • Chaitanya

    I want one

  • Yellow One

    This would be a greatttt gift the the GF haha

  • vishal

    ^_^ i think m gonna marry u ^_^ nexus 😛

  • Navoneel Biswas

    I would surely want to win

  • Navoneel Biswas



    Lucky me.?





  • arlene

    Great contest, thanks.

  • paul

    great and could really use this thanks

  • Shaila Krishnaraj

    Hey…… Jesus Rendon .!! Thank u so much for this opportunity.I want 2 make my Life “TOUCH SENSITIVE” not PUSH NEEDED. Now I am in Black and White world. I want 2 make my life colourful. I want 2 TOUCH my dreams of a Beautiful tomorrows .I want 2 make my life beautiful victory. 2 me Nexus 7 is a POWER BEAUTY and SOUL . I feel whole Beautiful world is with me. Life is so complicated. Nexus 7 , gives solutions 2 every problem. Nexus 7 ,expand our mind and change our life Nexus 7 is , Sophisticated revolution.MY search ends here. Nexus 7 reach out and TOUCHES each and every ones HEART.

  • paul

    good luck to everyone

  • briggs

    This. I want this.

  • garyngkt

    I want one please =)

  • Krista Didrich

    Am looking forward to a new phone.. good luck to all….

  • Hansen Brown

    good luck to all who enter 😀

  • Beso

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