Magazines now available in the Canadian Google Play Store


  • saltorio


  • Sean

    Might explain why for the last week Play has been recommending magazines to me… Now where’s Play Music

  • kenypowa


  • Bob c

    We want music dammit

  • Hilman

    Now I want Google Music!

  • Korey B

    It looks like it’s going to be a rolling release type of thing though. Almost none of the magazines under the Tech & Gaming category are available yet.

    • Korey B

      My bad. After rebooting my phone it seems fine.

  • patrick

    it doesnt work!!! I just subbed to WIRED and it asks to download Goggle Magazine and then it tells me its not available in my country!!! GRrrrrr

  • Yeria

    It says Play Magazines app isn’t available in my country… what the heck Google? You’re selling contents but don’t allow viewers to be downloaded?

    • Yeria

      Ok…it is available now.

  • Dalex

    Movies this morning, Magazines now. 3 Nexus Devices at amazing prices? Not even hurricane Sandy can put a stop to Google it seems hahaha.

  • MapleHamwich

    It’s clear Google is trying to bring all of their services to Canada. Music is coming, we just have to wait for Google to surmount the difficulty that the CRTC and Canadian music industry are presenting them with. Nothing like promoting Monopoly rather than competition eh?

  • JC Fung

    Not on my phone yet; the first tile is still the Halloween Deals with the vampire teeth.

    • Yeria

      Try restarting your phone. That usually does the trick.. and it worked for me.

      Doesn’t matter really though..because you can’t download Play Magazines app to read magazines anyway. At least not yet.

  • SinSin

    Where the F*CK were you for the Win8 event coverage, Syrup? :-/

  • AM

    I’ve bought Wired, and I cannot install the app in my phone, because the country error. I guess google will update this app soon.

  • AhCup

    and where is Google Music? 🙁

  • Jeffrey K

    We can also now buy some movies from the play store. Though like many others I just really want google music, and google voice.

  • Ted Whidlst

    Why is your cell phone battery at 0%? 🙁

  • Guest2

    Well Google’s such a dodo. They didn’t make the Google Play Magazine app/apk available for download in Canada so how on earth are we going to view those magazines.

  • Cole

    Bye bye, Zinio

  • Cole

    Btw, the app is available now.

    • patrick

      not to me 🙁

  • Nich

    …and poof goes Zinio and their incessant emails!

  • JC Fung

    I went back in again and how it shows. However every magazine that I have tried carries the status ” This item isn’t available.” That includes those French magaines.

  • Cyrano

    looking forward on some football (or soccer how ever you call it) magazine

  • Mike

    “Google give you recommendations, new arrivals, and staff pics.”

    First of all, *gives.

    It’s hilarious how they give you staff pics. Are these pics only from their headquarters in California? Or will we get to see pics of their staff from all over the world?

  • Matthew

    Google just put up on their support forums that a new version of the market will be available to us starting Wednesday so that we can download magazines on the device.

  • Alex

    This item isn’t available. (c)

    That what I have for all magazines…

  • malhavoc

    OMG, somebody was premature!