Unnamed Samsung device spotted on benchmark site running Cortex-A15 chip and next-gen GPU


  • Michael

    The next Nexus device!

    • Wilborn

      ITS A BIRD
      ITS ITS…


    • Michael

      LOL didn’t see this comment and posted it down below. How weird is it that the Michael’s thought the same thing…?

  • wizardry

    Let the Hunger Games for the first Cortex-A15 chip begin!

  • Ibl

    So, next they are using a server CPU in their galaxy lineup? How slow is Android that this is needed. Will every unit come with a car battery?

    Apple A6 is completely custom. Best speculation so far is it is A15 class without A15 heat generation and power requirements. So Sammie might be first but they aren’t really first.

    Why don’t the skip the A15 and just go straight to a Pentium 4?

  • Androgynousdroid

    Guaranteed, this means even bigger Samsungs. 4.8″ is fine. Will Samsung sheep start saying phones should be 7″ and 8″? Because that’s what coming with a cortex A15.

    And if the A15 is only dual core, will that be bad?

  • mjolnir

    lol do you not know that the A6 is probs produced on samsungs fab? yes samsung might be first, but apple is definitely not first.

  • Lukeiphone

    Samsung, it’s a phone and nt a gaming computer. An iPhone is actually a phone.

    • kroms

      LOL poor Iphone users.

      The Iphone 5 is about to be outdated before it’s release !
      Oh wait ? the SG 3 already has done that. 🙂

  • Steven

    If this keeps up, we’ll have to “click here to see” every single comment posted in this update…lol.

  • Michael

    I hope this is Sammys Nexus Device. 🙂

  • Tommy Crosby

    Well, if TE4 is for the 4th gen Nexus, I’m all in! It will be great to get a Nexus with next-gen hardware!
    I’m glad they extended the screen to leave a true 720P even when the buttons are visible.

  • jon_d0e1

    it better be a 6 core device with 4gb dual channel ram or im not buying.

  • kroms

    OH man I so want this to be the NEXT Nexus Phone !

  • dave

    Galaxy S4

  • Brad F

    I don’t get it. Why would they go back to dual-core after making such a big deal about going quad-core?

    • Tommy Crosby

      The new Cortex A-15 architecture dual core will be faster than the current A9 quads. Just look at the Snapdragons S4 dual core (not A15 but somewhat similar) in the North America version of the One X and SIII besting the Tegra 3 and Exynos 4 international versions.
      A dual core CPU that can perform similar to current quad cores will be much better simply because of the battery usage.


    This is gonna be the next nexus phone for sure. I really cant see them already building a Galaxy S4. The Galaxy Nexus is very old now & they know they need the next one to be revolutionary to make the biggest waves. I cant wait for the real specs to come out about the iPhone 5 that show its comparable to mid range Android devices. Theres a reason that crApple didnt give specifics about their A6 processor & why they hope ppl will preorder like usual. Also cant wait to see how pissed ppl are when they realize that their new iPhone 5 doesnt sit properly in any of their old accessories that have docks because crApple made that stupid adapter so big when it didnt need to be to grab more of your money. By the time you figure it out youve already bought the phone thinking it will fit because theres an adapter.Good luck sheep -KID ANDROID

  • Aiden

    Yeah, I’m a bit surprised at the lack of quad-core on a new phone too. Unless it’s a mid-range device anything new should be quad-core. Here’s hoping it’s still good.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    @brad f

    because it’s harder to make a quad core? gotta walk before running. The way a15 cores are structured are different and therefore need to be reworked before quad cores can come out

    • Tommy Crosby

      The A15 as been designed to be able to have 4 cores by cluster and 2 clusters by physical chip. Ie, it do 8 core – by design.

  • zzZZzz

    The only reason why I don’t think this will be in the Nexus is because Samsung wants its best for the Galaxy S line. Note how the previous Nexus was a letdown in terms of specs. I wish this is the next Nexus, especially since I’m looking to get one, but I really doubt it.

  • iPear

    exynos 4 is still the best beast in the market, soon exynos5 will come and leave every company dying to have that added to their device.

  • WTF fantards

    Mo cores and higher clock gotsta be betta, right? So how comes they goin to a slowerz clocks and just 2 cores? Fo’shizzle my nizzle this don’t make sense!

    You’re all f’n re-tards. You don’t even understand basic things about core architecture but all want to sound like you do. Morons. Samsung could say they were going to use a 16 way itanium or ramping clocks to 15ghz and you’d all be saying “that’s what’s up!”

    You’re all so clueless it hurts to read your comments.

  • Dandroid

    Highly unlikely that it’ll be a nexus, that program isn’t about having the most current specs and it never will, it’s meant to be a solid base for what other OEM’s should be doing with Android and how well software and not the best hardware can work together

  • imrangr1

    Just FYI there is no confirmation that Apple’s A6 Chip uses A15 architecture. The piece in Anandtech got invalidated by themselves and they are saying it’s just custom processor. For all we know it could be just the A9 architecture modified for Siri functions.