Nexus 7 getting first price drop at Staples this Saturday, 16GB version falls to $233


  • 45

    Not a huge cut, but awesome piece of hardware.

    • Wilborn

      BB 10

    • Meh

      I’ll wait for it to hit $99

  • Tucker277

    If Google Play allowed Movie and TV Show purchases in Canada I’d ditch my iPad 2 in a second and buy the Nexus 7.

    • Todd

      Let me let you one a little secret, but please keep it between us…

      1: Get a VPN I use StrongVPN (dont use a free one)
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      3: Grab the app PowerNZB from the play store
      4: Sign up at
      5: YOU’RE GOLDEN!!

      *Plus if you insist on paying for your content the VPN running on the Nexus 7 you can easily login to the US PlayStore buy ANY movie you want! Any questions?


    • Todd

      Ok seriously…why would my reply have so many down votes? I gave the clearest instructions how to solve the guys predicament and people down vote it. Anyhow to all the down voters give it a try you really might find your slice of heaven.

  • Mark Huynh

    It’s not really a bad deal 🙂 Nearly no tax 😛

  • Matty

    Tried one in Futureshop, they’re great! It had the fluidity of an iPad but with all the functionality of an Android device. It was beautiful. I plan on getting one later and combining it with a Bluetooth keyboard to take notes at school. Laptops are starting to seem a bit old school these days.

  • qu3becker

    Woot!, I’d buy it if I weren’t unemployed!
    Or maybe I’ll loan some money… I just wish it lasted more than one freaking day.

  • MrMarvelous

    Not bad, think I’ll pick one up!

  • ddenn

    does anyone have any real world experience with it? i potentially want to use one for pdfs for scientific journal articles, magazines, news, surfing. not so much gaming, but likely a lot of youtube action. ive never owned a tablet, and rationally speaking, i dont really know how i would actually use it in my day to day lifestyle. if any of you have spent some time with the nexus 7 i’d like to pick your brain a little.

    • Justin

      Honestly it’s great for all of that. Personally I didn’t use it much until I got a case for it since I was scared of it scratching ect.

    • JCLG

      I was sceptical of tablets too until I picked up a Touchpad during the firesale last August. I’ve come to appreciate having a tablet on hand, because it really is great for viewing documents, web pages, and watching videos… pretty much anything that doesn’t rely on heavy text input or work processing.

      At uni, I used it mostly as an accompaniment to my laptop when I’d be writing reports, having it in portrait mode displaying a scholarly article I’d be referencing. Otherwise, I’d use it in class to display online readings (again, handy since papers are usually viewed more efficiently in portait mode).

      I’d *almost* consider getting an N7 to replace my Touchpad, just to have a more fully-supported version of Android on it rather than a barebones CM9.

    • mar

      I would get the playbook, half the price and twice the storage, it does have limited apps but if your just using it for pdfs or youtube its a great deal, it does have a decent youtube app

    • acurrie

      I bought mine *only* to read PDFs, and it’s the perfect size to display a single page.

      Lots of options for readers in the Play Store, from the free EBookDroid to the $9 (!) Mantano Ebook Reader Pro. The latter has lots of annotation features, plus a voice engine that will basically turn any PDF into an audiobook.

      Hope this helps. I’ve been iffy on tablets myself, but the Nexus 7 gives you a lot more than a basic eReader…

  • Not Nerd – Alfa Male

    You, guys, are nerds!

    • Todd

      And I truly enjoy it everyday of my existence!


  • Yesa

    I just got a playbook 32GB for $118 🙂 = love it …
    Nexus 7 is great which alos makes me want to but one … should I wait go go for it ..??

  • Jess

    Playbook is a much better deal

  • Collin

    definetly gonna pick up one of these in the next month or so

  • Dylan K

    I’ve owned one since the beginning of August. Great bathroom reading 😀 A little note taking at school and great YouTube viewing during breaks.

  • Alex

    I own a Playbook and a Nexus 7.
    Get a Nexus 7.

  • Todd

    Staples is notorious for these one day pricing deals where they don’t have any stock to begin with! Beware of this crap before you get to pumped! BTW it’s a great little tablet no matter the price, I love mine. Cheers!

  • roman20

    I bought an 8GB one in July.
    It’s fantastic, but I would definitely get the 16GB model if you plan to fill it up with apps.

  • Dennis

    I really like my 16GB Nexus 7. Great little tablet, and IMO much better than the PlayBook I had before it.

  • Michael

    A small discount but the price for the Nexus 7 is amazing already. I am hoping that Google comes out soon with fixes for the touch problems and the flickering display.

  • Burned by Nexus

    I have a Nexus.
    Bought the Playbook 16GB for $118 a few days ago. When I realized how much better the Playbook is for half the price, I just about cried.
    I’ll be selling the Nexus and getting another PlayBook for the wife.
    This news kinda hurts because now I’ll get less $ for my used Nexus 🙁

  • SC

    Playbook for half price looks good now but as a long term investment the Nexus 7 has a much brighter future

  • chris c.

    Waiting for $99 Nexus before I go for it.

  • Kid.Canada

    If you’re still complaining about the playbook price being $118 at the moment more than 70% off its original price, then I highly recommend you get a job before thinking about buying anything. Seriously…

  • steve

    the new nexus 7’s with 3g are gona come out in a month or so. thats why there is a price drop.

    • Alex

      Maybe but I think that is has more to do with the end of the 25$ Playstore Credit.
      I expect another reduction when the 3G version comes out.

  • Dylan K

    Lots of people tether off their phones, don’t expect the 3G version to make a big splash. If it means another price cut on the wifi version, it’s good news.

  • John

    Already droppIng the price on Nexus tabs? Death to all Android tabs!

  • Android4Ever

    Nexus 7 is great..UI is smooth, apps are amazing, very good for reading, youtube and gaming offcourse!! Highly recomended. Playbook is cheap for sure but has no future.

  • Me Ted

    It’s not an indefinite price drop; it’s a one-day sale.

  • TJ

    Black Berry Play Book 32 GB at $ 118 is not a bad buy either. Its the most underrated and unfairly trashed tablet out there. get one you won’t be disappointed 🙂

  • Eric Gisin

    Both the Fire HD and Kobo Arc 16GB are $200, so I expect a Nexus 7 price drop soon.

  • Kevin

    Just looked and now Staples is Not showing the 10% off ad that they had last night (Thurs)??

  • Tony

    Where is the sale posted – I don’t see it at any Staples sites.

  • Paul Q

    Awe. RIM employees have to say the Playbook is worth it. Even at $50 I wouldn’t buy one.

  • Paul

    That sucks! The 10% discount is now gone from the website. I hope they put it back up tonight.

  • MrMarvelous

    Yeah, it’s gone…called their website hotline and of course, they had NO idea what I was talking about. That’s really annnoying. I may buy it anyways, as a birthday present to myself (it’s on the 23rd :P), but that kind of stuff irks me.

    The $25 Google Play Credit isn’t half bad either.

    • Yeria

      I was just there to check it out myself and I noticed the 10% discount gone.. I was really thinking about picking one up tomorrow… I’m going to see if I can still get them with 10% discount.. XD

      Oh, by the way, happy birthday MrMarvelous.

  • Kevin Thom

    I think they just removed the promo graphics because they thought they might sell some at full price before the sale. The sale is on right now. I ordered mine early this morning!

  • Paul

    No stock left on-line! But local store has them so I am headed in to grab one.

  • Christian

    Just bought mine this morning at 4 am! I can’t wait for it to come in!!

  • Paul

    Picked one up this morning only to get it home and realize it has a rather large dead pixel right in the middle of the screen. Back she goes tomorrow, but this thing is awesome. My device is batch C90 on the serial # which I am really happy about since the older batches seem to have more issues from what I have read.

  • MrMarvelous

    What! I bought one at around 12:10 am online, no sale in sight. was charged full price, now I wonder who to heckle about my 10%. Money’s money after all. 😛

    Thank you Yeria!

    • MrMarvelous

      Update: Called Staples today regarding the discrepancy and…they promptly apologized, mentioned something about a system not updating on time and refunded the difference back to my CC. So, if you ordered early on Saturday and were charged full price ($259 +taxes), then give them a call and they should fix you up too. Was impressed with the way they handled it – no fuss, no skepticism.

      Now….just to wait for my baby to get here hopefully tomorrow!


  • mike

    Is it just me or did this sale never happen?