Samsung Galaxy S IV rumours start


  • Joey

    I guess this is another form of marketing against the iPhone launch?

    Honestly the only thing I’d like to see is a much nicer build. Can’t stand the glossy white. I’d love them to put some effort in like apple or Nokia.

    • BabySG3

      The “SG4” will come next yr and will have the same screen or larger in the same overall phone-size. The specs can’t change that much, 22nm CPU maybe?( less power consumption) and bigger battery, BATTERY is the most important thing now! ( See Motorola RAZR) it will come with 2GB of RAM, more than that and is faster but uses more battery, now, if they develop new Kernels, It might be worth it to include 4GB RAM. Not much change, they have reached the APEX. The NEXT BIG THING is FLEXIBLE SCREENS! Samsung just opened the Felx screens this month, so we might be ble to see “Wrappable phones next week. But what about curved CPU’s and Batteries??
      My guess they will come in 2014.
      And that’s my guess for that :as for the “Curved iPhone” it all depends if/when Samsung want to sell the screens to Apple!! 🙂

    • BabySG3

      I don’t care about the SG4: I DO CARE about the “BABY SG3”
      I find the SG3 simply too big, but would LOVE to get my hands in a “mini-version in either a 4.3″ ( Think iphone5 -KILLER) or a bit bigger in 4.5” ( But the same size of the SG2 international with HD screen and bigger battery,)
      Current SG2’s (From Last yr!!) kill the i5, but their screens have too low resulution. All they need to do is put a better screen (Still AMOLED please!) and LTE radio and a bigger battery. $350-$400 and I’m there!!

      Wonder if next Q or for the Holidays the price of the SG3 will drop to $500??
      Baby-SG3; that’s the next thing ( Q1-2013??)

  • pawn

    My contract will be just about done by then, this will definitely be one of my choices!

  • Thurnis

    Isn’t this what they said last year? GS3 would show up at MWC? Well, it didn’t. It was another 3 months.

  • Tony

    Actually this will coincide with the Blackberry 10 launch. Uh Oh.

  • graison

    enough with the giant screen sizes already!

  • darren

    You think Iphone’s have good build quality. Lol.

    • Joey

      It’s one thing to be a fandroid, but another to ignore the completely obvious.

      You would truly prefer white glossy plastic to machined aluminum?

    • OgtheDim

      The preference is most likely colour over feel.

  • nekkidtruth

    There’s no reason for the screen to be 5″. They have the Note for that. I can’t really see them applying that screen size to anything other than the Note. It would just be silly since the Note is basically a Galaxy with a larger screen.

    • freestaterocker

      The Note 3 will be over 6″ then.

  • Allan

    Come one Samsung. Some fruit company stopped using polycarbonate on their 3rd generation phone. There are other materials out there instead of this chep material.

  • Beavertail

    I predict RIM will have a 7″ Phablet before the S4.

  • Marorun


    Or HTC (Probably the best build quality of all android handset maker.)

    • Joey

      Agreed. In terms of design I’m always interested to see what HTC is going to do.

      Samsung is amazing with their specs and the screen. Really just wish they would put more effort into the build materials.

    • BB

      i agree aluminum finish would look nicer, but I’m sure the cheap plastic as some are calling it with stands falls better and helps absorb more of the fall then the iphone screen. As well, one or two drops with aluminum and you have quite an ugly looking phone…bezel costs aren’t cheap with aluminum either…plus everyone has a case so i guess it doesn’t really matter????

  • Kid.Canada

    There’s a reason why I didn’t go for the Note and went for the GS3 instead and that’s because of the screen size. 5″+ is pretty big for many and myself as well. I think the 4.8″ screen was the sweet spot for the Galaxy S line and anything bigger than that woils be for the Note line. I wonder what Samsung will do after it reaches it’s screen max which is at 5″. Go for 6″? Which is way too big for a smartphone because anything 6″+ I would go for a tablet and not a smartphone I’d be holding to my head for calls.

  • Trev

    Really? How about Samsung concentrates on releasing the latest os on the s3 first. I just bought the s3 and it’s meh. Liked the nexus better.

  • Sam

    The screen will be 5″ before folding it after folding will be only 2″

  • D

    I will not buy if this is 5″- my S3 already is big. I think 4.5″ is the sweet spot.

    • BabySG3

      I think 4.3″ is the sweet spot (Thinking international SG2 from 2011) but in OCt 2012 the technology to reduces the bezel, increase battery life and add a 4.5″ higher resolution screen in the same frame is here!

      So 4″ in the frame of the HTC One V;
      4.3″ in the same size as the Galaxy Nexus S or
      4.5″ in the same size of the SG2.

      I think that now that i5 chose the 4″ most manuf will just go from 3.7″ to 4.3″

  • EvanKr

    Looks nice, but the 5″ display may be excessive for a lot of people. I for one have been and always will be a fan of large displays, but I know that they’re not for everyone, and I think that 5″ may be a bit of a stretch on Sammy’s part.

  • Robert

    The Canadian versio of the S3 is what 3 months old was released at the same time as google announced Jelly Bean and we are still waiting for a update on thier FLAG SHIP PHONE and they are already talking about its replacement. What a joke Samsung is the S3 is my last Samsung phone,

    • MB

      They are not forcing you into buying the s4 you know…and the s3 is still good the way it is with or without an update…updates are nice but you bought the phone knowing it had ICS in it, not JB. There are phones for all kinds of people, we don’t have to get the latest phone just like we are not getting the last HDTV every 3 months.

  • Shaggyskunk

    Dump the physical home button – please!

    As for some that want a “natural” build material, how about wood? (sarcasm) I wouldn’t mind seeing carbon fibre though 😀

  • John Lee

    5.0″ maybe a bit too big. I like the size of my Galaxy Nexus; it’s a good balance.

  • Shaggyskunk

    Also, it’d be nice if rogers and the other telecoms that are under INVESTIGATION for FALSE advertising, would pony up & bring out their marginally more interesting plans, NOT just when crapple releases a (NEARLY) new phone 😉


    The size of the Galaxy Nexus is the perfrect size! However if they can keep the phone size the same as the S3, reduce the size of the bizel for that 5″ screen then I’m in!!!!

    I think it can be done! Samsung has tv’s now with no bezel! They would just need a tiny one at the top for the camera and sensors.

  • OgtheDim

    Hmmm….BB10 in January (maybe) or an SGSIV in March/April?

  • Sam

    No come on NOT 5 inch! 4.8 is max!

  • Antonio

    This samsung thing… and then the next google phone news.
    Both sound terribly wrong. Bad moves and bad specs on both articles. I call BS on both.

  • Senk

    How about some news on the new Nexus phone?

  • John Marshall

    Jesus, it hasn’t even been a year for the Galaxy S III. I’m starting to get a headache.

  • Mike

    A lot of people are saying 5″ is too big, the current 4.8″ or so is just perfect, etc.
    I remember a few months ago everyone was like, “4.8? That’s too big! My current 4″ is perfect.”

  • Fury

    You guys make me laugh.

    You all complain about the size of the screen, but if sales of the Note are any indication, there are a LOT of people who want large screens.

    As for build quality, the samsungs are fine. What you mean are the materials. The problem with the “high quality” of iPhones glass and Aluminium is that they do not take falls onto hard surfaces well, and especially not on to gravel/tarmac/concrete/tile. They get dented/scratched/shatter way too easy.

    Some of the new plastics have the ability to retain their shape by “repairing” scratches.

    I’ll take a phone that will survive drops over a phone that “looks nice”.

    And personally, I don’t like the industrial hard endged look to the iphone.

    But hey, that’s the beauty of the cell phone industry. We can all find the phone that suits our personal taste.

  • Dalex

    I’m all for plastic. the HTC One X and Nokia lumia series are the most beautiful devices on the market and guess what materials they use. Thing is, the One X went for the matte polycarbonate look which is a lot classier and feels amazing to the touch.

    The rest of the rumoured feautures seem to come out as a Giant *DUH!!*. Its going to be running a version of Android? Really? You don’t say… Same goes for OLED and LTE. A 5 inch display is fine, they will probably have it as edge to edge and it won’t be bigger than the GS3.

  • nik

    Love the phone hate the size … that’s huge

  • mattprime86

    Why are you guys even talking about this phone?

    Every spec mentioned is as Basie as it gets. Off course it’s going to have better specs than the s3.

    Just stop posting Rumours please, mobilesyrup..

  • mattprime86


  • mango_juice

    All of these new smartphone screens are just too big. One of the reasons why I got my iPhone 4s its the perfect size.

  • Brayden

    With the S series getting bigger, what will differenciate the S4 from say the Note?

  • AM Radio

    S3 is already huge/big enough/fast enough.

    just give me a sweetened Super Amoled Plus display and i’ll be happy. there was talk of an LG 1080p screen, but COME ON, who needs that kind of resolution on a cellphone?

    i say this each year, but maybe this time i mean it: holding on to my current phone (S3) for longer.

  • cococly

    Dear Samsung,

    Please make a dedicated physical Camera button 🙂

  • MattyMattMatt

    Please, smaller phones! Those big screens are just too much!
    Something around 4.2-4.5 is ideal. Make it 720p and I am a happy camper. Give me a good battery while keeping ti thin and light and I am overjoyed.

  • Mike

    I want dual sim and 8 cores Samsung! Heck I’m sure there is enough room in that 5″ for another battery. Yeah!

  • chaze

    galaxy S4 specs:
    -599 gb ram
    -400 hp audi engine
    -20,000,000 gb internal storage
    -80 inch display
    -999,000,000,000 mah battery
    -soap dispenser
    -12G wireless
    -solar panel
    -24k gold frame
    -8,000,000,000,000 Megapixel camera