Samsung denies rumours of the Galaxy S IV


  • iZombie

    Big problem with Android is they get obsolete to fast.

    • TelMe

      Wow, this is very stupid:
      Samsung is barely meeting demand of the SG3, now that has been released into emerging markets.

      ( Emerging markets are the second, third, wave, when releasing phones; they are in that order of MEDIA-RELEVANCE, but they are the countries with more people/phone buyers,and they represent the places whith the highest sales!)

      Why would you talk, cannibalize sales when your sales are at the highest point? they will be fulfilling the current orders, demand; and once that has been met, I can see a price drop for Xmas, to kill (even more so) the i5, but that will be after they sold 30 million of the original model.
      SG3 coming in colors by the holidays!!

    • anona

      How do you figure? It’s not so much they become “obsolete”, it’s just that you have something to compare it to. If you look at the iPhone, there is only 1 model which makes it look like it’s top of the line until the next iPhone, even though it’s been outdated before it’s even released.

      It’s not Android, it’s technology.

  • Kid.Canada

    It doesn’t matter, my new Galaxy S3 (Also my first Android phone) is amazing despite the lack of LTE in Winnipeg atm. Not looking to upgraded anytime soon either 😀

  • Kid.Canada

    One question though, how do I take screenshots cuz I couldn’t figure it out all yesterday??

    • thesmokingandroid

      go into settings>motion>scroll to bottom and make sure “swipe palm to screen capture” is checked. =) have fun

    • OGOD

      hold “HOME” button and “power” button.

  • tether

    It’s a combination of the volume and power button

  • zo

    The phone that Samsung is saying is not true is a lie. That phone is coming out Q1 of next year.

  • Dan

    It’s combination of power button and home button.
    Anyone know where i can get a pair of headphones for my galaxy thay has volume and play buttons?

  • Kid.Canada

    It doesn’t work, the screen just turns off or gives me the power off menu if I hold it. Do I have to enable it in the settings?

  • andrea

    palm swipe from left side of the screen to right to take screen shot

  • Dan

    I forgot i have a modded galaxy. You can always download a screen capture app in the play store. Given most apps might only work is you rooted your phone.

  • Kid.Canada

    Oh thanks Andrea that worked but it’s a odd gesture for it using the palm lol

    • lol wtf

      Palm swipe is actually useless to me. I’m running a rooted SGS3 with CM10 JellyBean and I find that the regular volume down + Power takes screen shots way more efficiently.

  • Steve Dion

    Come on, it’s pretty obvious there will be an S4 in early to mid 2013! They just don’t want to stop the momentum the S3 has. Can’t wait for the iPhone 6S!

  • Kid.Canada

    @Dan I’m currently using the Bose in-ear headphones with the play/pause and volume buttons and they work fine with my S3.

  • sicpuppy

    Oh look at the shinny plastic Fisher Price phone .

    • ihatefanb0is

      what an ignorant comment – troll on

    • Dirk Dundenburg

      6 hours in the i-line so far huh? baaaaa

  • Mike

    I guess this is it for Samsung. If they’re not doing a follow up to S3, they’re pretty much done.

  • notasheepfool.

    Look a plastic fisher price phone which blows away a fruity phone which is already obsolete by todays standard before its even released. Tit for tat jerk off.

  • iphoneuser

    no S**T, I could’ve told you that.

  • Dalex

    Ok what is false exactly, that rumour was so useless anyway. It said a Galaxy S4 was coming next year running android…. ooooooohhhh! such a huge stretch to believe… You mean they are making a sequel in the next year to their best selling device ever???

    If the rumour of a sequel to your GS3 is enough to make you regret buying it, I’m not sure why you got it in the first place… It’s still the best smartphone on the market (I guess HOX might be if you prefer build quality) and should be for the foreseable future.

  • WTF

    You got a big problem when you’re crafting a headline to FEED speculation NOT clear it up. Citing Twitter as a source is just embarrasing.

    • joe

      If that is where it is posted, then they should site it. Many press releases now are done on twitter. Unless you have a better source you should just move on.