Google Play Gift Cards “are only available in the United States at this time”

Google has posted some information online about the Google Play Gift Cards. These surfaced last week and brought hope to Android users worldwide, but as expected, the gift cards “are only available in the United States at this time,” with no word on Canadian availability.

According to their terms and conditions, Android enthusiasts will be able to pick these up at Radio Shack, Game Stop and Target, in $10, $15, $25 and $50 denominations. The steps to redeem a gift card seem pretty standard, you open the Google Play Store, search for the item you want and find a drop down menu that reveals a “Redeem” payment method. You’ll see a Google Play balance appear, which also has a limit of $2,000. In addition, there are “No Fees or Expiration.”

The Google Play Store in the United States has the option of purchasing music, television, movies and books. For us Canadians we only have access to various apps, books and more recently movie rentals. We’ve reached out to Google Canada to give us a bit more insight into when we can expect Google Play Gift Cards to come here.

Source: Google Play & Google Support
Via: Phandroid