Update: Sony says ICS upgrade hitting 2011 Xperia phones this week, but us Canadians will most likely see it in September


  • Hinds2009

    That’s why I want a Sony nexus! Sony hardware with Google updates!

  • m82a1

    Bless you telus for upgrading the Xperia Ray in June. I’ve recently dealt with the Xperia Ray, and its such a cute little phone, perfect for a new comer to android.

  • Jamma28

    This is why you should always buy Nexus phones and never by Sony phones. 🙂

  • Phil R

    OK Fido, give me the update quick, My xperia Pro needs it. God speed!

  • squirrel_masher

    And the Xperia Ion will just have to wait for 2013 I guess…

  • Deli

    Samsung and Asus are on their game too with their flagship devices. Nexus S got ICS AFTER Galaxy S II and a month before the N7000. nexus lost some of its luster.

    As for JB, Google rolled that out very nicely.

    • whaaaaaaat?

      Nexus S got ICS 4.0.1 last December before the SGS2, there was some bugs so we got 4.0.4 afterwards, but the Nexus S still got ICS before everyone else aside from the Galaxy Nexus…

  • TedVancouver

    My Sony Xperia arc received the ICS 4.0.4 this morning!

    • Phil R

      I’m soooooo jealous!!!!! You lucky guy!!

  • Sam

    I received the update for Xperia Arc..

  • Gregg

    Glad I guess for 2011 users – Have/Had Ion which shipped recently July, 2012 with Gingerbread and still no sign/word of ICS for the Sony “flagship” LTE phone touted correctly as “cheap” on latest Rogers Commercial. Sadly out the money but Samsung SIII just arrived and getting ready to switch over and unload Ion on eBay.