LG Optimus 4X HD spotted in white, compared to HTC One X


  • Pacoup

    It’s so pretty!

  • darel44

    Awesome looking LG phone,I have a special love for LG products,even tho the htc one x looks sexier because of its rounded edges,I will look at getting this phone in the future,but tomorrow I am getting the optimus black on koodo!

    • FOTTL

      One X is wayyy too sexy.. too bad its a rogers exclusive

  • andy c

    remove the LG logo from the top and my first guess would have been a SGS2 variant

    • bummy

      Sorry, but LG has always been a better designed company than Samsung.

      LG has poor customer support, but their design has always been spectacular. Samsung on the other hand can’t design, they just copy.

    • Andy c


      Did you write that comment on a lg Optimus vu?

  • howitzer

    Good thing its running 4.0 `cause LG ia known for slow updates

    • PkaTka3

      And Samsung is known for fast updates? Every android company is slow.

  • Darryl

    Just got rid of my LG Optimus 3X… loved the phone (with custom ROMS) the 2.2 it shipped with was horrible and turned the phone into a toaster with a tiny battery life… Custom ICS ROM fixed all of that and I could really enjoy the specs. Seeing that this one ships with ICS I imagine this will be a great phone!

  • TheTigerTek

    Looks like a copy of the Galaxy S2.

    • PkaTka3

      a copy of a copy? is that copy squared? Stfu kido, it looks good. Samsung copies all the time and it’s somehow acceptable.

  • Joe

    lol strong copy of s2 i9100 white

  • woohoo

    Wow, I could’ve sworn that was the SGS2.

  • Milhouse

    LG copies Samsung, Samsung copies Apple

  • Joe

    omg looks like the s2 and the touchwiz user interface

  • Slype


    Wow. Companies copying other companies. Never see that before. Thank god we have Apple though because they have NEVER copied anything from anyone before. /s

    You really should stick to being a punching bag for Bart because I don’t think you have the intelligence to really contribute anything of note. Then again, you could always be the official MobileSyrup punching bag. Hmmmmmmm…. Do you have a summer job yet?

  • JD

    Putting anything against the One X is a tough comparison…HTC really makes some gorgeous phones.

  • marcoh92

    LG’s lucky that Samsung’s lawyers are too busy with Apple to start a lawsuit with them.

  • JL

    Too bad LG skins are usually so hideous. Though you can just put apex launcher or CM on it so it’s fine. It does look exactly like a bigger SGS2 global version.

  • Lan

    More Battery! More Battery! Every Phone maker should take note from the Razor MAXX long batter life, in a slim format. That is what sells today.

  • Matt

    Don’t think Samsung can trademark “rectangle design in white”.

  • ELNY

    Good thing Samsung isn’t Apple, otherwise LG would have a lawsuit on their hands!

  • Tomatoes

    That looks a lot better than the One X style wise. Maybe because it is rectangular instead of some round looking thing.

  • street poet

    as good as lg’s specs and design wise, still waiting for the atrix 3 which will blow the competition away and set a standard for its specs.

  • stylinred

    looks dated to death imo

    i don’t see the appeal?

  • EAK47

    I don’t think Samsung would sue LG because they are both Korean companies and they respect each other.

    Also I don’t think Samsung care about it because they are bot afraid losing market share to LG *caugh* Apple *caugh*

    Childish to say, but Samsung are suying Apple back only because they started first…

    They are too afraid to lose market share (already happening) so they sue everyone because that’s the only way they can stop ’em. Too funny that Apple sued Samsung over the i9100 and not about the Ace which looks too much like an iPhone. They knew no one cared about the cheapy Ace

  • John Marshall

    I’ve never been much for LG phones in the past, but if this one can commit to a release date, it seems like it could be one hell of a phone. Its design reminds me of the original Samsung Galaxy S II, but with more cutting-edge internals and actually running Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box (even though the skin they put over it looks pretty cramped, like most of LG’s Android skins). The Galaxy S II HD just announced for Bell seems pretty cool, but its running Gingerbread with touch buttons that are going to be out of date as soon as it gets its ICS upgrade. Plus when the Galaxy S III and HTC Ones actually come out (hell, maybe even the Padfone), the S II HD might look kinda stupid.

    But anyway, if this phone can get a release date, a decent carrier, and if its price isn’t utterly stupid (admittedly doubtful, with specs like those), I might be all over this.

  • Carol

    0I got to say I love my vibrant, I don’t care what sotfrawe it has, it does what I want it to, it plays all the games on the market and it is a good solid phone. I don’t get all this update stuff, if I was to blame anyone it would be google, how about making a better OS and stick with it for a while so we can enjoy what we have. Then I would have to blame the carriers for restricting android so they can make another buck, like wifi tethering etc, also trying to add their own stuff to the devices which is another reason why the carriers hold on to the updates for so long. Everyone is crying about not getting updates, go trade your phone in, or be happy for a bit and if you realy want the updates there are ways to do it, just look it up or just wait for the next gen phones. I can’t wait for the tegra 2.