The rugged Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Rugby now available at Rogers


  • kris

    if it had a 800×480 screen, 1ghz cpu and 5mp camera at that outright price it would be a really good deal

    • 2xpensive

      That phone can’t compete with the Samsung W from Virgin on prepaid at $199.
      That phone as is should be $180. Bell might have dropped the ball and Rogers scored the first goal, but if Bell prices it at least at $199 they will win the game!
      Such is the life of the Rugby,
      Then Virgin will sell it for $150 in 4 months…

    • Hum?

      its not designed for consumers. and I’m not too sure if someone who works in the wild have a need for a large screen/fast cpu, if anything, it will probably make the phone too bulky

  • hinds

    That’s the greatness of Android choice!

  • Jim Shorts

    This is awesome for those that primarily need a rugged phone with a good battery life.

  • Matt

    Do wish it was a little bit more high end…too basic for my tastes, while I do enjoy the ruggedness.

  • Etienne

    I might be a silly question…

    Can I buy that at the roger store without being with rogers ? I’ve been with fido for as long as I can remember. I’m leaving for a mission in Africa in 3 weeks and that phone is perfect for me ! I just don’t want to switch to rogers for the moment ’cause I have 199$ fido dollars toward my next highend mobile purchase.

    • loly

      iam with another company too and iam buying it from rogers

  • Atrix Luvr

    Good size but screen rez really sux. Do not buy this phone.

  • Cancuckle215

    It would probably be a nice phone for police to text on while pulling over speeders. 🙂

  • droidacolyte

    You’re not paying a premium for speed and performance. You’re paying a premium for the durability (“rugged phone”) and battery life. This phone caters to a specific niche (clumsy people, people who tend to break their phones easily and people who need a mobile phone for rough environmental conditions). I have seen Rogers sell “rugged” featurephones for like $300+. $230 for a rugged Android smartphone is a good deal considering.

    • Pro-Beau

      Agreed, If you work in construction or go hunting and fishing a lot. This is the phone for you. My employees used to break phones on the job site every other week. So I got them all the original Samsung Rugby flip phone, and most lasted a year or more.

  • EAK47

    That’s an excellent price if you consider that the Rugby II is 229.99 without contract.

    Don’t compare this to the Galaxy W, it has not the same market target.

  • Imelda

    This phone is designed not for clumsy people, it’s for those whose nature of work requires such durability. This is perfect for my boyfriend, unlike iPhone scratch easily, when drop in water,that’s
    It! Goodbye $600plus tax!!!!

  • Rogido

    So this is sort of like a ruggedized Galaxy Ace. Seeing how the Ace can be had for no more than $150, it seems like quite a premium to pay for the ruggedness. The Ace even has a better camera to boot.

  • Helen Kuzmicki

    How do I get a manual so I can use my phone.