Official Wikipedia app debuts for BlackBerry PlayBook


  • John K.

    Great app! Downloaded it last night, and it works perfectly!

  • Zagabog

    Why the H does it need access to the GPS? DENIED!

  • OneYrL8

    Is that a Playbook picture under “Jurassic”??

  • no1 u no

    Omfg who teh h3ll karz???????? Gawd ipad iz were it @

  • SlimJim

    1 year later because nobody cares about the Playbook

    • BB

      Serious question, If i pad is so great why you always looking at the playbook? Steve jobs brain washed you!

  • 3df

    What’s the benefit of using this app over the regular web page? I don’t see any problem with using Wikipedia from my Playbook web browser.

  • Darren

    Only three months plus a day after the Android version. The gap has narrowed. Skype, on the other hand…

  • Brian

    Sweet, so now the Playbook has ten apps!

    • pd

      I don’t see the point of posts like these. Playbook has 10,000 apps, by the way.