Rogers to release the HTC Raider, $149.99 on a 3-year


  • Rexuslexus

    So the Galaxy SII LTE is now 149.99?

  • kenypowa

    Did Rogers just copy Bell’s superphone playbook?

    My jaw just dropped…

  • drizzo613

    Haters gon’ hate. Just wait for it..

  • Lean-N-Supreme

    I hope they’re gonna announce the Galaxy Nexus soon. Nice to see that Rogers is catching up with Bell though.

  • Paulman

    I believe the Galaxy S II LTE is still being priced by Rogers at $199.99 with a 3-year contract ($649.99 outright).

    Also, apparently the HTC Raider 4G has a qHD IPS display (which means not AMOLED, but also not Pentile).

  • Rogerssucks

    Rogers has overpriced plans, overpriced phones, overpriced hidden fee’s, rogers sucks nough said.

    • You’reanidiot

      You are the d*****s. Rogers Customer relations is the best in the industry, you’re just the i***t that pays too much. Learn more about phones and plans then comment on posts. As for Rogers catching up to Bell; Rogers has 40% of Canada’s wireless marketshare they could care less about 1 stupid customer like you.

  • John

    This is just the Sensation in disguise isnt it?

  • Simon Sage
  • keiYUI

    I would have to say out of all the cell phone’s with unique cell phone names this one has to be the best!

    HTC Raider all black 🙂

  • Allan

    Finally!!!….just need to know when they’re going to release it now.

  • seller

    hmmm… free galaxy tab 10.1… nice! thats gotta hurt COA tho… i didnt think rogers were that hurtin.. lol maybe all those ‘government regulatory recovery fees’ are payin off lol..

  • Helgi S.

    iphone4s is out. Rogers can finally start competing again with bell

  • saffant

    Dang, Rogers is doin’ it up :/

  • lawfirm_fan42

    Hmm.. This is coming out at the same price contract price as the RAZR. LTE is a non-factor for me living in a city which won’t be getting it soon. The physical aspects of the RAZR seem pretty appealing but this has a better processor/bigger screen by a bit. I also want the higher resolution over the Rogers SGS2. Any thoughts on whether I should get the Raider or RAZR (given that LTE doesn’t matter for me)?

    • toaster

      As far as I know, the Raider uses the Snapdragon SoC, which is among the worst dual core you can get. The OMAP used in the RAZR is much better. In real life and in benchmarks, the OMAP is only bested by Samsung’s chip. The battery life also seems unacceptable for an LTE phone with a large screen and a lot of pixels

  • Jesse

    Well this would be it BUT, less then 1650mA battery? what the fresh? should have thought about this beforehand, it is LTE remember… Anyone know the CPU chipset?

  • Graham J

    Hope you don’t mind being stuck with the OS that comes with it.

  • Deli

    the tab offer is superb! spin!