Bell set to release the HTC Raider 4G LTE


  • EmperumanV

    Hmm interesting, but will it get ICS, specs aren’t that great either.

    • shahz

      not that great? really? its basically on par with all other devices out there right now…whats ur definition of “great” then?

    • Reggie Noble

      What kind of specs were you looking for? 2.0GHz Quad-core processor? 4GB of Ram? 15MP camera? Gives you a haircut? Gives you the ability to teleport?

    • bob

      Specs aren’t bad but Adreno 220 GPU isn’t the best. Scorpion CPU architecture isn’t as good as Cortex A9. However given the extra clock speed (300 MHz over SGS2 and Galaxy Nexus, 700 over iPhone 4S) the CPU will still be the fastest out there.
      720p display would have been nice too, as well as a larger battery. But for $500 I think it’s still a good phone.

    • Geoff

      I can guarantee that I will buy any phone that gives me the ability to teleport. Even if it’s an iPhone! I’ll even break my current contract for it!

  • VP888

    Another “Superphone” for Bell..

  • RedArmada

    Whats wrong with the specs? 1.5GHz dual-core, 1GB RAM, 8MP rear and 1.3MP front Camera and LTE sound good to me.

  • Phil

    The only thing turning me off it’s the screen, my next phone will have to be 720p & most likely ics loaded

  • Lamothe

    It’s great, but it won’t revolutionize the market…

  • Cave Man

    @reggie, I’ll take the teleportation capabilities over quality screen (and anything else) anytime man, ANYtime!

  • kyle

    who cares what the clock speed it is. any dual core beast with a high clock than 1.2ghz is fast.

  • Jay Jay

    HTC just keeps pumping out great devices, keep them coming 😉

  • andrew

    given the size of this thing, i think it should have a larger battery(at least 1730mah, like the evo 3d)

  • Terry

    Oh my god Bell’s plan is so expensive

  • crunch204

    @Terry actually between Telus, Rogers and Bell, Bell usually tends to be the cheaper one, in most cases

    • K

      Actually, for new customers, they are on par (I have been comparing many plans). If you are a non-Bell customers though, you would get better deals with your current provider. This is the only reason why I have not switched to Bell and will continue to stay with Telus. The offers that I am getting from Telus is on average $10 cheaper than Bell at least.

  • Allan

    Wow…how can this phone be cheaper than the Sensation and EVO 3D?!?! (not complaining)

  • Chris

    Damn. For $499 that could easily become my next phone when it comes out O__O

  • Andouille

    I just don’t see a release date… I might be interested on a LTE phone depending the price of the package… you know if I have to sign up for 3 years, might as well have a fast one!

    I guess ICS will be coming on this in a few months anyway!

  • Mike

    Hahaha that’s about the worst plan I’ve ever seen! 65$/month for 300min, nights at 9PM, and 1GB… *facepalm*

  • Jesse

    Yay, another “superphone”. Yawn.

  • Dave

    The outright price will be $599, a correction notice will mos likely be posted at The Source locations.

  • saffant

    Coming from an HTC Sensation.. although it was a great device, the camera was crap in comparison to the GS2 as well as the processor (snapdragon).

    • saffant

      I meant to add that compared to the galaxy s2 and other high end phones this phone is a lil bit too bulky and heavy; not to mention the camera woes.

  • Brian

    1.2ghz dual core, not 1.5

  • nick

    That plan does suck. Go to best buy and ask for this bell promo..

    I have a gs2 with bell and my plan is 200 minutes, evenings at 6, nationwide fav 10 (this is pretty much everyone I call), unlimited text and picture message, 1gb of data for 55 a month. I’m very happy

    • EAK47

      That’s just a basic Bell plan, you can get that plan anywhere, there is nothing to do with Best Buy which is the worst place to buy a phone.

      The salesmen doesn’t even know what’s the OS on a Xperia Play, big deal.

  • Jim

    I’ve held this phone, don’t let the svelte side shots fool you. It’s thick as a brick with the weight to match. No Thanks

  • marc

    The nice this about bell LTE phones is when your not on LTE, your on HSPA. Rogers can go as low as the 2g with there LTE phones…

  • Graham J

    Hope you don’t mind being stuck with the OS it comes with.

    • HTCmachine

      You can always flash a custom ROM

  • king cleet

    Jim is correct, its a brick but its fast as fast can be

  • zms

    unfortunately it’s actually a 1.2GHz dual-core processor 🙁