TELUS Samsung Galaxy S II X Review (Video)


  • monsterduc1000


    • Suresh in Waterloo.

      BB9900 is leaps and bounds ahead of this laggy Android crap

  • John mack

    TYPO “The HTC Hercules…” you mean Samsung Hercules

  • Baconeater

    Anyone getting this to use on Wind or Mobilicity? Too bad this phone isn’t at least qhd…

    • bob

      This is by far the best AWS phone on the Canadian market. I believe many people will want to use it on these networks.

  • patrickm

    Sweet phone about time Telus

  • steve

    Release date?

  • bob

    Great review.
    Samsung’s display are very good. SAMOLED HD will be the best, Pentile or not.

  • Justin J

    So would this work on Rogers if you unlocked it?

    • bob

      Yes, just like the Bell version.

  • Mike E

    I’m tired of waiting to upgrade, I should just get this…..but then the Nexus Prime could be just around the corner? Or not. I wonder if HD displays on these phones will slow them down noticeably, just watched a video of the Galaxy Note, probably running Exynos, and it had definite lag…probably from pushing 40% more pixels which is hard work on any processor. Trying to sell myself that I don’t need a Prime and this will do, maybe I’ll just do a 1 year or buy outright and sell if LTE and Prime look too awesome to pass over.

  • Mat888

    I was hoping this will exceed the benchmarks set by other variants considering it is 1.5 Ghz. My excitement to upgrade is now a disappointment. I want to stay with Telus and dont want to switch to Rogers to have their LTE variant. Maybe I’ll just pass this time and wait a little more for Telus’s LTE version next year…maybe.

  • Danbo

    “dubiously iPhone like”

    I’m pretty tired of hearing reviewers saying this. You realize folders have been in android since version 1.5…

    Its honestly like all reviewers of the SGS2 have never used an android phone before.

  • steven spenst

    I am glad I bought the faster euro version with a 1.2 ghz

  • saffant

    lol @ 2372 in quadrant.

    Regardless, great review as always Daniel.

    • aka

      didn’t a previous leaked benchmark show it can reach over 3000 in Quatrant? wonder why so low this time..might have to root the thing and get rid of Groupon and recheck the results..

  • Kari

    Glad I didn’t wait and went with Bell. More time on a superior phone!

  • Chris

    Release date? Next week?

  • PannTher

    Shouldn’t it say 1850 for battery under specs instead of 1650?

    Does it have front light notification?

    Looks cool, but the new Exynos chip should be coming and it will be sooo fast! Hard to decide.

  • Souken

    “Unfortunately Samsung has seen fit to include a Battery Full vibration, which usually goes off an hour or two after going to sleep. There doesn’t seem any way to turn this off, barring editing sensitive system files or rooting the device and installing a custom ROM.”

    About that, I’ve never had that problem after I put the phone to Silent, which I do before heading to sleep. I know of the Battery Full vibration the reviewer speaks of as it was also featured in the Galaxy S Captivate and Bell’s Galaxy S II that I both have, and whenever I set the phone to Silent (with Vibration off as well), the phone doesn’t vibrate when fully charged. If anything, the screen just turns on but turns back off after a few seconds.

    Unless the reviewer means that Samsung tweaked it so that the Battery Full vibration still happens even when Vibration is turned off? If so, that’s just a weird tweak by Samsung.

    • Daniel Bader

      @Souken, you are correct in that the noise is silent in silent mode, but then so is everything else. Generally, I want to leave my phone on Vibrate when I go to sleep and not worry that I’m going to be woken up by anything other than a real notification, not some battery full indictor.

    • Ken

      I’m not sure I understand the problem with a battery full vibration. Are people really so attached to their phones that they absolutely MUST have them in the room with them at all times, even when they are sleeping?

  • connor

    I still think barely making it to the end of an average day is not acceptable in a smartphone. I would gladly giver up some extra size for a 2000mah + battery that will last more than a day

    • Gab

      carry an extra batter?

  • Anthony

    Does it have a notification light?

  • 123

    >Though the phone generally lasted us most of the day without issue

    Are you seriously excited about a phone that doesn’t last even a day?!?!

    I miss good old times with my 6310i charging once every 10 days.

  • Skrutor

    Excellent review. I look forward to seeing how it compares to the upcoming Rogers variant.

  • Matt

    Something seems very flawed with that current Quadrant benchmark, the tests mid-aug showed 3359, now it`s down 500 points. There`s something wrong with this.
    Perhaps someone should recheck this.

  • mike oxbig

    Does anyone know yet if it saves battery power by throttling back the processor speed like the original SG2? It seems like it doesn’t from the review.

  • cole

    Quad band HSPA? including AWS band? That’s huge! Is this the first phone to offer that? Can finally have a phone to go everywhere.

    • themirrorprince

      no this isnt the first phone to offer that. Nokia has been using pentaband HSPA for their high end phones for a while now. Pentaband is true global 3g coverage, while quadband might have some problems in some countries in South America and Europe

  • Jerrik

    Yea, I think I’m going to stick with my Galaxy S2 from Bell. The UI nor the performance of this device seems any different from Bell’s version. I’m just going to wait until the LTE versions come out.

  • paul

    if you shut the back round apps down does it make more ram available then 230 mb that seems very low to me since it comes with 1024mb that almost 800 would be used by junk on the boot.

  • Steve

    Awesome device, great review. Sticky this to the front page!

  • Noel

    Nice detailed review. As one who is on Tmo…i am looking primarily at the new Nexus phone, then maybe Amaze 4G and the SGS2. One more thing..whats the title of the music used in ur review and by who? Ty

  • Red

    “Disappointing amount of free RAM”

    *Remember* Android is supposed to run with almost all it’s RAM in use.

  • GoingCrazyWaiting

    How much is Telus selling it for?
    T-mobile is going for $529.99

  • Brandon

    I expect SAMOLED+ on 4.5 inches to look as good as PenTile SAMOLED on 4 at the least, hopefully better.

    Very disappointed about the headphone issue though. Going to need to get a PMP to run PowerAmp on…

  • Brad

    My desire got over 6000 on that sunspider…

  • sam

    To late as allways Telus waiting for Galaxy Nexes now.

  • Phil

    I’m going to get this phone, I’ve had several BB before.
    Does this phone have a Phone Calls Only profile?
    Does it have a bedtime mode? ie.: when I plug it in between times that I program, it automatically sets it to a profile (PCO)that I set up?

  • Phil

    also, will Ice cream sandwhich be available soon for the s2x?

    • David

      Samsung announced a couple of days ago that the SGSII WILL get ICS in Q2 of 2012. Which is a long wait when you take a moment to think about what phones will be out in April-June of next year and have ICS as stock. On the upside, though, there’s always the root and ROM method of upgrading.

  • T

    I just wanted to leave a quick note saying how I enjoy that you made a comment about the sound quality coming out of the headphone jack. I originally had the Bell SGSII but returned it due to the poor sound quality from the headphone jack. Hopefully the Nexus Prime remedies this fault as this is an otherwise fantastic phone.

  • Tom

    Too bad Samsung built the NFC chip into the battery… meaning OEM replacement only if you want NFC.

    • Oliver

      Do you know what is the model for the battery.
      Can’t seem to find any OEM accessories on ebay.
      Guess they’ll be coming soon.

  • David

    It’s great to see that Telus is finally stepping up their game with respect to their phone line-up. I’ve been with them for six years and this is only the second phone, behind the OG HTC Desire, that I’ve pined for. Too bad it came a couple months after my buying the international unlocked version of the SGSII. I have to say though, that extra screen real estate, faster data speeds, and NFC tempt me very strongly to pick the SGSIIX up anyway.

    PS – Great review.

    • kim

      what is the model number of the international unlocked phone you bought. nhow does it differ from the telus sgs11x

  • Noah

    Man why does Telus have to have such sh*t data plans?!?!

  • mike oxbig

    In reading the review, I was surprised to see that my SGII didn’t come with the Groupon app. Not that I’m complaining 🙂 I’m in Metro Vancouver, is it possible that it’s region specific, or am I just lucky?

  • dabigbubba

    the camera sgs2x (all of them) has issues with low lights indoor/or cloudy conditions(search (the red dot is back) on androidforum too late for me its past my 2weeks telus return policy,cant use it for work (designer)samsung shame on you!

  • Craig

    Did you ever figure out how to turn off the FULL BATTERY VIBRATION?? I have been woke up few hours after I go to bed with the annoying vibration indicator telling me that my phone is charged. What a useless feature. Please help.

  • Charles Lee

    Hi, i might be getting this phone in june 2012. I was wondering if Telus is going to get the white colour for the Samsung Galaxy S2X?? I wish this phone has a white version too!! I live in Vancouver Canada and im with Telus!

  • Charles Lee

    Will the Samsung Galaxy S2X have a lower price for telus?? For a 3 year contract?? Like half the price of $99.99??

  • mark

    amazing phone got it the day it came out, no problems. got rid of my blackberry that always crashed and froze on me!

  • Steve

    This is an incredible phone. The only thing that I miss is an led notification indicator. The audio through the earpiece of my S2X in muffled. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Squrl

    Yes I am experiencing the muffled ear piece. I exclusivly use the head phones that came with it. I couldn’t get the otterbox for it for 2 months, now it is in shop because the screen is messed(little 3′ drop). I had to go back to my Motorola Defy. I noticed that the Defy has a built in FM reciever, does the Galaxy S2X?

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