Kik releases new BlackBerry app, “just the beginning” says CEO Ted Livingston



    WOW! And now Blackberry users have access to at least 3 apps…


      QUESTION: Is Ted Livingston related to Ron Livingston from OFFICE SPACE?

  • Dave

    Kik is awesome! It’s put BBM to a shame.

  • Strawberry guy

    Dave, kik doesn’t hold a candle to bbm. Get out of here you troll.

  • Timlinson

    end of rim.

  • Mac

    That is pretty boss!

  • Ron

    kik is BBM but works on all platforms.

    whats app isnt as great as kik, yet it has a greater userbase. I hope kik does well and people realize they are the best

  • EC

    why has this not been released for Windows and OSX?

  • JustMeAndMe

    final ki(c)k into dying RIM and their unique BBM which was the reason for many to own BB.