comScore: “Mobile Banking Up 21% Since March 2011”


  • rim rules

    Why is RIm only at 7% in those slides? That has to be erroneous. Where is the Bold, Curve, Pearl flip, or Tour?

    ANyone know?

    • Clint

      Most people I know have since dumped their BBerry’s or don’t use them for online work. Even my corporate friends (Enmax, Telus, Oil/Gas, etc) are now issued iPhones. Anyone left using BBerry’s (about 20 or so people) don’t bother going online. The screens are too tiny and just not very efficient to use for online viewing.
      In retrospect, its sort of surprising you don’t see any android phones on there. But then again the reasoning behind that is that the best Androids just came out within the last 7 months or so and even big banks still don’t have Android apps. (i.e. RoyalBank). shrug… Wait a year and the whole landscape will shift. (2% RIM, the rest shared between Android/Apple)

    • Keith

      I know more people with Blackberries than anything else but the vast majority of them don’t use them for anythng but phone, email and texting.

  • Paco

    How bout dem ‘Apples!

  • Rick Ashtley

    Thumbs up if you post on this forum from work!

  • Rartard

    I like!

  • Michael

    CIBC has an Android app?

  • Keith

    This doesn’t count those of us using mobile banking from the browser which I have to because TD does not have a Windows Phone app yet.

  • Downhill Dude

    I suspect that the percentage of Android users doing mobile banking is noticeably higher, but isn’t registering, as they do it through the browser. I do it this way. I’d rather have the same experience on my phone and tablet that I have on my Windows PC. Thank Google the Adobe Flash works well, and I don’t have to learn some stupid app.

  • Shai Berger

    Question for the author: Are you sure when they said “up 21%” that they meant *another* 21% on top of the 12.3? Or did they mean 21% growth based on 12.3% (i.e. the total is now 14.7%) That seems more reasonable for a 6 month period.

    Let me know because I’d like to write about this on the Fonolo blog.

    – Shai

  • ryan

    Has anyone seen this full presentation/data available online anywhere?