Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 now available in Canada


  • The Book of Jobs

    Apple ought to ban the sale of all garbage made from their stolen tech in the world. Get a real tablet, get an iPad.

    • Steve Dion

      LOL, been seeing you around the Mobilesyrup forums always the same comments. Get a life dude. Why don’t you try to contribute.

    • Friko

      Your comment is so laughable
      You showing how big a fan of the iPad you are is even more laughable.
      You fell for Apple’s marketing crap and I feel sorry for you.
      You paid premium price for an iPad and you got owned.
      iPad users should wake up and see the real power of other tablets. Even WebOS is better then iOS.

    • Rio


      Your comment is no better than his.

      Everyone has different needs, both tablets have their positives and negatives.

    • Friko

      Of course it’s about needs and those who criticize non-Apple tablets have never even tried or considered an Android, Touchpad or Playbook. List me all the things that the iPad does that other tablets don’t.
      Remember the 1984’s Mac commercial? That everyone had to wake up and be free? It so applies to iOS fans today.

    • Rio

      You yourself was bashing the iPad, and I bet you have never owned one.

      The iPad provides all around more stability. I have said this before with the iPad, you are also paying for convince and the experience. It may not have all the bells and wistles of other tablets but the people that buy an iPad dont need all that.

      iTunes it self is a big +, automatic backups means you never have to worry about loosing a single piece of data, not to mention is seamlessly syncs everything with your laptop/desktop (if you disagree with this you clearly have not taken the time to set it up)

      The AppStore, you cant even argue Apple has a better than Android ever will. And it is common sense, that a controlled environment will have better quality and safer apps than a completely open system.

      I dont feel like going on there are just as many pros as cons.

      People who buy iPad’s dont want no worries and want it to just work. They dont want to have to spend an hour or so to have to go google how to do something.

      Your just being ignorant if you think that Android tablets are better for everyone.

  • Steve Dion

    I got the international version for Expansys, really a nice machine. Super thin, this thing makes the iPad 2 look thick! Android is also settling in as a Tablet OS. Although not as polished as an iOS device i think (from having owned a EEE Transformer and Xoom) this is the best Android tablet out there, unless you need extra ports as this thing has zero ports. A trade-off for the sexyness.

  • Pascal

    What about 32GB ??

  • Mike

    I had people in the local FutureShop and The Source try to sell me ones of these Yesterday.. Both told me they could hook me up with one to walk out the door with. (was in asking about the $99 TouchPad’s)

  • Dizz

    Bought the 32gb version of this over a month ago from the US. Got tired of waiting for the Canadian release. Great unit, I actually like the Touchwiz UI. Don’t like the proprietary port, would prefer micro USB. Just bought a 99$ HP Touchpad as well. Touchpad is ok, but the Galaxy 10.1 is definitely superior.

  • Peter B

    Looks very tempting. Have both an iPod touch and iPhone so a walk on the Android world would be nice.

    • Big Dog

      I too had ipod touch and pad and I got tired of having to jailbreak my devises to use them the way I wanted. Apple has great products and work great but trying Android was a fresh breath of air.

  • Thai

    I think the Asus Transformer is still better than this, and it’s been out for awhile now. No breakthrough in releasing a product this late…

    • bob

      the Asus is good mainly for the price. The Samsung also has its advantages, but you are right that it is coming a little late.

    • Stuntman

      I picked up the Eee Pad Transformer last week. The Galaxy Tab came out too late for me to consider it. I looked at a few Android tablets and didn’t feel that the Galaxy Tab would be that much of an improvement on the ones I saw. In any case, I went for the Eee Pad mainly for the keyboard dock.

  • Big Dog

    I picked up a Touchpad for $99 at a Staples and I also have a Acer Tab A500 (3.1) and I could just imagine that most of the people that picked up the greatly reduced Touchpad might not run out and pick up another tablet. HP really put the screws to the other tablet makers that are selling at a full price point. So far I am surprised how well the HP Touchpad works with Web-os. I will be waiting for the Rogers 4G to come out before I pick up the Galaxy 10.1 and give it a try.

    • Friko

      I too bought a Touchpad a couple of days ago for $70. I think it’s an excellent OS, which could have had a lot of potential. It’s definitely better than iOS but not as good as Android.

  • Clockwork

    I’m waiting for the release of the Thrive next week. 16GB for $429. It’s a bit heavier but I’ll take the trade off for a tablet that comes with an SD card, USB and HDMI ports.

    For Sh!ts and Giggles, I put in an online order for a Tocuhpad via BestBuy. If they get more stock, great, if not, no big loss. But wasn’t there like hundreds of thousands of unsold units waiting in warehouses?

    • Big Dog

      Wow just checked out the Toshiba Thrive and it looks like a totally complete tablet. Love the removable battery aspect as well as all the ports. Can definitely see another Tab in my future!!

  • Dr J

    I bought one in the US and I really like it – and I love the GPS and the fact that I can go to sites that use flash – unlike the iPad.

    After the TouchWiz update it seems to work even better.

  • Sean

    @Clockwork My local best buy was selling the thrive and Gateway tablet yesterday but they said they had no clue how long till galaxy tab

    • seamore

      Apple didn’t do anything original with the ipad, they just shrunk existing technology.Using creative marketing they’ve tricked people into thinking its the best but I can assure you its far from it.

  • Josh

    What about the 32 gigabyte version of this tablet? Because they do not have a stupid MicroSD slot. What make it so hard for them to release a 32 gigabyte version as well?

    • Sean

      There is a 32Gb version for $100 more

    • Danny

      Samsung also has a 64 GB Model is I am not mistaken.

  • Chittral Patel

    pros: really slim, more likely to receive faster updates/support because of Samsung brand, impressive specs, excellent build quality.

    cons: lack of HMDI/sd/usb port, little pricy based on storage, poor Mac OSX support/sync

    overall an excellent product: my first choice android tab

    • Sean

      -skinned so takes longer for updates

    • Rio

      You can’t have everything.

      The lack of Ports is what makes it so slim.

    • Danny

      There are add-ons to get HDMI and USB Support. Also SD Card support I think aswell. Check out Samsung’s accessory page for full details.

  • Andy C

    fyi the touchpads are back in stock at (canada)

    just ordered a 32gb version.

    • Stupid

      HP site doesn’t seem to be working to well for me.
      It says $99 and $149 on the promo page but when you hit the buy link you’re taken to the 16GB page with no add to cart link and a price of $399. 32GB has add to cart but says $499.
      Same prices shown when added to cart.

      Did you just buy with the wrong price listed and hope they charge the right price??

    • Stupid

      HP’s site just went from wrong price to a totally broken buy link. (server too busy)

      Phone system is experiencing higher than normal call volume. If it doesn’t just cut you off first.

      This is pathetic..

  • George

    No thanks tablets are overpriced anyways. Got my touchpad and decent value for the money. The most I would pay for a tablet is $300, if they weren’t marked up so high it be a hot item to buy.

  • jaydee

    When I add the touchpad to my cart on it shows as $499… ?

  • Craig

    Andy C it’s saying the HP TouchPad is 399 for the 16gb and 499 for the 32gb version when I add to my cart, yet it says 99 and 149 on HP’s site???

  • Sam

    @Andy C, first page shows them at sale price but when you go to add to cart in shows them at regular price, then you’re f-ed if you click to purchase and hope it gets straightenned out.

  • bob

    gonna wait till they ‘right-size’ the price to $99.

  • MARS

    No HDMI??

  • patrick

    hey book of jobs did you fall out of a apple tree and hit your head. what are you gonna do now that google’s bought motorola and all of their patents. who you gonna sue now? maybe apple should stay out of the courts and make their products and let the people decide who is better

  • Andy C

    hp checkout cart shoes the wrong price. you have to order first then call for a price adjustment

  • Saffant

    Too pricey 🙁

  • Connor

    Just put your order in at 499 then call in on Monday ad they will fix it

  • Terry_in_Halifax

    Will hold out for the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 because I prefer the more compact form factor.

  • sask

    Was at Staples (Edmonton) yesterday. They said they wouldn’t have any Galaxy Tabs until next week. They seemed rather clueless, however.

  • EmperumanV

    Sweet thought it was the 26th? Shall wait for 4G

  • Ed

    Yep, yep, great device, like my previous one and of course with the European Firmware on it so I can make blue tooth call’s and do the whole 9 yarts and not only what the crapy North America providers are telling me to use,
    Have a great one,

  • Victoria

    When is the 32GB version being released in Canada?

  • Garenb52

    Picked one up at Staples yesterday. I’m really impressed with it so far. Check out my blog and unboxing video at

  • carole

    Was always impressed with the IPad but leaning towards buying a Samsung Tab still. Well now I tell you I would not ever touch an Apple product, I am appauled by the GREED Apple is displaying worldwide with their ridiculous injunctions. What were they worth the other day? 153 billions dollars, if I read right, poor CEO’s must be starving!

  • Michael W

    With tablets coming on strong why Samsung chose not to include expansion slots is a marketing error in my estimation. Add to that they are charging $100 too much for their 32gb version puts themselves out of competition with the top selling ASUS 32g expandable transformer which is also an impressive unit with their Nvidia Tegra 3 Quadcore processor coming Nov 7,2011 for the same coin ($499) as the Galaxy tab 16gb!! ASUS represents a compelling value for the money. I like the Galaxy Tab 10.1 but cost and a lack of expandability forced me to select the ASUS Eee pad tablet.

  • Good.Newz

    Is there going to be a 32GB 4G version in Canada. I can find it anywhere. What a bummer.

  • sam1234sa

    I am getting really disappointed with galaxy tab 10.1, in addition to crapy userinterface, ugly icons, it does not run flash very well and most of the times the browser crashes. The screen rotation sensor is too sensetive and when it should not, keeps rotating the screen with slight tilts…. Also the auto dimming makes the screen go dark and back in the middle of watching a video or typing emails… Overall not too impressed with honeycomb.I hope ICS solves some of these issues before i put my samsumg galaxy for sale and get an ipad!

  • priyanshi

    can we use skype in this tablet and it have a front camera