Sony Ericsson announces Android 2.3 “Live with Walkman” phone


  • Joe

    Sounded pretty neat until I read the last line about Facebook being included. Seriously? Can nothing in life be done anymore without having to include Facebook??

    • MXM4K

      If you want to appeal to all the teen girls where Facebook is an integral part of their lives, than the answer to your question is (sadly) no.

    • Terry

      I know! It TOTALLY sounds like they will force you to use it at gun point.

      Yup…No option not to use it. Not at all…

  • Reggie Noble

    If this thing isn’t priced under $200 (no contract) then it’s a fail. Plus, it should be sold unlocked in retail stores and not attached to one carrier.

  • mastervlad

    more garbage made from stolen apple tech. They even stole apple colors. Fking thieves. Apple created the color white. Get a real phone, get an iPhone!

    • WirelessEmpireCAN

      Hahahaha, your addicted to apple eh, well to me it seems like you might just need iLife!

    • norno

      I am a Apple fan too, but I am agree with WirelessEmpireCAN, lol iJoke

  • hank

    Can we ban this guy’s IP already. Enough is enough.

  • Brrr

    It really is amazing how far Sony has fallen. Walkman used to be a synonym for a portable music player. Apple completely ate their lunch.

  • Graham J

    One of the primary members of RIAA and MPAA want me to buy something from them? No thanks.

    Stupid name btw.

  • Ken

    Is it me or does this phone rock the spec sheet. I mean come on single core processor, totally the latest technology there. 480×320 resolution display….WOW!!!! Starting to really get excited. They even incorporated a “digital walkman” (the kids might not even know what a real walkman is), I wonder if it is better than the mp3 player though.

    In all seriousness this phone is probably meant to rival the HTC status. Price point should not break $250 for a no term contract.

  • KidCanada

    MS please ban this iSheep’s IP already..for his own good…

  • Len

    I acutally love my Sony Mp3 player… with a good pair of headphones it sounds spectacular.

    If this phone is price right, i might just give it a go…

    Assuming they have the same sound quality as a Sony MP3

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    What no AWS? what are the windtrolls gonna do now? fear not the new tickle me elmo phone is just around the bend..

    but it is a nice phone! no doubt the big 3 will rock it

  • norno

    I am a fan Apple too, but I am agree with WirelessEmpireCAN, it s an iJoke, lol

  • Mobilicity FTW

    I’ll never buy a Sony Ericsson Phone again. Bad battery life.

    • Cadet

      before the android era
      SE actually have good battery life
      i own 4 SE phones, two of them are just feature phone or what we call walkman phones
      their batteries are just kick a*s
      it’s just since android came
      it fail when it comes to the x10 mini series
      it started to improve again when it comes to arc, play, pro, etc

      so wait for the actual spec sheet to come out and see if the battery will improve (usage wise)

  • Daisy

    love sony ericsson product

  • sasi

    myyru set tanne

  • Otto Nilsen

    I just bought a Sony Ericsson Live with Android 2.3 it is for sure the best mobile on the market, but, but the battery life sucks, I can not even get one day, and I don’t use the Walkman, and also I don’t use the phone more than I used my Nokia 5230 which I only had to re-charge every other day.
    Perhaps the battery have a problem, as I don’t think that it is correct, a few hours and I have to re-charge.

  • eddyboi

    would this phone work on wind

  • shubham

    can any tell me that what would be the price