Samsung Tab 10.1 will be available at Rogers


  • SamTron

    Oooh! Needed something like this for school! With good engine as well

  • Jake

    What about Samsung Galaxy S2? Come on Rogers!

  • Alex Perrier

    Since these are tablets, there is NO reason for them to be sold via providers! The iPad and other tablets are sold unlocked or Wi-Fi only at Future Shop and Best Buy. It should be manufacturers and stores to give rebates.

    Carriers should just focus on lowering service cost instead of subsidising expensive hardware.

    • Cadet

      they are practically 80~90% similar to a netbook
      i agree that it should be sale by the merchants instead of phone carriers

  • GMan

    So…is this a 3G version? Or just Wifi? If it’s wifi only, who cares? Best Buy and Future Shop will carry them too. Why would I buy it from Rogers when I can go to BB and check out ALL tablets and decide on the one I want?

    • choy

      It most probably be 3G/4G/LTE (one of those, Verizon has LTE). Rogers has always carried network tablets. Only Telus has tried selling wifi only tablets (Xoom and Playbook) which I agree, makes no sense for a carrier to sell. I hope the buy in price is low, I’m willing to take on a contract for this one.

    • Downhill Dude

      It’s 4G (21 Mbps).

  • choy

    I thought I was going to Telus but I guess I’m sticking it out with Rogers. I hope they give a good deal to existing customers (for once, but yeah, fat chance on that).

    So when already?! I want one now!

  • **

    Shut the f**k up about gs2!! Is this a f*****g phone? No, it’s a f*****g tablet. Asking for a gs2 and you probably don’t know why you want it “itz getz 1 billion in teh quadrant.”Go to bell or virgin already and stop tucking spamming.

    • Cadet

      i assume your name “**” is “bs”? =]

  • Marc

    For everyone concerning the samsung galaxy S II, seriously need to shut up. Rogers is NOT getting it, final. It’s confirmed, so stop whining… They’ll have better phones soon, just let them finish producing LTE. And if you want the GS2, switch to Bell… But Bell’s network and customer service is terrible, I’d prefer a better network than phone, and that’s what Rogers offers. Go ahead and thumbs down me, but I know what i’m doing.

  • mrpulla

    Does anyone have any idea what the the prices will be for one of these 4G tabs on a 3 year deal? Just a ballpark figure?

  • **

    @cadet ** represents two asterisk as typed obviously. Not everything in life has meaning but you can interpret it however you want :).

  • mrpulla

    Does anyone have even a guess on a possible 3 year price?

    • slype

      For a 3 year price from Rogers, I will probably be $199.99 plus they will bend you over a barrel, rip your arm off and violate you with it. And that is the friendliest option they have – this world leader in telecommunications and *snicker* customer service *snicker* is here to help and guide you down the right path.

      That is why Rogers gets the highest marks for customer service and people can’t say enough good things about them.

      Everyone who works there must be proud of themselves. Kind of like working for a cigarette company back in the 60’s. You were helping your fellow citizen.

    • Tyler

      @slype If you consider $15 a month to be akin to sodomy via your own arm then you probably can’t afford a phone plan to begin with – or rent for that matter. Maybe you should try prepaid?

  • SilverPhoenix

    Rogers IS getting the SGS2. This has been confirmed by Samsung who said “All major [Canadian] carriers will be getting the SGS2 within the coming months” My best bet is september. Bell/Rogers/Telus employees at their stores aren’t told anything until there’s a press release. If they told you it’s exclusive to Bell, they’re making it up.

  • Mathieu

    I hope that by the time it’s out, it won’t run 3.0 but 3.2 (at least).
    The Galaxy Tab 10.1 may not be THE best Android tablet but it’s the best iPad competitor for sure.

    • mrpulla

      I think it is clearly the best Android tablet. But that’s just me.

      Thanks for your opinion on my question slype

  • Tyler Cranston

    I can’t wait to pre order one, hopefully LTE will come to Vancouver soon. The picture on the tablet looks like a new version of Rogers website as well!! It is in need of an update badly, a welcome change.