General Motors to stop manufacturing Chevy Bolt EV and EUV

The company will instead focus on EVs powered by its in-house Ultium battery tech

Chevy Bolt

General Motors will end the production of its Chevy Bolt EV and EUV vehicles by the end of this year, according to chair and CEO Mary Barra. In a recent call with shareholders reported on by CNBC, Barra shared GM’s plans to phase out the two models.

The Bolt EV and EUV are both based on an older generation of battery cell technology. GM has since pivoted to using its new and improved Ultium batteries in all its electric vehicles.

It makes sense for the company to want to consolidate its production efforts using single-battery technology. This is doubly the case when you consider the safety issues GM has been dealing with in the outgoing tech.

GM first doubled down on its all-electric future with a rebranding in 2021.

Beyond the shareholder call, a Q1 2023 letter to shareholders is available to read online.

Source: CNBC Via: Engadget